The Crimea War Drawings by Edward A. Goodall published by the Illustrated London News in 1855 & 1856


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At the age of 36, Edward A. Goodall was Crimea War correspondent and artist for the Illustrated London News throughout 1855.  Witnessing the war from the battlefields, his drawings and letters were dispatched to London where wood engravings were made from the sketches for printing purposes.  The following images have been taken from the original publications held in the library of the University of Victoria, British Columbia Canada.                                                                                 


January 27, 1855,P. 73.

 Deck of the French transport "Euphrate" Edward Goodall en route to the Crimea.

P. 74


July 28, P. 104 & 105.

 Funeral of the late Lord Raglan

 P. 106



September 22, P. 345.

Before Sebastopol - forge of the left seige train

 P. 346

September 29,  P. 384.

  The investiture before Sebastopol



September 29, P. 372

Burning of the Santa Maria in Sebastopol harbour



October 6, P. 404

Hospital in Sebastopol.  Dr. Durgan attending to the wounded.

October 6, P. 410


October 6, P. 416

The Redan at sunrise.  Removing the wounded.


October 6, P. 405

Sebastopol after the storming.


October 13, P. 432

Interior of Sebastopol -  The Theatre.


October 13, P. 437

Interior of Sebastopol - remains of the Creek Battery



October 13, P. 425

The Church of Peter and Paul in Sebastopol showing the effect of the shot and shell.




October 20, P. 465

Remains of the hospital in Sebastopol.


October 20

Street in Sebastopol.  French troops taking ammunition to the mortar battery near Fort Nicholas.


October 20, P.469

Street in Sebastopol



October 27, P. 497

Entrance to Sebastopol from the Woronzoff Road.



December 15, P. 692

The explosion of the right seige-train near Inkerman Mill.


December 15, P. 693

Ruins of the Church of Peter and Paul, Sebastopol.



January 5, 1856 P.1

Sebastopol - entrance to the harbour near Ft. Nicholas

P. 2



January 12, P.56

The "Maison Verte" Sebastopol.