The Goodall Family Of Artists



                     John Edward Goodall  (1853-1929)





John Edward Goodall was the son of Alfred Goodall and Mary Palmer.  Alfred was a brother to Edward A. and Frederick Goodall.   His artwork covered the period between 1877 and 1911.  In the 1891 census he is shown as being married to Grace W. who is manager of the Sommerville Club, London.  In 1901 he is not shown as living with Grace but rather a woman named Annie.  John associated with a bohemian art circle and tended to change his address frequently.  He was not the prolific artist like his uncles and a lot of his life is still unknown.



Portrait of a man.

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A cutting garden

A red head

Sunday Morning Richmond Surrey

Image courtesy of Nigel Hayes



 Image courtesy of Michael Grant

Saying Grace 1879


The Battle of the Nile

Lady Outside a Cottage

The Duck and Peas is off.

The Battle of Algiers, 1816

The Little Gleaner

Image courtesy of Ricardo Kuri

Young Girl


Image donated by Mrs. D. Hughes


Seated Nude


James Anthony Froude circa 1890

Courtesy of the National Portrait Gallery


  A series of book illustrations  by John Edward Goodall  




Fond farewells


Polishing the brass


Thatch cottage

Young girl and dog.