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Henry Goodall was the son of Eliza and Edward Goodall (B.1794).  At some point in his youth, Henry ran away from home and boarded a sailing ship bound for Jamaica.  He stayed there and eventually married, had children and remained in that country for the rest of his life.  He apparently did quite well for himself and was able to send at least two of his children to be educated in England.

A page has been created for Henry since his story is of interest and that small amounts of information have surfaced from both private and Jamaican records.  There is a large web site dedicated to Jamaican family history and may be accessed via this link.  Jamaica Family Search.



Henry Goodall  B. May 29, 1824  D. circa 1908



Roman Catholic marriages, August 11, 1869 to December 1878.  From the register for August 11, 1869, to April 10, 1901.

The Henry Goodall shown in the records below would have to be the son born circa 1848.  For the sake of clarity, they will be referred to as Henry senior and his son Henry junior.

Goodall, Henry - m  10/27/1875  Sophia Blight, both of Kingston.  Wit. Catherine Thomas,

Joseph Green, Ada McLeary, Reine Ballestry, Susan Thomas Elizabeth Thomas

(Some sigs)  P. 73


Roman Catholic Baptisms.

Henry Goodall (Jr), aged 27 yrs baptised 10/6/1875  JD P. 330

Mary Sophia Blight, B. 5/13/1849, baptised 10/30/1871  April to December

1836-1863 North West Ends records show two Goodall baptisms for Walter and Eliza Goodall

(It should be noted that Henry senior's mother and sister were named Eliza and his younger brother, Walter)

Roman Catholic Burials, January 1875 to January 1880

Goodhall, Henry, aged 9 months, buried 320/1877.   JD  p. 37  (This may be a misspelling of Goodall)

Additional notes.

In 1878 Henry Goodall's (no doubt senior) name shows up in numerous records as being a "proprietor" and "manager" at Castle Wemyss (A sugar and rum estate dating back to the 18th century) and Dumphries Pens (Livestock estate) Monego Bay.

1878, Henry Goodall Jr. is shown as being in the blacksmithing business and Sophia the manager at 41 Parade.  The residence is listed as being located at 105 Princess. 

1900. Henry Goodall is listed as being a justice in Brown's Town.

1908.  A will for Henry Goodall is probated this year.


Descendants of Henry Goodall

The following was received from Eddie G. Sime, great grandson of Henry Goodall Sr. (B. 1824)


Henry Goodall was my great Grandfather. My Grandfather James Sime arrived to Jamaica from Scotland around 1873 and married Henry's daughter Eliza Goodall-his second marriage. Jamaican records show James Sime married Rebeca Gardiner in 1875 and baptized Florence Temperance Sime in 1876 something we never knew until I started researching the JAM. James and Eliza had only two children Allan (my father) and Maggie Sime, called affectionately Peggie by her friends and relatives. It was also Eliza's Goodall second marriage. She had previously been married to a Mr. Arguimbau (believed to have been William) or similar spelling and had two daughters Ethel and Mable Christine. I estimate that her first marriage took place sometime around 1865 and her second marriage around 1885. I have estimated this based on the fact my father was born in 1888 and Eliza Goodall was having grandchildren around 1892. Ethel and Mable Christine Arguimbau-Goodall married two Stewart brothers, Henry and Edwin Joseph Stewart. Mable and Edwin had seven children while Henry and Ethel had but two. Most of these two families moved to the US and Eastern Canada. I have information of who most of these children married and where they relocated. My Father and Grandfather moved to Costa Rica around 1915 where my Grandfather died about a year later of yellow fever. My Father stayed in Costa Rica until his death in 1960. Aunt Maggie got Secretary's schooling in Scotland and is supposed to have visited Frederick Goodall's home-her Great Uncle. She then worked for Sun Life Insurance in Canada (Montreal) until her retirement in 1934 and went back to Jamaica until her death in Brown's Town in 1979. She never married. In my notes I have Eliza moving to Canada (Montreal) around 1913 and staying until her death in about 1938.

In all the notes that I keep from my Aunt Maggie Sime and others that listened to her family stories, Henry Goodall actually had 4-5 children.  For sure there was a Helen "Nelly" Goodall who never married and died in Jamaica.  From these same sources coming from Maggie Sime, we always heard that the parent Henry Goodall had married an Indian "Princess".  How accurate this might be is unknown at this time. 



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