The Goodall Family Of Artists



  Amy Gertrude Chamberlin (1857-after 1925)



Amy Gertrude Chamberlin was the grand daughter of Edward Goodall the engraver.  Her mother Emily was sister to Frederick Goodall R.A and Edward Angelo Goodall RWS, and her father was Frederick W. Rowney of the artists' paint and supply company.  Amy married American Edward Kirk Chamberlin in 1880.  Amy was a member of the Royal Academy, Society of Miniaturists and the Society of Women Artists.  Her career in art spanned the latter part of the 1800s and into the 1930s.


The following were exhibited with the Society of Women Artists


1884 Only a Little Mountain Lad

1896 Little Boy Blue; A Priestess of Flora; The Rose Queen

1897 Tito - watercolour; Tessa - watercolour

1902 Stella - miniature; There's Many a Slip Twixt the Cup and the Lip

1917 The Chef; A Helping Hand




Image courtesy of Doris Frohnsdorff