The Goodall Family Of Artists

The Goodall Family Tree

This Goodall Family Tree was compiled by Lorraine Theodoros.


 I am the great great granddaughter of Alfred William Goodall. I was very fortunate to start my family history research with a wealth of information gathered by Richard Goodall of this Goodall Artists website and Neil Slarke for his book "Frederick Goodall R.A."

Along the way I was also fortunate to find and enjoy contact with cousins and other family historians who shared their knowledge, photos and memorabilia. The main challenge now is to find my great great great grandfather Edward Goodall’s parents, other family members and their Yorkshire background.

To respect the privacy of living individuals I contacted those I could and respected their wishes. For those I could not contact I deleted the personal details for people born after 1920 even though these details are available in online records including family trees.

THANK YOU, Richard, for the opportunity to share our Goodall Family Tree online and for your encouragement and assistance.

Descendants of Edward GOODALL & Eliza Ann LE PETIT

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Generation No. 1


1.  EDWARD2 GOODALL  (SAMUEL1)1,2 was born 21 August 1794 in Leeds area, Yorkshire, England3, and died 11 April 1870 in 148 Hampstead Road, London, England.4.  He married ELIZA ANN LE PETIT5,6,7 20 June 1818 in Old St Pancras Church, London, Middlesex, England8, daughter of JOSEPH LE PETIT and SARAH NEWSTEAD.  She was born 21 July 1794 in Great Shire Lane, London, England9, and died 22 July 1849 in Mount Vernon, Hampstead, London, England.10.




2.                i.    EDWARD ANGELO3 GOODALL, b. 08 June 1819, St Pancras, London, England; d. 16 April 1908, Pancras District, London, Middlesex, England.


3.               ii.    ALFRED WILLIAM GOODALL, b. 20 March 1821, Camden Town, Middlesex, England; d. 10 February 1906, Fulham, London, England..


4.              iii.    FREDERICK GOODALL, b. 17 September 1822, St Pancras, London, England; d. 28 July 1904, at home 36 Goldhurst Tce, Hampstead, London, England.


5.              iv.    HENRY GOODALL, b. 29 May 1824, London, England; d. 1907, Jamaica.


                  v.    DARCY GOODALL11,12, b. 20 December 1825, St Pancras, London, England; d. Abt. January 1827, Crescent Place, St Pancras, England.  Buried in the Parish of St Martin in the Fields, Camden Town.13.


6.              vi.    ELIZA GOODALL, b. 20 May 1827, Mornington Grove, Middlesex, England; d. 07 November 1916, Sevenoaks, Kent, England.


7.             vii.    EMILY GOODALL, b. 21 December 1828, St Pancras, London, England; d. 21 September 1905, Noel House, Gainsborough Gardens, Hampstead, London, England..


8.            viii.    WALTER GOODALL, b. 06 November 1830, Pancras, London, England.; d. 14 May 1889, his home Bedford Road, Clapham, County of Bedford, England. Walter was buried in Highgate Cemetery..


9.              ix.    LOUISA GOODALL, b. 31 October 1832, St Pancras, London, England; d. 10 March 1920, Reading, Berkshire, England.

                  x.    HELEN GOODALL14, b. 24 October 1834, Mornington Grove, St Pancras, London, England15; d. Abt. March 1909, Croydon, Greater London16.


Generation No. 2


2.  EDWARD ANGELO3 GOODALL (EDWARD2, SAMUEL1) was born 08 June 1819 in St Pancras, London, England17, and died 16 April 1908 in Pancras District, London, Middlesex, England18,19.  He married FRANCES SMITH CHITTENDEN 26 May 1858 in Trinity Church, Marylebone, London, England20,21, daughter of ANDREW CHITTENDEN and ANN SMITH.  She was born 13 December 1833 in 13 Charles Street, St Marylebone, London, England22, and died 24 September 1928 in Pancras District, London, Middlesex, England23.




10.              i.    THOMAS EDWARD4 GOODALL, b. 03 November 1859, Pancras, London, Middlesex, England; d. 18 September 1924, Wells, Somerset, England.


11.             ii.    FRANCES ANNE GOODALL, b. 13 February 1861, Pancras, London, Middlesex, England; d. 02 December 1955, Cheltenham District, England.


                 iii.    EDITH CHITTENDEN GOODALL, b. 06 December 1862, Pancras, London, Middlesex, England24; d. 03 August 1865, Pancras District, London, Middlesex, England25.


                 iv.    JESSIE CHITTENDEN GOODALL, b. 06 December 1862, Pancras, London, Middlesex, England26; d. 02 November 1944, Cheltenham, London, England27; m. SIR HENRY JOHN STANYON28,29, 22 October 1898, Bombay, India30; b. 22 October 1857, Meerut, India; d. Abt. 18 April 1934, Mussourie, India31.


12.             v.    SIDNEY FREDERICK GOODALL, b. 16 January 1864, Pancras, London, Middlesex, England; d. 26 January 1951, at home, Somerset, England.


                 vi.    LAURA BEATRICE GOODALL, b. 29 August 1866, Pancras, London, Middlesex, England; d. 04 April 1867, London, Middlesex, England.


                vii.    MARY ETHEL GOODALL, b. 27 January 1868, Pancras, London, England.32; d. 01 May 1943, Lothingland District, England33.


               viii.    PERCY FREDERICK GOODALL, b. 10 February 1869, Pancras, London, Middlesex, England; d. 02 August 1869, London, Middlesex, England.


13.            ix.    LOUISA GOODALL, b. 29 March 1870, Pancras, London, Middlesex, England; d. 05 October 1958, Tunbridge Wells, England.


                  x.    STANLEY GOODALL, b. 23 August 1872, Pancras, London, Middlesex, England34; d. 26 October 1889, Pancras, London, Middlesex, England35.


                 xi.    ALICE GOODALL36, b. 25 February 1874, Pancras, London, Middlesex, England37; d. Abt. March 1967, Cheltenham, London, England38.

3.  ALFRED WILLIAM3 GOODALL (EDWARD2, SAMUEL1)39,40 was born 20 March 1821 in Camden Town, Middlesex, England41, and died 10 February 1906 in Fulham, London, England.42.  He married MARY ANN PALMER 15 August 1847 in Marylebone District, London, England43, daughter of JAMES PALMER and ELIZABETH.  She was born 31 August 1822 in Camden Town, Middlesex, England44, and died Abt. September 1911 in Richmond S, Surry, England45.




                   i.    ALFRED RICHARD4 GOODALL, b. 22 March 1847, 126 Upper Seymour Street, Somers Town, Middlesex, England46; d. 16 November 1865, 16 Maldern Crescent, Haverstock Hill, London, England47.


14.             ii.    MARY ANN ELIZABETH GOODALL, b. Abt. December 1848, Camden Town, Middlesex, England; d. 27 June 1933, 98 Baker Street, Middlesex, London, England.


15.            iii.    EMILY CAMPBELL GOODALL, b. Abt. September 1850, Camden Town, Middlesex, England; d. 10 August 1888, Pancras, London, England..


                 iv.    FANNY EDITH GOODALL48, b. 03 March 1852, Camden Town, Middlesex, England49; d. 22 January 1938, "Peacehaven", 94 Audrey Street, Hendon Central, London.50.


                  v.    JOHN EDWARD GOODALL51,52, b. 21 October 1853, 24 Clarence Cottages, Islington, Middlesex, England53; d. 05 August 1929, Berkamstead, Hertfordshire, England54,55; m. (1) GRACE WESTON EMPLETON56, 18 December 1884, All Saints Church, Marylebone District, London, England57; b. Abt. March 1853, St George Hanover Square, London, England58; d. 25 December 1924, 8 Harrington Square Hampstead Road, Hampstead, London NW, England59,60,61;


                         m. (2) ANNIE ELIZABETH GUEST, 05 November 1921, Parish of St. Matthias, Upper Tulse Hill, London, England62; b. Abt. September 1862, Westminster, London, England63; d. 06 March 1939, Leigh Nursing Home, Kings Road, Westcliff On Sea, Essex, England64.


16.            vi.    FREDERICK CHARLES GOODALL, b. Abt. 1855, Camden Town, Middlesex, England; d. 25 January 1911, the family home at 285 Liverpool Street, Sydney.


17.           vii.    AMY PALMER GOODALL, b. Abt. June 1857, West Bromwich, Staffordshire, England; d. Abt. March 1948, Hampstead District, London, England.


18.          viii.    HELEN LOUISA GOODALL, b. Abt. September 1859, Camden Town, Middlesex, England; d. 12 February 1949, Galveston, Texas, USA.


19.            ix.    WILLIAM NAPIER GOODALL, b. Abt. June 1862, Middlesex, England; d. 15 May 1902, 122 Russell Street, Gippsland, Victoria.


                  x.    WALTER HENRY HERBERT GOODALL, b. 03 September 1863, Camden Town, Middlesex, England65; d. Abt. March 1864, Pancras District, London, England66.


                 xi.    LILIAN DAVIS GOODALL, b. Abt. 28 March 1865, Camden Town, Middlesex, England67; d. Abt. September 1867, Pancras District, London, England68.



4.  FREDERICK3 GOODALL (EDWARD2, SAMUEL1)69 was born 17 September 1822 in St Pancras, London, England70, and died 28 July 1904 in at home 36 Goldhurst Tce, Hampstead, London, England71,72.  He married (1) ANNE THOMSON73 24 October 1846 in Old St Pancras Church, London, Middlesex, England, daughter of JAMES THOMSON and DIANA LLOYD.  She was born 26 December 1822 in St Pancras, London, England74, and died 11 August 1869 in Camden Square, St. Pancras, London, England. Buried Highgate Cemetery 16 August.75.  He married (2) ALICE MARY TARRY76,77 27 February 1872 in St. Paul's Church, Pancras, London, England.78, daughter of THOMAS TARRY and MARY BROME.  She was born 03 September 1849 in St Pancras, London, England79, and died 09 August 1913 in Hendon District, Middlesex, England.80.




                   i.    FREDERICK TREVELYAN4 GOODALL, b. 24 August 1847, St Pancas London England81; d. 12 April 1871, Island of Capri, Italy82.


                  ii.    HOWARD GOODALL, b. 10 October 1849, St Pancras, London, England83; d. 17 January 1874, Cairo, Egypt84.


20.            iii.    HERBERT GOODALL, b. 13 February 1852, St. Pancras, London, England.; d. 21 October 1907, Eastbourne District, Sussex, England.


21.            iv.    FLORENCE GOODALL, b. 05 November 1853, St. Pancras, London, England.; d. 15 May 1914, Hampstead District, London, England.


                  v.    LEONARD GOODALL, b. 02 December 1855, St Pancras, London, England85; d. 09 June 1856, London, England. Buried Highgate Cemetery.86.





                 vi.    ALICE FREDERICA4 GOODALL, b. Abt. March 1876, Harrow Weald, Middlesex, England87; d. 17 October 1953, Elm Park Mansions, London, England88.


                vii.    FREDERICK WILLIAM "FRITZ" GOODALL89, b. Abt. December 1881, Harrow Weald, Middlesex, England90; d. Abt. March 1955, Surrey Mid E, England91.


5.  HENRY3 GOODALL (EDWARD2, SAMUEL1)92 was born 29 May 1824 in London, England93, and died 1907 in Jamaica.


Children of HENRY GOODALL are:


22.              i.    HENRY4 GOODALL, b. Abt. 1848, Jamaica; d. Deceased.


                  ii.    WALTER GOODALL, b. Abt. 1852, Jamaica; d. Deceased.


23.            iii.    ELIZA GOODALL, b. Abt. 1853, Lucea, Hanover, Jamaica; d. Abt. 1938, Montreal, Canada.


                 iv.    HELEN "NELLIE" GOODALL, b. Abt. 1855, Jamaica; d. Abt. 1950, Jamaica.



6.  ELIZA3 GOODALL (EDWARD2, SAMUEL1)94 was born 20 May 1827 in Mornington Grove, Middlesex, England95, and died 07 November 1916 in Sevenoaks, Kent, England96.  She married HENRY BOWLES WILD97 08 July 1854 in St. Pancras Church, London, England.98, son of HENRY WILD and MARIA REEVES.  He was born 08 February 1825 in Middlesex, London, England.99, and died 19 July 1882 in 47 Belsize Park Gardens, Hampstead, London, England.100,101.


Children of ELIZA GOODALL and HENRY WILD are:


24.              i.    HENRY EDGAR4 WILD, b. 11 June 1855, St Pancras, Middlesex, England; d. 15 April 1922, At home "Suvia", King's Road, Westcliff on Sea, Essex, England.


                  ii.    HORACE GOODALL WILD, b. 27 October 1856, Pancras, London, Middlesex, England102; d. Abt. December 1857, Pancras, London, Middlesex England.


25.            iii.    ADA CONSTANCE WILD, b. 24 February 1858, Oakley Square, St. Pancras, Middlesex, England; d. 26 August 1946, California, USA.


                 iv.    BERTRAM WILLIAM WILD, b. 29 July 1859, South Hampstead, Middlesex, England103; d. 03 August 1912, Sevenoaks, Kent, England104.


                  v.    LEONARD CHARLES WILD, b. 10 July 1861, Elm Villas, Hampstead, London, England.105; d. 15 February 1862, 2 Elm Villas, Haverstock Hill, London, England.106.


                 vi.    HAROLD CHARLES WILD, b. 24 October 1862, South Hampstead, Middlesex, England107; d. 15 September 1896, 2 Elm Villas, Haverstock Hill, London, England108.


26.           vii.    GILBERT LOUIS WILD, b. 31 December 1863, South Hampstead, Middlesex, England; d. 30 March 1914, Colosseum Terrace, Regents Park, Middlesex.


27.          viii.    EVELYN MAUD WILD, b. 04 October 1865, 2 Elm Villas, Haverstock Hill, Hampstead, London, England; d. 22 February 1956, Watford District, Hertfordshire, England.


                 ix.    NORA BEATRICE WILD, b. 01 February 1869, Hampstead, Middlesex, England109; d. 07 April 1942, "Braecote" West Moors, Wimborne, Dorset, England110.



7.  EMILY3 GOODALL (EDWARD2, SAMUEL1) was born 21 December 1828 in St Pancras, London, England111, and died 21 September 1905 in Noel House, Gainsborough Gardens, Hampstead, London, England.112.  She married FREDERICK WILLIAM ROWNEY113,114 04 September 1856 in Pancras, London, England115, son of GEORGE ROWNEY and ESTHER.  He was born Abt. 29 January 1820 in Marylebone District, London, England, and died 01 August 1902 in Noel House, Gainsborough Gardens, Hampstead, London, England.116.




28.              i.    AMY GERTRUDE4 ROWNEY, b. 21 September 1857, Camden Town, London , England; d. Aft. 1925.


29.             ii.    ARTHUR ROWNEY, b. Abt. December 1859, St Pancas London England; d. 01 January 1942, Wedderburn House,Wedderburn Road, Hampstead, London, England.


30.            iii.    WALTER GEORGE ROWNEY, b. 12 January 1862, 17 Oakley Square, London, England; d. Abt. June 1947, Ledbury.


31.            iv.    ELLA ROWNEY, b. 20 February 1864, Pancras District, London, Middlesex, England; d. Aft. 1936, England.


32.             v.    LILIAN ROWNEY, b. 18 May 1867, St Pancras, London, England; d. Abt. June 1960, Kingswood District, Middlesex - Surrey, England.



8.  WALTER3 GOODALL (EDWARD2, SAMUEL1)117,118,119 was born 06 November 1830 in Pancras, London, England.120, and died 14 May 1889 in his home Bedford Road, Clapham, County of Bedford, England. Walter was buried in Highgate Cemetery.121.  He married ELIZABETH JUFFS122 16 December 1878 in Islington District Register Office, London, England123, daughter of DANIEL JUFFS and MARY HOSTLER.  She was born 17 May 1835 in Houghton Conquest, Bedfordshire, England124, and died Abt. 21 July 1920 in Edmonton, England125.




                   i.    EMILY4 GOODALL, b. 17 May 1858, 6 Albert Terrace, Barnsbury Road, Islington, Middlesex, England126; d. Bef. 1911127.


33.             ii.    ADA JUFFS GOODALL, b. Abt. December 1859, Southwark, London, Middlesex, England; d. Abt. March 1927, Edmonton, Middlesex, England.


                 iii.    LILLA GOODALL128, b. Abt. December 1859, Southwark, London, Middlesex, England; d. Unknown; m. EDWARD HENRY POPE129, 03 July 1912, Winnepeg, Manitoba, Canada130; b. 27 September 1869, Tipperary, Ireland131; d. Abt. 03 December 1914, Winnepeg, Manitoba, Canada132.



9.  LOUISA3 GOODALL (EDWARD2, SAMUEL1) was born 31 October 1832 in St Pancras, London, England133, and died 10 March 1920 in Reading, Berkshire, England134,135.  She married HENRY FREWER136,137 12 January 1860 in Old Church, Saint Pancras, London, England138, son of HENRY FREWER and ELIZABETH.  He was born 25 February 1831 in Bloomsbury, Middlesex, England139, and died 06 May 1906 in St Saviour's Church, Coalpit Heath, Gloucestershire,  England140.




34.              i.    IDA HEBE4 FREWER, b. 22 November 1860, Windermere, Westmorland, England; d. Abt. December 1903, Bristol, Gloucestershire, England.


35.             ii.    ETHEL LAURA FREWER, b. Abt. March 1868, Clifton, Bristol, Gloucestershire England; d. 1963, Cuckfield, Sussex, England.


                 iii.    AGNES PAULINE FREWER141, b. Bef. 02 July 1869, Clifton, Bristol, Gloucestershire England142; d. Unknown; m. (1) HENRY EDWARD ROBYNS143,144, Abt. March 1889, Barton Regis, England145; b. Abt. 1858, Span Usted Belgium; d. 21 December 1935, Brighton Municipal Hospital, Elm Grove, Brighton, Sussex, England146; m. (2) PAUL NEWCOMEN COOPER147, 1900, Bath and Bedford, England148; b. Abt. December 1846, Bedminster, Somersetshire, England149; d. 12 July 1914, Reading, Berkshire, England150.


36.            iv.    LANCELOT OSMUND FREWER, b. Abt. September 1870, Clifton, Bristol, Gloucestershire, England; d. 18 November 1941, Hazard, Sullington Warren, Storrington, England.



Generation No. 3


10.  THOMAS EDWARD4 GOODALL (EDWARD ANGELO3, EDWARD2, SAMUEL1)151 was born 03 November 1859 in Pancras, London, Middlesex, England152, and died 18 September 1924 in Wells, Somerset, England153.  He married HARRIET EMILY CONSTANCE CONSTANT 04 September 1916 in Epsom, Surrey, England154, daughter of STEPHEN CONSTANT and EMILY MCBIRNEY.  She was born Abt. 12 September 1879 in Dublin, Ireland155, and died Abt. 1956 in England156.




37.              i.    EDWINA ROSEMARY5 GOODALL, b. 13 November 1921, Queen Charlottes Hospital, St Marylebone, Greater London, England; d. Abt. December 1996, Ealing, London, England.



11.  FRANCES ANNE4 GOODALL (EDWARD ANGELO3, EDWARD2, SAMUEL1) was born 13 February 1861 in Pancras, London, Middlesex, England157, and died 02 December 1955 in Cheltenham District, England158.  She married ROBERT CARY HENSLOW BARNARD159,160 21 August 1895 in Pancras, London, England161, son of ROBERT BARNARD and ANNE HENSLOW.  He was born 21 June 1862 in Cambridge House, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England162, and died 01 May 1937 in Bartlow, Leckhampton, Cheltenham, England163.




38.              i.    JESSIE BEATRICE5 BARNARD, b. 28 January 1897, Bheoowel, India; d. 1985.


39.             ii.    THOMAS HENSLOW BARNARD, b. 25 August 1898, Bartlow, Leckhampton, Cheltenham,Gloucestershire, England; d. 12 September 1992, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England.


                 iii.    WILLIAM GOODALL BARNARD, b. 22 September 1902, India164; d. 10 August 1908, Bartlow, Leckhampton, Cheltenham, England165.



12.  SIDNEY FREDERICK4 GOODALL (EDWARD ANGELO3, EDWARD2, SAMUEL1)166 was born 16 January 1864 in Pancras, London, Middlesex, England167, and died 26 January 1951 in at home, Somerset, England168.  He married MABEL NEWNHAM TOULMIN169 07 July 1908 in St. Cuthbert's, Wells, Somerset, England.170, daughter of JOSEPH TOULMIN and ELLEN CHEESEMAN.  She was born 21 April 1888 in 846 Gates Ave, Brooklyn, New York, USA, and died 14 June 1962 in Middlesex Hospital, London, England171.




40.              i.    EDWARD5 GOODALL, b. 02 September 1909, "Claremont", 17a Chamberlain Street, Wells, Somerset, England; d. 12 September 1982, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada.


                  ii.    STEWART SIDNEY GOODALL, b. 23 January 1919, "Claremont", 17a Chamberlain Street, Wells, Somerset172; d. Abt. December 1968, St Marylebone, London, England173.



13.  LOUISA4 GOODALL (EDWARD ANGELO3, EDWARD2, SAMUEL1) was born 29 March 1870 in Pancras, London, Middlesex, England, and died 05 October 1958 in Tunbridge Wells, England174.  She married DOCTOR CECIL WHITEHALL COOKE175,176 18 April 1895 in Pancras, London, England177,178, son of ALFRED COOKE and HARRIETTE LEWIS.  He was born 01 May 1864 in 4 St Paul's Crescent, Camden New Town, St. Pancras, London, England.179, and died 18 April 1940 in Hove, Sussex, England180.




                   i.    DOCTOR EVELYN CECIL WHITEHALL5 COOKE181,182, b. 22 March 1896, Tunbridge Wells, Kent, England183; d. 1981, Tunbridge Wells, Kent, England184; m. AASE ENGEL THOMSEN185, 06 June 1931, St Mary the Virgin, Hampstead, London, England186; b. 07 June 1905, Copenhagen, Denmark; d. 06 August 1998, Stranraer, Scotland187.


41.             ii.    GEOFFREY WHITEHALL COOKE, b. 04 September 1901, 138 Elm Park Mansions, Chelsea, England; d. February 1995, Worthing, West Sussex, England.



14.  MARY ANN ELIZABETH4 GOODALL (ALFRED WILLIAM3, EDWARD2, SAMUEL1) was born Abt. December 1848 in Camden Town, Middlesex, England188, and died 27 June 1933 in 98 Baker Street, Middlesex, London, England189.  She married JOHN WHARTON DINHAM190,191 Abt. June 1878 in Pancras, London, England192, son of JOHN DINHAM and CAROLINE HAWKER.  He was born 25 March 1853 in Stratton, Cornwall, England193, and died 02 May 1896 in Louvain Broadhurst Gardens, West Hampstead, Middlesex, England194.




                   i.    DOROTHY5 DINHAM, b. Abt. September 1887, Kentish Town, London, England195; d. Abt. 1951, England.



15.  EMILY CAMPBELL4 GOODALL (ALFRED WILLIAM3, EDWARD2, SAMUEL1)196 was born Abt. September 1850 in Camden Town, Middlesex, England197, and died 10 August 1888 in Pancras, London, England.198.  She married SYDNEY CLAUDE SARL199 05 January 1880 in Pancras, London, England200, son of JOSEPH SARL and EMILY SWINSCOW.  He was born Abt. 1849 in Upper Tilse Hill, Brixton, England, and died Abt. March 1916 in Pancras, London, England.201.



                   i.    CLAUD GOODALL5 SARL202,203, b. 21 January 1884, Fulham, London, England.204,205.



16.  FREDERICK CHARLES4 GOODALL (ALFRED WILLIAM3, EDWARD2, SAMUEL1)206,207 was born Abt. 1855 in Camden Town, Middlesex, England208, and died 25 January 1911 in the family home at 285 Liverpool Street, Sydney209.  He married MARY AGNES BRIDGET HINCHEN210 Abt. 1889 in Australia211, daughter of ? HINCHEN and BRIDGET GAINEY.  She was born Abt. 1870 in Cork, Ireland, and died 05 April 1917 in the family home at 285 Liverpool Street, Sydney212.




                   i.    ANNIE STELLA5 GOODALL, b. 1890, Sydney, NSW.; d. 08 March 1910, the family home, 285 Liverpool St., Sydney, NSW213.


42.             ii.    ALFRED WILLIAM GOODALL, b. 01 May 1893, Sydney, NSW.; d. 16 November 1935, home, Newtown, NSW.


                 iii.    EMILY BEATRICE GOODALL, b. 1895, Sydney, NSW.; d. 04 April 1912, the family home, 285 Liverpool St., Sydney, NSW.


43.            iv.    AMY ELIZABETH GOODALL, b. 06 September 1898, Sydney, NSW.; d. 22 April 1950, Redfern, NSW..


                  v.    FREDERICK CHARLES GOODALL, b. 03 September 1901, Sydney, NSW.; d. 16 May 1970, St Leonards, NSW.; m. ALEXANDRA JEAN CADY, 27 January 1951, Goulburn District, New South Wales, Australia214; b. 09 September 1909, Crookwell, NSW, Australia215,216; d. 10 January 2001, Canberra, ACT, Australia..


44.            vi.    MAISIE HANNAH GOODALL, b. 1904, Sydney, NSW.; d. Abt. June 1992, Sydney, NSW.


45.           vii.    VERA IRENE GOODALL, b. Abt. 1908, Sydney, NSW.; d. 11 May 1986, Chatswood, NSW.



17.  AMY PALMER4 GOODALL (ALFRED WILLIAM3, EDWARD2, SAMUEL1) was born Abt. June 1857 in West Bromwich, Staffordshire, England217, and died Abt. March 1948 in Hampstead District, London, England218.  She married BERRY FRANCIS BERRY219,220,221 24 June 1880 in Fulham, London, England.222, son of GEORGE BERRY and ANN WOODS.  He was born 03 December 1852 in Barrow Hill, London, Marylebone, England223, and died 04 December 1926 in South Hampstead, England224.

Children of AMY GOODALL and BERRY BERRY are:


                   i.    ELSIE5 BERRY225, b. 12 June 1881, Chiswick, London, England226.


                  ii.    LILIAN BERRY227, b. 19 September 1882, Chiswick, London, England.


                 iii.    WINIFRED GOODALL BERRY228, b. 25 September 1884, Sevenoaks, Kent, England229.


                 iv.    BERRY OSCAR BERRY230, b. Abt. December 1893, Hampstead, London, England231; d. Not 1970 - 1972; m. KATHERINE ANNE SCOTT, 23 June 1917, All Souls, Hampstead, London, England232; b. 15 September 1893, Horningsham, Wiltshire, England233; d. Abt. March 1972, Isle of Wight234.



18.  HELEN LOUISA4 GOODALL (ALFRED WILLIAM3, EDWARD2, SAMUEL1) was born Abt. September 1859 in Camden Town, Middlesex, England235, and died 12 February 1949 in Galveston, Texas, USA236.  She married ELIAS HELTON TUCKETT237,238 Abt. March 1881 in Fulham, London, England.239.  He was born Abt. March 1859 in Bristol, Avon, Gloucestershire, England240, and died Abt. 25 September 1907 in Galveston, Texas, USA.




46.              i.    EGBERT HELTON5 TUCKETT, b. 20 December 1891, Galveston, Texas, USA; d. 06 February 1966, Galveston, Texas, USA.


47.             ii.    ESTELLE M TUCKETT, b. 12 May 1893, Texas, USA; d. January 1977, Harris County, Galveston, Texas, USA.



19.  WILLIAM NAPIER4 GOODALL (ALFRED WILLIAM3, EDWARD2, SAMUEL1)241,242,243 was born Abt. June 1862 in Middlesex, England244, and died 15 May 1902 in 122 Russell Street, Gippsland, Victoria245.  He married ELIZABETH ANN MILNE 29 November 1890 in St Jude's Church of England, Carlton, Victoria246, daughter of ANDREW MILNE and JANE RICHARDSON.  She was born 01 December 1862 in South Street, St Andrews, Fifeshire, Scotland, and died 14 March 1939 in 669 Military Road, Mosman, NSW247.




48.              i.    EVELINE MILNE5 GOODALL, b. Abt. May 1892, Perth, Western Australia; d. 18 April 1957, 44 Darley Street, Mona Vale NSW.



20.  HERBERT4 GOODALL (FREDERICK3, EDWARD2, SAMUEL1) was born 13 February 1852 in St. Pancras, London, England.248, and died 21 October 1907 in Eastbourne District, Sussex, England249.  He married ALICE VACHER 04 December 1884 in Kensington, London, England.250, daughter of THOMAS VACHER and MARY ROBERTS.  She was born Abt. December 1860 in Kensington, London, England251, and died 01 November 1907 in Kensington, London, England252.




                   i.    GWENDOLINE MARY5 GOODALL253, b. 05 May 1886, Stanley Crescent, Bayswater, Kensington, London, England254; d. Abt. September 1970, Kensington, London, England255,256; m. (1) LIEUTENANT THOMAS CHALMERS MERYON257, 18 December 1909, Christ Church, Lancaster Gate, London, England258; b. Abt. December 1886, Alverstroke, Hampshire, England259; d. 28 January 1913, St Andrews Bay, Fife, Scotland260; m. (2) GWYN-JONES, Aft. 1914, unknown.



21.  FLORENCE4 GOODALL (FREDERICK3, EDWARD2, SAMUEL1) was born 05 November 1853 in St. Pancras, London, England.261, and died 15 May 1914 in Hampstead District, London, England262,263.  She married ALLAN EDWARD SAVORY264 21 June 1883 in Christ Church, Albany Street, St. Pancras, London, England.265, son of THOMAS SAVORY and ELIZABETH DURLACHER.  He was born Abt. June 1859 in St George Hanover Square District, London England266, and died 04 March 1922 in Wandsworth, London, England267.




                   i.    FLORENCE LILIAN5 SAVORY, b. 23 May 1884, Park Road, Teddington, Surrey, London England268; d. Abt. June 1947, Croydon, London, England269; m. FREDERICK ASHLEY JARVIS270, Abt. March 1914, Hampstead, London, England271; b. Abt. March 1886, West Hampstead, London, England272.


49.             ii.    THOMAS ALLAN TREVELYAN SAVORY, b. Abt. March 1888, West Hampstead, London, England.



22.  HENRY4 GOODALL (HENRY3, EDWARD2, SAMUEL1)273 was born Abt. 1848 in Jamaica, and died Deceased.  He married MARY SOPHIA BLIGHT274 27 October 1875 in Kingston, Jamaica275, daughter of ROBERT BLIGHT and JESSE GRAHAM.  She was born 13 May 1849.




                   i.    HENRY5 GOODALL, b. Abt. 1876; d. Abt. 20 March 1877.

23.  ELIZA4 GOODALL (HENRY3, EDWARD2, SAMUEL1) was born Abt. 1853 in Lucea, Hanover, Jamaica, and died Abt. 1938 in Montreal, Canada.  She married (1) WILLIAM ARGUIMBAU Abt. 1872.    She married (2) JAMES SIME Abt. 1885.  He was born Abt. 1849 in Scotland, and died 1910 in Costa Rica.




                   i.    MABEL CHRISTINE5 ARGUIMBAU, b. 1874.


                  ii.    ETHEL ANNIE ARGUIMBAU, b. Aft. 1874.



Children of ELIZA GOODALL and JAMES SIME are:


                 iii.    MAGGIE5 SIME, b. 09 January 1887, Jamaica; d. 1979, Brown's Town Jamaica.


50.            iv.    ALLAN SIME, b. 1888, Jamaica; d. 31 March 1960, San Jose Costa Rica.



24.  HENRY EDGAR4 WILD (ELIZA3 GOODALL, EDWARD2, SAMUEL1)276 was born 11 June 1855 in St Pancras, Middlesex, England277, and died 15 April 1922 in At home "Suvia", King's Road, Westcliff on Sea, Essex, England278,279.  He married MARY WARREN 20 June 1882 in Royston, Hertfordshire, England280, daughter of JOHN WARREN.  She was born Abt. December 1860 in Royston, Hertfordshire, England281, and died Unknown.


Children of HENRY WILD and MARY WARREN are:


                   i.    EDGAR LEONARD5 WILD, b. 17 April 1883, Lyndhurst, Harlesden Road, Willesden, London, England282; d. Unknown.


51.             ii.    EDITH HILDA WILD, b. 12 September 1884, Lyndhurst, Harlesden Road, Willesden, London, England; d. Unknown.


                 iii.    MAUDE MARY WILD, b. 27 February 1886, Lyndhurst, Harlesden Road, Willesden, London, England283; d. 29 December 1976, Robertson Nursing Home, Godalming284; m. ARTHUR ROWNEY285, 20 August 1913, St Mary's Church, Stoke Newington, London, England286; b. Abt. December 1859, St Pancas London England287; d. 01 January 1942, Wedderburn House,Wedderburn Road, Hampstead, London, England288.


                 iv.    BASIL WARREN WILD, b. 13 May 1890, Lyndhurst, Harlesden Road, Willesden, London, England289; d. 01 October 1918, Belgium or France in World War 1290,291; m. OLIVE FRANCES SANDERS, 29 July 1916, St Andrew's Church, Stoke Newington, Hackney District, London, England292; b. Abt. September 1891, East Grinstead, England293.

52.             v.    STELLA BEATRICE WILD, b. Bef. 22 January 1893, Willesden, London, England.



25.  ADA CONSTANCE4 WILD (ELIZA3 GOODALL, EDWARD2, SAMUEL1)294 was born 24 February 1858 in Oakley Square, St. Pancras, Middlesex, England295, and died 26 August 1946 in California, USA.  She married WILLIAM AINSWORTH296,297,298 04 November 1884 in Christchurch, Willesden Parish, London, England.299, son of WILLIAM AINSWORTH and CAROLINE WILKINSON.  He was born Abt. 1863 in Brindle, Lancashire, England300, and died in USA.




                   i.    TREVELYN5 AINSWORTH, b. Abt. 1887, San Jose, California, USA301,302.


                  ii.    CYRIL AINSWORTH303, b. 16 June 1887, San Jose, California, USA304.


                 iii.    DORIS AINSWORTH305, b. 19 April 1894, California, USA; d. June 1978, California, USA.


                 iv.    LILLA M AINSWORTH, b. Abt. February 1897.



26.  GILBERT LOUIS4 WILD (ELIZA3 GOODALL, EDWARD2, SAMUEL1)306 was born 31 December 1863 in South Hampstead, Middlesex, England307, and died 30 March 1914 in Colosseum Terrace, Regents Park, Middlesex308,309.  He married EDITH MARY WILKINSON310,311 1892 in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia312, daughter of LOUIS WILKINSON and ELLEN HUBBARD.  She was born 1874 in St Kilda, Melbourne, Australia, and died Abt. March 1959 in Fulham, London, England313.




                   i.    EDITH MARJORIE5 WILD, b. Abt. 1894, Melbourne, Australia; d. Unknown, Unknown, maybe in Australia but after 1946314.



27.  EVELYN MAUD4 WILD (ELIZA3 GOODALL, EDWARD2, SAMUEL1) was born 04 October 1865 in 2 Elm Villas, Haverstock Hill, Hampstead, London, England315, and died 22 February 1956 in Watford District, Hertfordshire, England316.  She married HARRY GEORGE HARRISON317 13 June 1894 in Christ Church, Willesden Parish, London, England318, son of JAMES HARRISON and HARRIETT WYATT.  He was born Abt. December 1864 in Pancras London Middlesex England319, and died 24 July 1948 in Watford District, Hertfordshire, England320.




                   i.    STELLA MABEL5 HARRISON, b. 05 January 1896, Braintree, Essex, England321; d. 19 June 1896, Braintree, Essex, England322.


53.             ii.    ERIC JAMES HARRISON, b. 26 August 1897, Braintree, Essex, England; d. 22 September 1978, Isle of Wight, Hampshire, England.


54.            iii.    LIONEL WILLIAM HARRISON, b. 14 July 1899, Braintree, Essex, England; d. Abt. October 1995, Isle of Wight, Hampshire, England.


55.            iv.    REGINALD HERBERT HARRISON, b. 26 August 1902, Billericay, Essex, England; d. 06 August 1966.


56.             v.    SYBIL MARY HARRISON, b. 06 August 1906, Mountnessing, Essex, England; d. Abt. October 1990, New Forest, Hampshire, England.



28.  AMY GERTRUDE4 ROWNEY (EMILY3 GOODALL, EDWARD2, SAMUEL1)323 was born 21 September 1857 in Camden Town, London , England324, and died Aft. 1925325.  She married EDWARD KIRK CHAMBERLIN326 18 February 1880 in Pancras, London, England327, son of CARLOS CHAMBERLIN and ELIZABETH DURLACHER.  He was born Abt. 1856 in Manchester, Lancashire, England, and died Abt. December 1906 in Norwich, Norfolk, England328.




                   i.    MARJORIE5 CHAMBERLIN, b. Bef. 13 June 1881, Rusholme, Manchester, England329; d. Abt. March 1952, Gloucester Rural, Gloucestershire, England330; m. JOHN SIDNEY HOUGH, 01 August 1917, All Souls Church, Hampstead, London, England331; b. 07 June 1884, Wolverhampton, England; d. 1972, Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire, England332.


57.             ii.    BRENDA CHAMBERLIN, b. Abt. September 1885, Bowdon, Cheshire, England; d. Unknown.



29.  ARTHUR4 ROWNEY (EMILY3 GOODALL, EDWARD2, SAMUEL1)333 was born Abt. December 1859 in St Pancas London England334, and died 01 January 1942 in Wedderburn House,Wedderburn Road, Hampstead, London, England335.  He married (1) CONSTANCE EMILY HAYES Abt. June 1883 in Hampstead London England336.  She was born Abt. 1863 in Earls Court London England, and died 19 April 1912 in Hampstead, London, England.337,338.  He married (2) MAUDE MARY WILD 20 August 1913 in St Mary's Church, Stoke Newington, London, England339, daughter of HENRY WILD and MARY WARREN.  She was born 27 February 1886 in Lyndhurst, Harlesden Road, Willesden, London, England340, and died 29 December 1976 in Robertson Nursing Home, Godalming341.




58.              i.    NOEL MONTAGUE5 ROWNEY, b. 27 March 1884, 22 Regents Park Terrace, Gloucester Road, London England; d. 1963, Cambridge, England.


59.             ii.    IRENE MAUD ROWNEY, b. 09 February 1887, 22 Regents Park Terrace, Gloucester Road, London England.



30.  WALTER GEORGE4 ROWNEY (EMILY3 GOODALL, EDWARD2, SAMUEL1)342 was born 12 January 1862 in 17 Oakley Square, London, England343, and died Abt. June 1947 in Ledbury344.  He married BLANCHE LIMEBEER345 25 April 1906 in Saint Peter, Belsize Park, Middlesex, England346, daughter of JOHN LIMEBEER and MARY.  She was born August 1875 in Chertsey, Surrey, England347, and died 08 January 1959 in Gerrards Cross, London, England348.




60.              i.    GWENDOLEN MARY5 ROWNEY, b. Abt. 13 February 1907, Hampstead, London, England.; d. December 1995, Surrey, England.


61.             ii.    MARGARET EDITH ROWNEY, b. 12 September 1908, Hampstead, London, England.; d. Abt. October 1998, Chiltern & South Bucks, Buckinghamshire.


62.            iii.    THOMAS HUGH ROWNEY, b. 03 March 1910, 2 Oak Hill Park, Frognall NW, England; d. August 2003, North Surrey, England.



31.  ELLA4 ROWNEY (EMILY3 GOODALL, EDWARD2, SAMUEL1) was born 20 February 1864 in Pancras District, London, Middlesex, England349, and died Aft. 1936 in England.  She married RALPH FREDERICK HARRISON350 24 March 1885 in Christ Church, Albany Street, London, England351,352, son of JAMES HARRISON and HARRIETT WYATT.  He was born 17 September 1859 in Pancras District, London, Middlesex, England353, and died 17 December 1936 in Surrey N W, England354.




                   i.    ASHLEY ROWNEY5 HARRISON, b. Bef. 04 February 1886, St Albans, Hertfordshire, England355.


                  ii.    MILDRED MARY HARRISON356, b. 21 October 1888, St Albans, Hertfordshire, England357; d. Bef. 08 August 1959358.

32.  LILIAN4 ROWNEY (EMILY3 GOODALL, EDWARD2, SAMUEL1)359,360 was born 18 May 1867 in St Pancras, London, England361, and died Abt. June 1960 in Kingswood District, Middlesex - Surrey, England362.  She married PERCY HARLEY 25 June 1892 in St George's Church, Hanover Square, London363, son of FRANCIS HARLEY and ELIZA CARTER.  He was born Abt. December 1864 in Islington, London, England364, and died Abt. June 1942 in Paddington District, London, England365.




63.              i.    NORMAN FRANCIS5 HARLEY, b. Abt. June 1893, Hampstead, London, England.; d. 25 July 1962, Harrow, Middlesex, England.


                  ii.    ARTHUR DARENT HARLEY, b. Abt. June 1895, Hampstead, London, England.366; d. 01 July 1916, Somme Battlefields, France367.


                 iii.    PERCIVAL HOWARD HARLEY368, b. Abt. June 1900, Hampstead, London, England.369



33.  ADA JUFFS4 GOODALL (WALTER3, EDWARD2, SAMUEL1)370 was born Abt. December 1859 in Southwark, London, Middlesex, England, and died Abt. March 1927 in Edmonton, Middlesex, England371.  She married FREDERICK WILLIAM BURTON 08 February 1886 in Wootton, Bedford, England372, son of ALFRED BURTON and SARAH HARMAN.  He was born Abt. 1858 in London, Middlesex, England373, and died Abt. December 1925 in Edmonton, Middlesex, England374.




                   i.    WALTER FREDERICK5 BURTON, b. Abt. March 1889, Bedford, Bedfordshire375; d. March 1945, Edmonton, Middlesex, England376; m. ALICE ROSE WARD, 14 October 1911, The Register office, Edmonton, Middlesex, England377; b. 11 June 1892, 40 Chauncy Street, Edmonton, Middlesex, England378; d. Bef. 1984.



34.  IDA HEBE4 FREWER (LOUISA3 GOODALL, EDWARD2, SAMUEL1)379 was born 22 November 1860 in Windermere, Westmorland, England380, and died Abt. December 1903 in Bristol, Gloucestershire, England381.  She married WILLIAM HENRY KING PRICE Abt. June 1882 in Barton Regis, Gloucestershire, England382,383.  He was born Abt. December 1855 in Bristol, England, and died 26 July 1902 in Bristol Channel, England384.


Children of IDA FREWER and WILLIAM PRICE are:


                   i.    REGINALD HENRY5 PRICE, b. Abt. March 1884, Clifton, Bristol, Gloucestershire385; d. Unknown; m. DOROTHY M ROBBINS, Abt. June 1913, Bristol District, Gloucestershire, England386


                  ii.    GLADYS MURIEL PRICE387, b. Abt. March 1886, Clifton Bristol Gloucestershire388.


                 iii.    ETHEL HEBE PRICE, b. 20 October 1888, Clifton Bristol Gloucestershire389; d. 1976, Waveney, Sussex, England390.


                 iv.    WILLIAM KING PRICE, b. Abt. September 1890, Clifton Bristol Gloucestershire391.


                  v.    FRANCIS NOEL PRICE, b. Abt. 21 November 1892, Barton Regis, Gloucestershire, England; d. Unknown; m. ALICE E; b. 22 February 1901.


                 vi.    DOUGLAS GOODALL PRICE, b. Abt. December 1894, Barton Regis, Gloucestershire; d. Unknown; m. EDITH ELLA BANFIELD HEATHER, 20 October 1917, St James, Hampton Hill, Richmond Upon Thames392; b. Abt. 1899


                vii.    CECIL VICTOR PRICE, b. 15 February 1897, Barton Regis, Gloucestershire, England; d. 12 July 1967, Winnipeg, Ontario, Canada.


               viii.    MERVYN BEAUFORT PRICE, b. 19 March 1900, Bristol, Gloucestershire; d. Abt. June 1980, Reading,Berkshire, England; m. JESSIE GRIFFITHS, Abt. June 1933, Newport M, England393.



35.  ETHEL LAURA4 FREWER (LOUISA3 GOODALL, EDWARD2, SAMUEL1) was born Abt. March 1868 in Clifton, Bristol, Gloucestershire England394, and died 1963 in Cuckfield, Sussex, England395.  She married THOMAS WILLIAM DONALDSON396 Abt. June 1890 in Barton Regis, England397,398, son of JOHN DONALDSON and JANE CRAMP.  He was born Abt. September 1865 in Tunbridge Wells, Kent, England399, and died 07 April 1925 in Southfield, Newton Abbot, Devon, England400,401.




64.              i.    ERIC LOCKWOOD5 DONALDSON, b. Abt. December 1891, Newton Abbot, Devon, England; d. 20 December 1927, Pendock, Tonjong, Perak, Federated Malay States.


65.             ii.    ARTHUR LESLIE DONALDSON, b. Abt. June 1893, Newton Abbot, Devon, England; d. Abt. 1967.


66.            iii.    MARJORIE DONALDSON, b. Abt. June 1899, Newton Abbot, Devon, England; d. Abt. February 1995, Merton, Surrey, England.


                 iv.    JOHN HENRY LOCKWOOD DONALDSON, b. 17 December 1906, Newton Abbot, Devon, England; d. Abt. May 1988, Aylesbury Vale, Buckinghamshire, England402; m. PHYLLIS E GRUNDY, Abt. June 1931, Brentford, Middlesex, England403.



36.  LANCELOT OSMUND4 FREWER (LOUISA3 GOODALL, EDWARD2, SAMUEL1)404 was born Abt. September 1870 in Clifton, Bristol, Gloucestershire, England405, and died 18 November 1941 in Hazard, Sullington Warren, Storrington, England406.  He married VALENTINE AUDREY PICKERSGILL CUNLIFFE Abt. September 1915 in Thakeham, Sussex, England407, daughter of CHARLES CUNLIFFE and EVELYN MASTER.  She was born 22 January 1887 in Lullington, Thakeham, Sussex England408, and died Abt. 15 October 1980 in Worthing, West Sussex, England409.




                   i.    JOHN CUNLIFFE LANCELOT5 FREWER, b. 26 March 1916, Ashington Rectory, Pulborough, England410; d. 20 February 1925, Caer Gwent Nursing Home, Wykeham Road, Worthing, West Sussex, England411.


67.             ii.    AUDREY FREWER, b. 23 August 1917, Ashington Rectory, Pulborough, Sussex, Isle of Wight, England; d. Abt. March 2001, Worthing, West Sussex, England.


                 iii.    CHARLES HENRY FREWER, b. 23 May 1919, Ashington Rectory, Pulborough, England412; d. 30 September 2002, Worthing, West Sussex, England413.


68.            iv.    MARY SYLVIA FREWER, b. March 1921, Thakeham, Sussex, Isle of Wight, England.



Generation No. 4


37.  EDWINA ROSEMARY5 GOODALL (THOMAS EDWARD4, EDWARD ANGELO3, EDWARD2, SAMUEL1) was born 13 November 1921 in Queen Charlottes Hospital, St Marylebone, Greater London, England414, and died Abt. December 1996 in Ealing, London, England415.  She married JAMES GRAY416 Abt. March 1960 in Ealing, London , England417





38.  JESSIE BEATRICE5 BARNARD (FRANCES ANNE4 GOODALL, EDWARD ANGELO3, EDWARD2, SAMUEL1) was born 28 January 1897 in Bheoowel, India418,419, and died 1985.  She married ALEXANDER CHARLES HOOTON420 30 June 1919 in St Thomas', Bombay, Maharashtra, India.  He was born 1883, and died July 1959.




                   i.    DAVID CEDRIC6 HOOTON, b. 1922, Cheltenham District, Gloucestershire, England421; d. Abt. 27 December 1999.


69.             ii.    THOMAS ALEXANDER HOOTON, b. 1922, Cheltenham District, Gloucestershire, England.



39.  THOMAS HENSLOW5 BARNARD (FRANCES ANNE4 GOODALL, EDWARD ANGELO3, EDWARD2, SAMUEL1)422 was born 25 August 1898 in Bartlow, Leckhampton, Cheltenham,Gloucestershire, England423,424, and died 12 September 1992 in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England425.  He married AGNES MARY RUTH ANDERSON 09 February 1929 in Thanet District, Kent, England426,427, daughter of JOHN ANDERSON and MINNIE STORR.  She was born 08 April 1902 in San Remo, Italy428, and died 19 November 1999 in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England429.




                   i.    ROBERT THOMAS6 BARNARD, b. 29 November 1929, Thanet, Kent, England430; d. 29 March 1954, Semporna, North Borneo431.


70.             ii.    ANN MARY BARNARD, b.  Kent, England.



40.  EDWARD5 GOODALL (SIDNEY FREDERICK4, EDWARD ANGELO3, EDWARD2, SAMUEL1)432 was born 02 September 1909 in "Claremont", 17a Chamberlain Street, Wells, Somerset, England433, and died 12 September 1982 in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada434.  He married CAROLINE VICTORIA PUCKLE 30 October 1937 in Victoria, B.C., Canada, daughter of HENRY PUCKLE and ISABELLE STEWART.  She was born 12 September 1904 in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada, and died 04 August 1989 in Salmon Arm, British Columbia, Canada435.



                   i.    EDWARD RICHARD6 GOODALL, b. Canada.



41.  GEOFFREY WHITEHALL5 COOKE (LOUISA4 GOODALL, EDWARD ANGELO3, EDWARD2, SAMUEL1) was born 04 September 1901 in 138 Elm Park Mansions, Chelsea, England436, and died February 1995 in Worthing, West Sussex, England437.  He married ANNE HEATHORN HUXLEY July 1935 in St Michael's, Cumnor, Oxford, England438, daughter of HENRY HUXLEY and SOPHY STOBART.  She was born Abt. 05 April 1905 in Paddington, Middlesex, England439, and died Abt. December 1989 in Worthing, West Sussex, England440.




71.              i.    MARTIN HUXLEY6 COOKE, b. London, England.


                  ii.    FRANCES HENRIETTA COOKE, b. Abt. June 1939, Kensington, London, England441; d. Abt. November 1963, Gloucester District442; m. GABRIEL HUTTON, 1963, St Nicholas Church, Compton near Guildford, England443.


                 iii.    NICHOLAS HUXLEY COOKE444, b. Surrey S W, England445.



42.  ALFRED WILLIAM5 GOODALL (FREDERICK CHARLES4, ALFRED WILLIAM3, EDWARD2, SAMUEL1)446 was born 01 May 1893 in Sydney, NSW.447, and died 16 November 1935 in home, Newtown, NSW.  He married AMY JONES 15 December 1917 in St. Joseph's Church, Newtown, NSW, daughter of MARTIN JONES and ELIZABETH MATTHEWS.  She was born 26 January 1890 in 11 Garfield Street, Five Dock, NSW, and died 06 July 1956 in RPA Hospital Camperdown NSW.


Children of ALFRED GOODALL and AMY JONES are:


72.              i.    ELIZABETH MARY6 GOODALL, b. 25 September 1919, Sydney, NSW; d. 04 January 2004, Umina, NSW.


73.             ii.    RONALD ALFRED GOODALL, b. 10 November 1923, home, 2 Roberts Rd, Newtown, NSW; d. 18 July 2000, home, 3/98 Arcadia St, Penshurst, NSW..



43.  AMY ELIZABETH5 GOODALL (FREDERICK CHARLES4, ALFRED WILLIAM3, EDWARD2, SAMUEL1) was born 06 September 1898 in Sydney, NSW., and died 22 April 1950 in Redfern, NSW..  She married ALFRED EDWARD MCARTHUR 09 February 1922 in Sydney, NSW448, son of EDWARD MCARTHUR and MARGARET MACKAY.  He was born 1897 in Cootamundra, NSW, and died 1966 in Newtown, NSW.




74.              i.    JEAN MARGARET MARY6 MCARTHUR, b. 28 February 1922, Sydney, NSW.; d. 21 January 2009, Bankstown Hospital, Sydney, NSW, Australia.



44.  MAISIE HANNAH5 GOODALL (FREDERICK CHARLES4, ALFRED WILLIAM3, EDWARD2, SAMUEL1) was born 1904 in Sydney, NSW.449, and died Abt. June 1992 in Sydney, NSW.  She married EDWARD JOHN ABBOTT 1926 in Newtown, NSW.450, son of WILLIAM ABBOTT and ELIZABETH LEE.  He was born 26 March 1902 in Balmain, NSW.451, and died 08 August 1981 in their home, 8 Ferris St., Ermington, NSW. Buried C of E, Rookwood..




75.              i.    EDWARD ROY6 ABBOTT, b. 1927 Sydney, NSW.


                  ii.    FREDRICK WILLIAM ABBOTT452, b. 16 October 1928, Sydney, NSW; d. 1996, Cherrybrook, Sydney, NSW; m. JOAN MAVIS HENTHORN, 1956, St Andrew's Cathedral, Sydney453; b. 1936, Essex, England454.



45.  VERA IRENE5 GOODALL (FREDERICK CHARLES4, ALFRED WILLIAM3, EDWARD2, SAMUEL1) was born Abt. 1908 in Sydney, NSW.455, and died 11 May 1986 in Chatswood, NSW.  She married JOHN HAROLD "JACK" LAWLER 1928 in Ryde, NSW.456, son of JAMES LAWLER and EMILY KENNISON.  He was born 1904 in Forbes District, NSW457, and died 1964 in Marrickville, NSW458.


Children of VERA GOODALL and JOHN LAWLER are:


                   i.    VERONICA MARGARET6 LAWLER, b. November 1929; d. 29 November 1929, Drummoyne district, Sydney NSW.


                  ii.    JOHN LAWLER, b. 25 November 1930; d. 25 November 2006, Late of Narrabeen, Sydney, NSW; m. ALISON MARIE HADLEY, 1957, Sydney, NSW459; b. 1938; d. 30 December 2008, Late of Narrabeen, Sydney, NSW.


                 iii.    DESOLIE FRANCES LAWLER, b. 1932.


                 iv.    THOMAS ALFRED LAWLER, b. 04 May 1936; d. 08 June 2007, Calarae Nursing Home Orange NSW.


                  v.    MARGARET JUNE LAWLER, b. 1941.



46.  EGBERT HELTON5 TUCKETT (HELEN LOUISA4 GOODALL, ALFRED WILLIAM3, EDWARD2, SAMUEL1)460 was born 20 December 1891 in Galveston, Texas, USA, and died 06 February 1966 in Galveston, Texas, USA461.  He married (1) LYDIA LOUISE HAASE Abt. 1912.  She was born Abt. 1895 in Texas, USA, and died Deceased.  He married (2) HENRIETTA ANNIE WALLSTEIN462 Aft. 1922.  She was born 1892 in Galveston, Texas, USA, and died 1970 in Galveston, Texas, USA.




                   i.    HELTON CHARLES6 TUCKETT, b. 4 November 1913, USA; d. 31 October 1987, Galveston, Texas, USA463.


76.             ii.    LYDIA EMILY TUCKETT, b. 13 August 1916, Galveston, Texas, USA; d. 11 February 1982, Galveston, Texas, USA.


                 iii.    ANNIE TUCKETT464, b. 1918  USA.



47.  ESTELLE M5 TUCKETT (HELEN LOUISA4 GOODALL, ALFRED WILLIAM3, EDWARD2, SAMUEL1)465 was born 12 May 1893 in Texas, USA, and died January 1977 in Harris County, Galveston, Texas, USA466.  She married JOHN ROWLAND.  He was born Abt. 21 October 1888 in Georgia, USA, and died Abt. May 1973 in Galveston, Texas, USA467.




                   i.    ELBERT6 ROWLAND, b. Abt. 1913, Texas, USA.


                  ii.    IRIS ROWLAND, b. 04 September 1917, Texas, USA; d. 20 September 1990,

                         San Bernardino, California, USA468.



48.  EVELINE MILNE5 GOODALL (WILLIAM NAPIER4, ALFRED WILLIAM3, EDWARD2, SAMUEL1)469 was born Abt. May 1892 in Perth, Western Australia470, and died 18 April 1957 in 44 Darley Street, Mona Vale NSW471.  She married ADRIEN FELUMB472,473 1917 in St Leonard's, Sydney, NSW.  He was born 18 March 1890 in Copenhagen, Denmark, and died 1956 in Chatswood, NSW474.



77.              i.    ELNA MILNE6 FELUMB, b. 1917, Sydney, NSW.


                  ii.    JACK FELUMB475, b. 12 September 1918, Sydney, NSW; d. 04 May 1945, Ambon Island, Indonesia476.


78.            iii.    MARGARET MILNE FELUMB, b. Abt. 1922, Sydney, NSW; d. 21 May 2004, Late of Collaroy, Dee Why & Warriewood, NSW, Australia.



49.  THOMAS ALLAN TREVELYAN5 SAVORY (FLORENCE4 GOODALL, FREDERICK3, EDWARD2, SAMUEL1)477 was born Abt. March 1888 in West Hampstead, London, England478.  He married LILIAN ELIZA MOORE 17 October 1914 in St Simon, Paddington, London, England479, daughter of HENRY MOORE and ELLEN LEAVER.  She was born 02 March 1884 in West Cottages, West End, Hampstead, England480.




                   i.    JOYCE L6 SAVORY, b. 1916, Willesden, Middlesex, England481; m. RONALD F WESTAWAY, Abt. 1940, Willesden, Middlesex, England482.



50.  ALLAN5 SIME (ELIZA4 GOODALL, HENRY3, EDWARD2, SAMUEL1) was born 1888 in Jamaica, and died 31 March 1960 in San Jose Costa Rica.  He married CARMEN MAYORGA in Port Limon Costa Rica.  She was born 1916 in Nicaragua, and died 1995 in San Jose Costa Rica.


Children of ALLAN SIME and CARMEN MAYORGA are:


79.              i.    ALLAN F6 SIME, b. Port Limon Costa Rica.


                  ii.    MAGGIE SIME, b. 1940, Port Limon Costa Rica; d. 1941, Port Limon Costa Rica.


80.            iii.    EDDIE SIME, b. Port Limon Costa Rica.


                 iv.    COURTNEY SIME, b. San Jose Costa Rica.



51.  EDITH HILDA5 WILD (HENRY EDGAR4, ELIZA3 GOODALL, EDWARD2, SAMUEL1) was born 12 September 1884 in Lyndhurst, Harlesden Road, Willesden, London, England483, and died Unknown.  She married FRANCIS MATTHEW O'BRIEN484 Abt. December 1910 in Edmonton, Middlesex, England485.  He was born Abt. 1881 in U.S.A..


Four children to EDITH WILD and FRANCIS O'BRIEN



52.  STELLA BEATRICE5 WILD (HENRY EDGAR4, ELIZA3 GOODALL, EDWARD2, SAMUEL1) was born Bef. 22 January 1893 in Willesden, London, England490, and died Unknown.  She married GEOFFREY B NEALE Abt. September 1918 in Hampstead, London, England491.  He was born Abt. September 1893 in West Ham, England492.




53.  ERIC JAMES5 HARRISON (EVELYN MAUD4 WILD, ELIZA3 GOODALL, EDWARD2, SAMUEL1) was born 26 August 1897 in Braintree, Essex, England494, and died 22 September 1978 in Isle of Wight, Hampshire, England.  He married (1) BEATRICE ELIZABETH HERRING Abt. September 1922 in Uxbridge District, Middlesex, England495.  She was born Abt. March 1906 in Aston, Warwickshire, England496, and died Abt. 18 June 1927.  He married (2) GLADYS BROWN 18 January 1932 in Bromley, Kent, England497.  She was born Abt. 04 July 1902, and died 11 September 1994 in Yeovil, Somerset, England498.





Five children to ERIC HARRISON and GLADYS BROWN including :


                 iii.    JAMES HARRISON, b. 1934, Brentford, Middlesex, England; d. December 1934.


                  v.    NICOLAS HARRISON, b. 1943, Staines, England502; d. Abt. February 1943, London C, England.



54.  LIONEL WILLIAM5 HARRISON (EVELYN MAUD4 WILD, ELIZA3 GOODALL, EDWARD2, SAMUEL1) was born 14 July 1899 in Braintree, Essex, England503, and died Abt. October 1995 in Isle of Wight, Hampshire, England504.  He married MIRIAM HELEN GEPP 11 June 1929 in Braintree, Essex, England505.  She was born 05 February 1906 in Braintree, Essex, England506, and died Abt. November 1996 in Isle of Wight, Hampshire, England507.





55.  REGINALD HERBERT5 HARRISON (EVELYN MAUD4 WILD, ELIZA3 GOODALL, EDWARD2, SAMUEL1) was born 26 August 1902 in Billericay, Essex, England508, and died 06 August 1966.  He married CONSTANCE HAWKES 10 October 1936 in St John's Church, Aldenham, England.  She was born Abt. 1911, and died 08 December 2008.





56.  SYBIL MARY5 HARRISON (EVELYN MAUD4 WILD, ELIZA3 GOODALL, EDWARD2, SAMUEL1) was born 06 August 1906 in Mountnessing, Essex, England509, and died Abt. October 1990 in New Forest, Hampshire, England.  She married HERBERT GORDON DECIMUS COLES510 28 June 1930 in Blandford, Dorset, England511, son of SYDNEY COLES and JENNY CLAY.  He was born 10 October 1898 in Eastborne, Sussex, England, and died Abt. December 1973 in New Forest, Hampshire, England512.


Four children to SYBIL HARRISON and HERBERT COLES including:


                 iii.    ROSEMARY COLES, b. Abt. May 1939, Watford, Hertfordshire, England; d. Abt. 15 June 1939.


57.  BRENDA5 CHAMBERLIN (AMY GERTRUDE4 ROWNEY, EMILY3 GOODALL, EDWARD2, SAMUEL1) was born Abt. September 1885 in Bowdon, Cheshire, England513, and died Unknown.  She married FRANK FURNISS514 20 June 1914 in All Souls Church, Hampstead, London, England515, son of HARRY FURNISS and MARIAN RODGERS.  He was born 16 October 1878, and died Unknown.





58.  NOEL MONTAGUE5 ROWNEY (ARTHUR4, EMILY3 GOODALL, EDWARD2, SAMUEL1)519,520 was born 27 March 1884 in 22 Regents Park Terrace, Gloucester Road, London England521, and died 1963 in Cambridge, England522.  He married VERONICA ADELA MCCOY 28 April 1909 in Church of Our Lady, St John's Wood523.  She was born Abt. March 1888 in Edmonton District, England524.




                   i.    SHEILA CONSTANCE MARY6 ROWNEY525, b. 1910, Hampstead, London, England526; d. 2000, North Walsham, Norfolk, England527.


                  ii.    BARBARA JOAN ROWNEY, b. 1911, Hampstead, London, England.528; d. 1990, Norwich, Norfolk, England529; m. EDWARD PETER HANSELL, 1936, St Andrew Church, Ferring, Sussex, England; b. 1907, Norfolk, England; d. 1985, North Walsham, Norfolk, England.


                 iii.    NOEL A ROWNEY530, b. 1913, Barnet, London, England531; m. JACQUELINE B C JENNINGS, 1940, Wiltshire, England532; b. 1922, Durham, England533.


                 iv.    NANCY P ROWNEY, b. 1917, Barnet, London, England534; d. 1924, Chertsey, Surrey, England535.


                  v.    GEORGE R ROWNEY, b. 1919, Chertsey, Surrey, England536; m. EVA J PAYNE,  1941, Watford, Hertfordshire, England537.



59.  IRENE MAUD5 ROWNEY (ARTHUR4, EMILY3 GOODALL, EDWARD2, SAMUEL1)538,539 was born 09 February 1887 in 22 Regents Park Terrace, Gloucester Road, London England540.  She married ADRIAN CHARLES GORDON 03 February 1912 in Saint Saviour Church, Hampstead London England541,542, son of CHARLES GORDON and FLORENCE CUNNINGHAM.  He was born Abt. September 1889 in Edmonton District England543.




                   i.    DOREEN FLORENCE6 GORDON544, b. 1912, Oakdene, Grove Avenue, Church End, Finchley, London; d. 1983, Westminster, London, England.


                  ii.    THELMA CONSTANCE GORDON, b. 1912, Oakdene, Grove Avenue, Church End, Finchley, London; d. 1998, Watford, Hertfordshire, England545.


93.            iii.    DENIS A GORDON, b. 1915, Barnet District, London, England.



60.  GWENDOLEN MARY5 ROWNEY (WALTER GEORGE4, EMILY3 GOODALL, EDWARD2, SAMUEL1) was born Abt. 13 February 1907 in Hampstead, London, England.546, and died December 1995 in Surrey, England.  She married ROBERT WILLIAM JOSHUA "ROY" WALLACE547 12 December 1941 in Johannesburg548,549.  He was born 19 April 1892, and died March 1988 in Havering, Essex, England.





61.  MARGARET EDITH5 ROWNEY (WALTER GEORGE4, EMILY3 GOODALL, EDWARD2, SAMUEL1)550 was born 12 September 1908 in Hampstead, London, England., and died Abt. October 1998 in Chiltern & South Bucks, Buckinghamshire551.  She married BASIL HENRY HAUXWELL552 09 October 1937 in Hampstead Parish Church, London, England553, son of HENRY S HAUXWELL.  He was born 26 January 1904, and died 1973 in St Pancras, London, England554.





62.  THOMAS HUGH5 ROWNEY (WALTER GEORGE4, EMILY3 GOODALL, EDWARD2, SAMUEL1)556,557,558,559 was born 03 March 1910 in 2 Oak Hill Park, Frognall NW, England560, and died August 2003 in North Surrey, England561.  He married KATHLEEN ESME WRENICK 28 September 1935 in St Mary's Church, Oatlands Weybridge, Surrey, England562, daughter of BERNARD WRENICK and URSULA TEMPLEMAN.  She was born Abt. 23 March 1912, and died December 1988 in Surrey North West, England.





63.  NORMAN FRANCIS5 HARLEY (LILIAN4 ROWNEY, EMILY3 GOODALL, EDWARD2, SAMUEL1) was born Abt. June 1893 in Hampstead, London, England.563, and died 25 July 1962 in Harrow, Middlesex, England564.  He married GLADYS LANE CHEESE 12 July 1921 in Uxbridge District, Middlesex, England565, daughter of JOHN WILLIAM CHEESE.  She was born Abt. September 1899 in Marylebone, London, England566.





64.  ERIC LOCKWOOD5 DONALDSON (ETHEL LAURA4 FREWER, LOUISA3 GOODALL, EDWARD2, SAMUEL1) was born Abt. December 1891 in Newton Abbot, Devon, England568, and died 20 December 1927 in Pendock, Tonjong, Perak, Federated Malay States569.  He married BEATRICE MARY STUART MITCHELL Abt. June 1923 in Newton Abbot, Devon, England570.  She was born Abt. March 1891 in Kingsbridge, Devon, England571, and died Unknown.





65.  ARTHUR LESLIE5 DONALDSON (ETHEL LAURA4 FREWER, LOUISA3 GOODALL, EDWARD2, SAMUEL1)572 was born 10 May 1893 in Newton Abbot, Devon, England573, and died Abt. 1967.  He married PHYLISS MARY TURNER Abt. December 1926 in Bedford, England574.  She was born Abt. 1903, and died Abt. 1964.



                   i.    ROSALIND J6 DONALDSON, b. Abt. June 1917, Newcastle



66.  MARJORIE5 DONALDSON (ETHEL LAURA4 FREWER, LOUISA3 GOODALL, EDWARD2, SAMUEL1) was born Abt. June 1899 in Newton Abbot, Devon, England577, and died Abt. February 1995 in Merton, Surrey, England578.  She married ROBERT KENRICK CORNISH BOWDEN579,580 Abt. 12 January 1924 in Newton Abbot, Devon, England581, son of WILLIAM BOWDEN and ELIZABETH BROWNING.  He was born 10 July 1879 in Wolborough, Newton Abbot, Devon, England582, and died Abt. 24 October 1928 in Horeham Road, Sussex, England.



67.  AUDREY5 FREWER (LANCELOT OSMUND4, LOUISA3 GOODALL, EDWARD2, SAMUEL1) was born 23 August 1917 in Ashington Rectory, Pulborough, Sussex, Isle of Wight, England585, and died Abt. March 2001 in Worthing, West Sussex, England586.  She married WILLIAM VALENTINE LYON LEE 1939 in Chanctonbury, Sussex, England587


Seven children to AUDREY FREWER and WILLIAM LEE


68.  MARY SYLVIA5 FREWER (LANCELOT OSMUND4, LOUISA3 GOODALL, EDWARD2, SAMUEL1) was born 1921 in Thakeham, Sussex, Isle of Wight, England593.  She married RAYMOND WINDOM GRAHAM WARRINGTON594,595 Abt. March 1946 in Chanctonbury, Sussex, England596.  He was born 12 March 1919 in Knaresbro, Yorkshire, England, and died Abt. December 1998 in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.



Generation No. 5


69.  THOMAS ALEXANDER6 HOOTON (JESSIE BEATRICE5 BARNARD, FRANCES ANNE4 GOODALL, EDWARD ANGELO3, EDWARD2, SAMUEL1) was born 02 March 1922 in Cheltenham District, Gloucestershire, England598.  He married DRUSILLA JOAN EDGELL 15 March 1958 in St. Mary's Church, Vancouver, daughter of JOHN EDGELL and DRUSILLA RICARDO.  She was born 23 May 1933, and died 19 June 2004.  Three children to THOMAS and DRUSILLA 



70.  ANN MARY6 BARNARD (THOMAS HENSLOW5, FRANCES ANNE4 GOODALL, EDWARD ANGELO3, EDWARD2, SAMUEL1) was born in Thanet, Kent, England599.  She married PETER NOTT ARKELL in Cheltenham, England600

Two children to ANN BARNARD and PETER ARKELL






72.  ELIZABETH MARY6 GOODALL (ALFRED WILLIAM5, FREDERICK CHARLES4, ALFRED WILLIAM3, EDWARD2, SAMUEL1) was born 25 September 1919 in Sydney, NSW, and died 04 January 2004 in Umina, NSW.  She married RONALD GORDON SLARKE 28 October 1939 in Newtown, NSW606, son of SYDNEY SLARKE and HARRIET GORDON.  He was born 07 July 1915 in Sydney, died 26 April 1999 in Umina, NSW. 

Three children to ELIZABETH GOODALL and RONALD SLARKE are:


                   i.    NEIL GORDON7 SLARKE, b. Sydney, New South Wales, Australia


                  ii.    DENIS RONALD SLARKE, b. 20 November 1945; d. 12 March 1964.


                 iii.    KERRY JOHN SLARKE, b. Sydney, New South Wales, Australia



73.  RONALD ALFRED6 GOODALL (ALFRED WILLIAM5, FREDERICK CHARLES4, ALFRED WILLIAM3, EDWARD2, SAMUEL1) was born 10 November 1923 at home, 2 Roberts Rd, Newtown, NSW, and died 18 July 2000 at home, 3/98 Arcadia St, Penshurst, NSW..  He married MARJORIE OLIVE MOONEY 1946 in St Mel's Church, Campsie, NSW607, daughter of THOMAS MOONEY and EMILY TOLLFREE.  She was born 1922 in Campsie, NSW.


Two children to RONALD GOODALL and MARJORIE MOONEY including :


                   i.    LORRAINE MARGARET7 GOODALL, b. Sydney, NSW; m. JOHN THEODOROS  b. Zakynthos, Greece.



74.  JEAN MARGARET MARY6 MCARTHUR (AMY ELIZABETH5 GOODALL, FREDERICK CHARLES4, ALFRED WILLIAM3, EDWARD2, SAMUEL1) was born 28 February 1922 in Sydney, NSW, and died 21 January 2009 in Bankstown Hospital, Sydney, NSW, Australia.  She married ERIC HOWARD KAUFFMAN 26 October 1946 in St John's Church, Darlinghurst, NSW, son of ROYAL KAUFFMAN and CHRISTINA KING.  He was born 1921 in Geelong, Victoria, Australia.




                   i.    GRAHAM JOHN7 KAUFFMAN, b. Sydney NSW; m. ELIZABETH OLIVE


                  ii.    BARRY PAUL KAUFFMAN, b. Sydney NSW; m. JOHANNA RYAN


                 iii.    JANICE ELIZABETH KAUFFMAN, b. Sydney NSW; m. ALAN MARSHALL


                 iv.    RHONDA MARGARET KAUFFMAN, b. 07 December 1954 - 04 January 1955,

                          Sydney NSW.


                  v.    WENDY JEAN KAUFFMAN, b. Sydney NSW; m. LESLIE DUNNE







76.  LYDIA EMILY6 TUCKETT (EGBERT HELTON5, HELEN LOUISA4 GOODALL, ALFRED WILLIAM3, EDWARD2, SAMUEL1)610 was born 13 August 1916 in Galveston, Texas, USA, and died 11 February 1982 in Galveston, Texas, USA.  She married HENRY JOHN BIERMAN611 20 March 1932 in Galveston, Texas, USA612, son of JOHN BIERMAN and HENRIETTA WALLSTEIN.  He was born 12 June 1910 in Galveston, Texas, USA, and died 27 January 1997 in Galveston, Texas, USA.  Buried in the U.S. Veterans Gravesite, Grace Memorial Park, Hitchcock, Texas.




77.  ELNA MILNE6 FELUMB (EVELINE MILNE5 GOODALL, WILLIAM NAPIER4, ALFRED WILLIAM3, EDWARD2, SAMUEL1) was born 1917 in Sydney, NSW.  She married (1) WILLIAM ELEY 1937 in North Sydney, NSW, Australia.  He was born 26 January 1916 in Hamilton, Canada613, and died Abt. 1986 in NSW, Australia.  She married (2) BERNARD SKILBECK in NSW.  He was born 06 August 1910 in Brunswick, Victoria, and died 22 June 2003 in Sir William Hudson Memorial Centre, Cooma, NSW, Australia614.


Children of ELNA FELUMB and WILLIAM ELEY are:


                   i.    JOHN WILLIAM7 ELEY m. CARMEL REYNOLDS.




                 iii.    ELNA SUSAN ELEY  m. (1) DAVID NELSON DIBLEY, 1974; m. (2) PAUL CHARLES SWIRE



78.  MARGARET MILNE6 FELUMB (EVELINE MILNE5 GOODALL, WILLIAM NAPIER4, ALFRED WILLIAM3, EDWARD2, SAMUEL1) was born Abt. 1922 in Sydney, NSW, and died 21 May 2004, late of Collaroy, Dee Why & Warriewood, NSW, Australia615.  She married JOHN DENISON BAKER 1942 in Mosman, NSW, Australia.  He was born 14 October 1917 in Goulburn, NSW, and died 25 November 2002, late of Collaroy, Dee Why & Warriewood, NSW, Australia616.




79.  ALLAN F6 SIME (ALLAN5, ELIZA4 GOODALL, HENRY3, EDWARD2, SAMUEL1) was born in Port Limon Costa Rica.  He married CARMEN INGIANNA. 




80.  EDDIE6 SIME (ALLAN5, ELIZA4 GOODALL, HENRY3, EDWARD2, SAMUEL1) was born in Port Limon Costa Rica.  He married JEANNETTE BARRANTES in San Jose.  She was born in San Jose Costa Rica.






1.  Family Historians Richard Goodall, Neil Slarke and the Journal of Evelyn Harrison (nee Wild).  Little is known of Edward Goodall's family other than his mother apparently died when he was young and he was reared by a Quaker uncle.  Changes in family relationships were apparently recorded in the minutes of the monthly district Quaker meetings so the death of his mother and Edward going to live with his uncle should be noted.  We know he was born "near Leeds", possibly on the outskirts of Leeds, maybe only a couple of miles from the heart of Leeds.   


In Evelyn's "The Story of My Life 1865 - 1952" she writes "my mother's Aunt Goodall married one of the Holland family of Cheshire and her daughter was my favourite cousin and companion.  She married the Headmaster of Guildford Grammar School, and on his death, a son of Admiral Lower.  She was known to us as Cousin Mary."  "Aunt Goodall" was Edward's sister Ann.  With the benefit of the information in Evelyn's journal I found the Pallot's Marriage record for Ann Goodall to John Holland in 1823 in St James, Clerkenwell.  Also the 1841 England census has widowed  Ann and Mary M Holland together. Mary Montague married twice, firstly to Frederick James Fairhead and after his death Edward Ward Lower. Her uncle, Edward Goodall,  gave her away when she married as her father had died prior to 1841.


Ann was born in Leeds according to census records and on the baptismal record for Ann Goodall, daughter of Samuel, on 4 November 1792 at Beeston which is an area in the south of Leeds,  West Yorkshire.Edward may also have had two brothers Richard  & James.  There is a baptismal record for a Richard Goodall, parents "Samwell" & "Elizth" Goodall, born 15 January 1790, baptised 7 February 1790 at Garforth, Yorkshire.  No similar record has been found for James Goodall, with father Samuel or Samwell.


2.  UK Census. In 1841 Edward and Eliza are at home with 7 of their 10 children at Mornington Grove, St Pancras, with a servant Caroline Moore 21.  Missing are Alfred William and Henry.  In 1851 widower and Line Engraver  Edward Goodall is living in Grove Cottage, Albert Street, Regents Park with his children Edward Angelo 31,Eliza 23, Emily 22, Helen 16, Louisa 18, Walter 20 and a servant Caroline Riches 22.  Next door is Charles Lucy, an historical artist.  In 1861 Edward is living at Grove Cottage Pancras with his daughter 'Hellen' and one servant, Caroline Bulbrook 33.  Edward's age is given as 55 (his true age should be 66) and he is recorded as an engraver.


3.  Richard Goodall & Familysearch.  Edward was born 17 September 1794.  Familysearch records show a christening record for 21 September 1794. The record gives Edward's father as Samuel Goodall and the mother's name is not given. There are several possible marriages for Samuel Goodall for follow up.  Separate records have 5 potential children to Samuel, all records transcribed from the christening records of St Peter's, Leeds.

4.  Death record for Edward Goodall in the June Quarter 1870, Pancras District (volume 1b page 66).  On ancestry the burial record for 16 April 1870


5.  Goodall Artists Website of Richard Goodall.  Eliza Ann Le Petit's grandfather brought the art of colour printing from France. He and his family were Huguenots who fled France as refugees at the time of the French Revolution.


6.  New York Times Archives.  There was an obituary in the 17th March 1907 edition for "Mrs. Marian Le Petit Goodall” which had considerable family information for follow up and resulted in my finding a descendant in the USA. 


7.  Le Petit Family Historians.  I have had contact from a few people with Le Petit ancestry , two of whom have William Alexander Le Petit (born 1804) who was also an engraver.  The name Le Petit and Petit seems to have a strong connection with engraving and printing.


8.  Pallot's marriage Index. The marriage record for Edward "Goodell" and Eliza "LePetit" shows the church or district as St Clement Danes. The scanned original


9.  Christening record for Eliza Ann Le Petit, the daughter of Joseph & Sarah Le Petit, for 13 August 1794 at St Dunstan-in-the-West, London, England. On ancestry the Baptismal record which has the date of birth and the residence of Great shire Lane.  There is also a marriage record on familysearch for Edward & Eliza Ann but the birth and marriage records are not linked, being transcriptions of individual records.


10.  GRO Death Certificate.  Eliza Ann (nee Le Petit) died of "Abdominal Dropsy of 12 months" duration. (Sept qtr, Hampstead District, volume 3 page 229)   Edward was with her at the time of her death and the informant for the death certificate.  Their address was Grove Cottage, Albert Street, Camden Town.


11.  Record of birth for Edwin Goodall, son of Edward & Eliza Ann, for 20 December 1825 and christening on 12 January 1826 at Old Church, St Pancras, London, England.  See the following note re ancestry records.


12.  Two baptismal records for Darcy Goodall with parents Edward and Eliza Anne. On ancestry the two records are scanned copies of the church registers.  One is clearly written as Darcy Goodall and the other appears to be originally Edwin but Darcy written over it.  The dates and other details are the same.  The address is Lower Pratt Place, Camden Town.  On the basis of the handwritten baptismal records it seems the correct name should be Darcy. The familysearch transcription record must be based on the overwritten record.


13.  The Parish burial record for Darcy Goodall (transcribed as Darey) on the 4th January with his death recorded at 1 year and 9 days young.


14.  Journal of Evelyn Harrison (nee Wild). In the introduction to her mother Eliza's  family Evelyn states that Ellen (Helen it should be) did not marry.


15.  Baptismal record for Helen Goodall on 1 February 1835 in the Parish of Saint Pancras


16. Possible death record for Helen Goodall, age 74, for the March quarter of 1909, Croydon District (volume 2a  page 259)  Helen does not appear to be on the 1911 census, even with considerable flexibility in spelling of her names.  To be verified.


17.  Birth and christening record for Edward Angelo for 8 June 1819 and 2 July 1819 at Old church, St Pancras, London respectively


18. Death record for Edward Angelo Goodall, age 88, for the June quarter of 1908, Pancras District (volume 1b page 3)


19.  England & Wales National Probate Calendar on ancestry.  Probate for Edward Angelo Goodall, the estate to his widow, Frances Smith Goodall, to the value of 25,654 pounds 3 shillings 9 pence


20.  Marriage record for Edward Angelo Goodall for June quarter 1858, Marylebone district (volume 1a page 838)   ALSO  The marriage notice was in the London Times on Saturday 29 May 1958 "On the 26th inst. at St Trinity Church, Marylebone, by the Rev. Thomas Garnier B.C.L. rector, Edward Angelo, eldest son of Edward Goodall Esq of Albert Street, Regents Park, to Frances Smith, youngest daughter of Andrew Chittenden Esq, of Ulster Place Regents Park"


21.  The source of the scanned Baptismal records for the children of Edward Angelo & Frances Smith Goodall


22.  Chittenden Family Website.  Family have completed a One Name Study.  Found the website by a google search for 'Frances Smith Chittenden' . Date of birth and hour of birth (11am) given and christening date of 28 May 1834 in All Soul's Church, St Marylebone, Middlesex.  (On the ancestry record it has All Souls Church in Langham Place)  Frances was the youngest of 6 children according to the website information.  No further information known.  On  Familysearch Frances' date of birth is given as 13 December 1833 and her christening as 28 May 1834 at All Souls, St Marylebone, London, England.


23. Likely death record for Frances S Goodall for September quarter 1928, 94 years, Pancras District (volume 1b page 17) confirmed by the Probate record on which is the source of the actual date of death.  Probate was granted to John Richard Yates, solicitor, and Mary Ethel Goodall, spinster. The value of Effects was 17,912 pounds 12s 6d and of Resworn 18,044 pounds 9s 8d


24.  Birth record for Edith Chittenden Goodall for the March quarter 1863, Pancras District (volume 1b page 6)


25. Death record for Edith Chittenden Goodall for the September quarter 1865, Pancras District (volume 1b page 6)


26.  Birth record for Jessie Chittenden Goodall for the March quarter 1863, Pancras District (volume 1b page 6)


27.  Findmypast BMD Records. Death record for Jessie C Stanyon age 81 years in the December quarter 1944, Cheltenham (volume 6a page 439).  ALSO in London Times Archives notification of the will of Dame Jessie Chittenden Stanyon on 18 May 1945.


28.  Findmypast Migration Records. H J Stanyon travelled from London to Bombay India in 1906.  No record of Jessie travelling with him at this time


29.  The source of the information for Henry John Stanyon's parents' names and that he was the eldest of 12 children. His father's occupation was recorded as Advocate


30.  Families in British India Society (FIBIS).  Marriage record for Henry Stanyon and Jessie C Goodall in 1898 in the Bombay Index of Ecclesiastical Returns (volume 80 folio 382 LDS Film No. 523881)


31.  London Times Archives.  Obituary for Sir Henry John Stanyon, husband of Jessie Chittenden Goodall, son in law of Edward Angelo & Frances Goodall. The obituary gives Henry's date and place of birth in India. The obituary reads


" ... the death at Mussourie at the age of 76, Sir Henry John Stanyon, C.I.E., V.D, who for more than half a century played a prominent part in the public life of India as advocate, Judge, Territorial Officer, and legislator." 

There is mention of Henry's parents, wife and father in law but no other personal detail is given. The 2 obituaries were published in the London Times on 19th and 23rd April 1934.


32. Birth record for Mary Ethel Goodall for March quarter of 1868, Pancras District (volume 1b page 23)


33.  Findmypast BMD Records.  Death record for Mary E Goodall June quarter 1943, Lothingland (volume 4a page 1139).  Actual date of death from family historian Richard Goodall


34. Birth record for Stanley Goodall for the September quarter 1872, Pancras District (volume 1b page 29)  Actual date of birth from Richard Goodall


35.  Death record for Stanley Goodall age 17 years in the December quarter 1889, Pancras District (volume 1b page 4)


36.  Family Historian Richard Goodall.  Alice did not marry and "she lived to a great age in a house that was stone cold summer and winter.......when she died, Stewart (Goodall her nephew) had the job of restoring her father's (Edward Angelo's) paintings which had suffered from the damp. Stewart did a wonderful job on them..."


37.  Likely birth record for Alice Goodall registered in the June quarter of 1874 in Pancras district where her siblings were born (volume 1b page 2)


38.  Findmypast BMD Records.  Death record for Alice Goodall age 92 for the March quarter 1967, Cheltenham (volume 7b page 309).  In the London Times on Saturday 1 April 1967 Alice is in the 'Latest Wills' with an estate of 102,987 pounds and duty to be paid of 50,982 pounds


39.  England Census.  In 1841 there is no obvious record for either Alfred Goodall or Mary Ann Palmer allowing for significant variations in their names and a 10 year birth range.  In 1851 Alfred William & Mary Ann Goodall are living in Regent's Park with 3 children Alfred R 4, Mary A 2 and Emily C 10 months.  In 1861 Alfred (an Accountant) and Mary's family includes Alfred R 14, Mary A E 12, Emily C 11, Fanny E 8,  John E 9, Frederick 6 Amy Palmer 4, Helen P 18 months plus a servant. They are living at 7 Queens Road Villas, St Pancras.   In 1871 they have another son William N 8 years. Their occupations are recorded as : Alfred - Managing Clerk to Wholesale Stationers, Mary A (E) - Teacher of Singing,  Fanny E - Art Student, John E -  Architect's Assistant.  They are living at 16 Malden Crescent, St Pancras.  In 1881 Alfred, Mary Ann & Fanny are living at 7 Findon Road, London.  In 1891 Alfred, Manager to Artist Colorman, Mary Ann their daughter Fanny Edith 37, and their grandson Claude G Sarl 7 (son of Emily Campbell who died in 1888) living with them at 2 Boscombe Road, Hammersmith.  In 1901 Alfred ,  Mary Ann and daughter Fanny Edith are still in Hammersmith. The 1911 transcription had 'Goodale' (now corrected) although the original record showed Goodall.  Mary Ann 79, Fanny Edith 59 and a boarder Annie Mitchell are living at 6a Station Parade, Kew, Surry. 

Fanny Edith signed the census record on her mother's behalf.


40.  Searching for birth/baptismal records for another child I omitted the Christian names and entered the parents names Alfred William and Mary Ann Goodall.   Surprisingly there were two additional children who were born after the 1861 census and passed away before the 1871 census.


41.  Birth and christening records for Alfred William Goodall, son of Edward and Ann, on 20 March 1821 and 11 April 1821 at Old Church, St Pancras  London, respectively.


42.   Death record for Alfred William Goodall 85 years for March quarter 1906, Fulham District (volume 1a page 136).  The actual date of death from the England & Wales, National Probate Calendar 1861-1941 on  The probate record shows his residence as 2 Boscombe Road, Shepherd's Bush and probate was granted to (his son in law) Berry Francis Berry, wine merchant's clerk. Effects 1907 pounds 18 shillings and 6 pence


43.   Marriage record for Alfred William Goodall in the September quarter of 1847, Marylebone district, Volume 1 Page 260. Mary Ann Palmer's name is not on the page. A marriage record for a Mary Anne Palmer is given for the same quarter but on page 240. Both records have uneven numbers of men and women.


44.  In the transcription of the parish records, Mary Ann Palmer was born on 31 August 1822 and the christening held at Old Church, St Pancras, London on 21 October 1822.  The parents were James and Elizabeth Palmer. There is no maiden name recorded for Elizabeth. There are 8 births recorded for James & Elizabeth.  This record is confirmed with the online  Church christening register on ancestry which shows James Palmer is an engraver.  One of Mary Ann's and Alfred's daughters was given Mary Ann's maiden name of Palmer as a second Christian name which was not uncommon. Their daughter Emily has Campbell and daughter Lilian has Davis as their second Christian names,  likely to reflect the maiden name of Mary Ann's mother and/or grandmother.


45.  After finding Mary Ann Goodall on the 1911 census in Kew, Surry I searched for and found her death registration in Surry as Mary A Goodall, September quarter 1911 (Volume page ).  The 1911 census confirms she had 11 children, 7 of whom were still alive

in 1911.


46.  There was no birth record for Alfred Richard Goodall however there was a record for Alfred Richard Palmer in the June quarter 1847, St Pancras district (volume 1 page 323).    The GRO birth certificate confirmed Alfred Richard Palmer was the son of Mary Ann Palmer, no father's name was given. Alfred William and Mary Ann married in August of 1847


47. Death record for Alfred Richard Goodall for the December quarter 1865, Pancras District (volume 1b, page 130) in the sub - district of Kentish Town, County of Middlesex. The GRO certificate gives the actual date of death and the cause (phithsis of 4 months duration)


48.  A record of a sea voyage for Fanny Edith Goodall, age 60, departing London on the P & O ship "Geelong" on 27 March 1913. The ship was bound for Australia via Cape Town. Fanny's occupation was given as housekeeper. It was a 54 day voyage with 700 on board.


49.  Findmypast BMD Records.  Birth registration for Fanny Edith in the June quarter 1852, St Pancras district (volume 1b page 3).  Actual date of birth from family historian Neil Slarke.  The baptismal record on ancestry shows the date of christening as 2 May 1852 and their usual place of abode was Harrington Place


50.  Findmypast BMD Records. The date of death for Fanny Edith is from Neil Slarke's research. The death registration was in the March quarter 1938, Hendon (volume 3a page 600).  Probate was granted on 27 October 1938 to Amy Palmer Berry of 154a Alexandra Road, St John's Wood NW8.  The sum of the Estate was 16 pounds 8 shillings 6 pence


51.  UK Census. I google searched  “John Edward Goodall” and found references to an artist of that name on 2 art websites. There were no dates of birth & death for John Edward  but they indicated his work covered the period of 1877 - 1911 (Artnet) and 1877 - 1891 (askart)  I checked the census and found records for 1881 and 1901.  In 1881 he is single, age 27, occupation 'Artist Painting' and living at 26 Howland St St Pancras.  In 1891 Grace W Goodall, married,  is living at the Sommerville Club at 231 Oxford Street where she is recorded as Manager.  (In 1881 Grace, 29, was recorded as a 'companion' and she was visiting her married sister Maria Armstrong and her family.)   John is not on the 1891 census.    In 1901 John E, born Islington, London, occupation 'Fine Artist in Oils and Water' is living in Deptford, London.  John is not living with his wife Grace but with another recorded as his wife,  Annie, 38 years of age, born Westminster, London, a "Fancy Draper's Traveller".  In 1911 John is recorded as J Edward Goodall and Annie as A E Guest (widow) and both are recorded as artists. They are living at 7 The Studios, 116 Brecknock Road, Islington, London.  Grace is not on the 1901 or 1911 census at this time.



52.  National Portrait Gallery.  Thank you to the NPG for the following information. John Edward Goodall exhibited fifteen works of art at the Suffolk Street Gallery 1876 - 89 and seven at the annual exhibitions at the Royal Academy of Arts.  The addresses he gave for the Royal Academy exhibitions, all of which are in London, were  12 Batholomew Villas,  Kentish Town (1887),  26 Howland Street (1880 - 81),  53 Charlotte Street (1889 - 90) and Langham Chambers (1901)"


53.  Birth record for John Edward Goodall for the December Quarter 1853,  Islington (volume 1b page 213)  GRO birth record obtained.  On a record of baptism on 25 December 1853

54.  Genesreunited member Melanie.  John Edward Goodall's wife Grace Weston (nee Empleton) is on Genesreunited but the tree holder knows little of them other than 'he died about 1920'. There are no obvious death records for John Edward.  When Grace died in 1924 she was recorded as the widow of John Edward although he had remarried but her will notification in the Times had her as the wife of John Edward although her actual estate went to a long term boarder at her apartments, James Charles Kellaway.


55.  England & Wales, National Probate Index.  Record of probate for John Edward Goodall granted on 1 October 1929 to his widow Annie Elizabeth Goodall, the value 282 pound 3s 7d.  Their place of residence was 6 North Road, Berkamstead


56.  Family Historian Elna Skilbeck, granddaughter of William Napier Goodall.  Amongst the various photos and memorabilia handed down to Elna was a  newspaper clipping dated 13 December 1894 entitled "Vestrywomen.  The Women Candidates"  The article reports on women running for the equivalent of local council elections and  part of the article relating specifically to Grace is missing.  However it reads


"one of the most notable women candidates is ......Goodall who runs in No. 8 .....   Mrs. Goodall has worked very hard during the present election for the Progressive interests, and should be returned at the top of the poll.  Mrs. Goodall is the wife of Mr. J E Goodall, the clever water-color artist, a nephew of Fred Goodall, R.A." 

There is nothing to indicate which newspaper it was in but it does not appear to be from the London Times from that which is available online. I have yet to find a report on the election to know if Grace was elected.


57.  GRO Certificate. The marriage certificate verifies that John Edward Goodall (Artist) married Grace Weston Empleton.  The witnesses to the marriage were William Armstrong (Grace's brother in law, husband of her sister Maria) and Heloise A B Jones.  At the time of the marriage John Edward & Grace were both living at 50 Langham St, Marylebone. This is probably the Langham Chambers where he was living at the time of the 1901census.  Langham Chamber was a well known artists' society headquarters


58.  Birth record for Grace Weston Empleton for the March quarter 1853, St George Hanover Square District (volume 1a page 201). has the birth recorded for Pimlico, Middlesex


59.  London Times Archives.  Grace Weston Goodall features in a few editions of the London Times relating to an enquiry into her death at age 73, the coroner's findings and the registration of her will.  The findings were that Grace, widow of the artist John Edward Goodall, had been 'murdered by person or persons unknown'.  Grace ran an Apartment House in Harrington Square, Hampstead, for 25 years or longer. The inquest record shows that James Charles Kellaway, a lodger at Mrs Goodall's apartments for 25 years, was the 'sole surviving heir to her estate'.  In 1911 James Charles Kellaway, age 48,  born Williamstown, Victoria, Australia, is head of the house at 8 Harrington Square, St Pancras.  This is Grace's boarding house. James was initially recorded as a boarder but this was crossed out and 'head' recorded above, living in a one room accommodation. The form is signed by Grace Goodall.  James apparently boarded with Grace from about 1899. and as Grace's husband was living with another woman one wonders if Kellaway was more than a boarder !  He was her sole heir !  We will never know !  His occupation is given as pianoforte tuner.  He is not on earlier census but may have come to England about 1899 when he first began boarding with Grace.


60.  Death record for Grace W Goodall for the March quarter 1925, Pancras District (volume 1b page 10)


61.  England & Wales National Probate Calendar on ancestry. Probate record for Grace Weston Goodall " of Harrington Square, Hampstead Road, N W (wife of John Edward Goodall) died 25 December 1924 at the Temperance Hospital, Hampstead Road. Administration (with Will) London 11 March to James Charles Kellaway pianoforte tuner.  Effects 635 pounds 15 shillings 11 pence"


62.  A second marriage for artist John Edward Goodall to Annie Guest on 5th November 1921 in church by Vicar 'Guy' H King.  John was 68 and Annie 59 and they had been living together for some time.  In 1901 John & Annie were recorded as husband and wife on the census. At the time of their marriage their address was given as 22 Beechdale Road, Upper Tulse Hill.   Their fathers Alfred William Goodall (Accountant) and Edward Dowie (Clerk) were both deceased.  On the parish record of the marriage on ancestry,  John Edward was recorded as a widower although his first wife did not die until December 1924. Annie was also a widow. There is a possible earlier marriage to George Cadman (1881). The only Guest marriage found to date is for Annie Cadman to John H Guest in 1919 in Lancashire, however her maiden name was Dowie


63.  Birth registration for Annie Elizabeth Dowie in the September quarter, 1862, Lambeth District (volume 1d page 269)


64.  England & Wales National Probate Calendar on ancestry.  Probate record for Annie Elizabeth Goodall of 72 Leigh Hall Road, Leigh On Sea.  Probate granted on 22 April 1939 to her brother Arthur Herbert Dowie, retired postman, to the value of 43 pounds 7s 4d


65.  Baptismal record for Walter Henry Herbert Goodall, father Alfred William (accountant) and mother Mary "Anne",  on 25 November 1863 at Holy Trinity, Haverstock Hill, Camden Borough, Middlesex County.  Their residence at the time was 5 Victoria Crescent, St Pancras.


66. Death registration for Walter Henry Herbert Goodall in the March quarter 1864, Pancras District (volume 1b page 168 )


67.  Baptismal record for "Lelian" Davis Goodall on 18 March 1866 at Holy Trinity, Haverstock Hill.   The residence at the time of her birth was 16 Malden Crescent, St Pancras.  Based on the 1861 census address and the address on her brother Walter's baptismal record the family moved to this address sometime between December 1863 and March 1865.   The birth registration on freebmd is in June quarter 1865, Pancras District (volume  1b page 158)


68.  Death registration for Lilian Davis Goodall, age 2, in the September quarter 1867, Pancras District (volume  page  )


69.  "Reminiscences" by Frederick Goodall R.A., "Frederick Goodall R.A." by Neil Slarke & The Goodall Artists website of Richard Goodall.  Three valuable sources of information on Frederick Goodall, his career, his artworks, his friends and colleagues.


70. Birth and christening records for Frederick Goodall, son of Edward and Eliza Ann Goodall, on 17 September 1822 and 11 October 1822 at Old Church, St Pancras, London respectively


71.  The New York Times 30 July 1904. The article reads  

"Frederick Goodall, R.A. Dead, Was Nearly Eighty Two Years Old - An Academician Since 1883." 

“London July 29 - Frederick Goodall, R.A., the artist is dead.

Although Mr. Goodall was almost eighty two years old, he was not the oldest member of the Royal Academy, Mr Frith being his senior in age and membership.  He was born in London on 17 September 1822 and was a son of Edward Goodall, the celebrated engraver.  Frederick Goodall showed his ability as an artist at a very early age, and when he was only fifteen won the "Isis" and the silver medal of the Society of the Arts.  When seventeen years old he exhibited his first picture at the Royal Academy, and in 1853 he was elected and Associate of that body, becoming an Academician ten years later.  Mr Goodall's industry as an artist was very great.  Hardly a year passed in which he did not exhibit three or more large pictures, and this activity was continued until a few years ago. He is best known for his oriental pictures although he also executed a large number of portraits.... "


72.  Death record for Frederick Goodall age 82 years for the September quarter of 1904, Hampstead District, volume 1a, page 383.   And on the National Probate Index for England & Wales showing probate was granted to his daughter, Alice Frederica Goodall, in the value of 120 pounds in Effects


73.  Oxford Dictionary of National Biography.  The biography for Frederick Goodall indicates that Anne Thomson was herself an artist. To quote from the biography  "On 24 October 1846 Goodall married the artist Anne Thomson (c.1823 - 1869), daughter of the engraver James Thomson, ..."   In her father's biography her name is given as Ann


74.  The 1841 census shows Anne Thomson and her family living in Albany Street, St Pancras, Marylebone Borough.  The record shows Anne was born in the district but her parents were not.


75.  Death record for Anne Goodall (nee Thomson), 46 years,  for the September quarter of 1869, Pancras District (volume 1b  page 116)   And on, the London, England, Deaths & Burials 1813 - 1980, the burial record for Anne on 16 August 1869 in "the London Cemetery's Company's North London or Kentish Town and Highgate Cemetery of Saint James, in Swains Lane, in the Parish of St Pancras, in the County of Middlesex, next Highgate, in the Year 1869"


76.  Census.  In 1851 Alice Mary Tarry is living at 10 Camden Street North with parents Thomas & Mary and brother Henry.  In 1861 they are living at 1 Victoria Road South.   In 1871 Alice Mary Tarry (21 yrs) was living with her parents Thomas William Golbourn Tarry (53 yrs) & Mary Amelia G (50 yrs), brother Harry Brown (25 yrs) & sister Mabel Bessie (4 yrs). With the exception of her mother who was born in Kent the family were all born in Middlesex. Her parents married in the September quarter of 1844 in Kensington District of London. Her father died in December quarter 1877 age 60 yrs (Hendon 3a 64) & her mother in December quarter 1892 age 73 yrs (Marylebone 1a 382).  Her grandfather's name was Thomas (b. ~ 1790) - on the 1861 census record it gives Bloomsbury as his place of birth, a "proprietor of houses" as his occupation and 2 unmarried daughters, Eliza (47) & Harriett (30) were living with him. In 1901 Alice M (50) and Frederick Goodall (Artist Royal Academician) (78) are living at 62 Avenue Road, Hampstead with Alice F (25) "Thomas W" 19 and 9 servants and domestics.  In 1911 Alice Mary is living with her daughter Alice Frederica and son Frederick William in 104 Biddulph Mansions, Maida Vale, Paddington, London W. Frederick William's occupation is given as "black and white artist painter".


77.  Findmypast Census Records.  In 1891 Frederick "Goodhall" is living at 62 Avenue Road, Hampstead, with wife Alice 38, children Alice 15 & Frederick W 9, an aunt Harriet Tarry and seven servants.


78.   Marriage record for Alice Tarry in the March quarter 1872 Pancras District (volume 1b page 8)


79. London, England, Births and Baptisms.  Alice Mary Tarry was christened on 9 January 1850 at Camden Town All Saints.  Her date of birth is given as September 1849, with 1848 being on an earlier record.


80.  Death record for Alice M Goodall, age 64, for the September quarter 1913, Hendon District (volume 3a page 280)


81.  Birth record for Frederick "*arylan" Goodall for the September quarter of 1847, St Pancras District (volume 1 page 301).   On ancestry the baptismal record for 27 September 1848 at St Pancras Parish Church, Camden Borough, Middlesex County


82.  Neil Slarke's book "Frederick Goodall, R.A."  Frederick Trevelyan was accidentally shot while pistol shooting at the Island of Capri by his younger brother Howard.   Also - On - the National Probate Calendar record has the date of death as 11 April 1871


The newspaper article quoted here is from Richard Goodall's Goodall Artists website

 "He was educated at University College School from 1859 to 1864 and was a student of the Royal Academy beginning in 1865. While there he was awarded two medals - the silver in 1866 and the gold in 1867 and exhibited each year from 1868 to 1871.  In 1869 he won the gold medal from the Academy for "The Return of Ulysses".  In 1869 Trev was commissioned to paint the portraits of the Arthur Sparrow family and the one of their daughter Ruth was exhibited in that year.  On the 12th April 1871, Trev died accidentally from a gunshot wound while on Capri. Before he died he expressed the wish that his painting "The Return of Ulyssess" go to Edith Sparrow.  Edith in turn bequeathed it to her nephew, Alan Hanbury-Sparrow who in turn donated it to the gallery of New South Wales in Sydney." 


The following article is from the London Times, April 20, 1871 :

"It is with great sorrow that I report the death of Mr Trevelyan Goodall, on Tuesday night, in the island of Capri, under the most painful circumstances. After having passed some weeks in careful study at Pompeii, the deceased and his brother Howard, sons of Mr Goodall, the Royal Academician, went to Capri, which from its beauty offers great attractions to the artist.  They were awaiting the arrival of their father, who was in Cairo, and who is now expected in Naples on the 19th or 20th instant. A few days since the two brothers, who were affectionately attached, joined a party of friends in a visit to one of the most romantic spots of the island. Both the young men were fond of pistol shooting and, after slight refreshment, Howard took out his pistol to show it to the party who were seated on the rocks, when, from some misunderstanding as to its state, it went off and the ball passed through the body of the brother, Mr Trevelyan Goodall. The details of the harrowing scene which followed I omit; it is only necessary to say that the poor fellow, followed by his friends, was taken to his hotel, where the utmost kindness and sympathy were lavished upon him by his sorrowing countrymen, and the best surgical attendance that Naples could provide was sent for, but all in vain.  On Tuesday morning some hope was entertained of his recovery, but, inflammation setting in, he died late on Tuesday night. The deceased was only 23 years of age, the surviving brother only 21, both of them young men of great promise. This sad event has wakened great sympathy among the English now in Naples, and has filled with sorrow those of their countrymen who were around the deceased, among whom were two clergymen, who were unremitting in their kind attention.  Trevelyan died at the beginning of what could have been a highly successful career as an artist and was considered one of the rising young men of the day.  He is buried in the old Protestant Cemetery, Naples. "


83.  Findmypast BMD Records. Birth record for Howard Goodall for the December quarter 1849, St Pancras District (volume 1 page 300)   On ancestry the baptismal record for 19 July 1850 at St Pancras Parish Church, Camden, Middlesex


84.  Oxford Dictionary of National Biography.  The source of the actual date of death for Howard Goodall.  The cause of death is not known.  The Probate record also on ancestry, his Effects less than 200 pounds


85.  Findmypast BMD Records. Birth record for Leonard Goodall in the March quarter 1855, St Pancras District (volume 1b page 140)  Also on ancestry the baptism record for 8 June 1856


86.  Findmypast BMD Records.  Death record for Leonard Goodall in the June quarter 1856, Pancras District (volume 6b page "97")


87. Birth record for Alice 'Frederic' Goodall for the March quarter of 1876 in Hendon district (volume 3a page 131)


88.  London Times Archives. Death notice for "Alice Frederica Goodall on October 17, 1953 at Elm Park Mansions ..... daughter of the late F Goodall R.A. of Grimsdyke, Harrow Weald.  Services at Putney Vale Crematorium on Friday next October 23 at 2pm"


89. Possible marriage record for Frederick W Goodall to May Bury in the December quarter 1916, Hammersmith District (volume 1a page 592).  There is also a birth record for Frederick W Goodall for the September quarter 1917 Marylebone District (volume 1a page 671) and a death record for Frederick Walter Goodall (born 3 September 1917)  registered July 1995, Hendon District. For follow up


90. Birth record for Frederick William Goodall for the December quarter, 1881, Hendon District, Middlesex (volume 3a page 140)


91.  Findmypast BMD Records.  Probable death record for Frederick W Goodall for the March quarter 1955, Surrey Mid E District (volume 5g page 433)


92.  Goodall Artists Website of Richard Goodall.  Henry ran away to Jamaica. He married and had a son and a daughter who were sent to England to finish their education. He may have also had other children to other relationships which his great grandson, Eddie Sime, also believes.


93.  Birth record for Henry Goodall for 29 May 1824 and a christening record for 20 February 1825 at Old Church, St Pancras, London, England (Batch No C047932, 1825 - 1826, Source 0597808)


94.  1911 Census. In 1911  Eliza is living with her son Bertram and daughter Nora at Wychwood Vine Court Road, Sevenoaks in Kent.  Eliza's age is recorded as 3 years old although she is also recorded as the  ‘widowed mother’ !  This is obviously a transcription error and should be 83 years of age.  Bertram's occupation is given as 'Director of a Company Manufacturing Artists colours and C...'


95.  Birth record for Eliza Goodall and christening on 10 June 1827 (Batch C047932, 1825 -1826, Source 0597808).  Christening record on showing residential address as Mornington Grove


96. Death record for Eliza Wild (nee Goodall), 89 years, for the December quarter of 1916, Sevenoaks, (volume 2a page 1073)   And on ancestry the Probate record showing it was granted on 23 December to Ralph Frederick Harrison, managing director,  Effects 4845 pounds 10s 6d


97.  England Census.  In 1861 Henry & Eliza wild are living at 2 Harts Hill, Hampstead with three children, Henry E (3), Ada C (3) & Bertram W (1).  Henry's occupation is given as Manufacturer of Artists Colours, a company employing 36 men. In 1871 they are living at 2 Elm Villas, Hampstead, with their seven children and a nurse, cook and parlourmaid. Henry's is recorded as now employing 39 men and 8 boys.  In 1881 all the family are living at 47 Belsize Gardens, Hampstead and sons Harry and Bertram are involved in their father's company. They now have four servants including a "Ladys Help".  In 1891 Eliza is a widow living with her two youngest daughters at The Cottage, Charmouth Street, Charmouth.  In 1901 Bertram and Nora are living at home with Eliza at Wychwood, Vine Road, Sevenoaks, Kent.  Bertram's occupation is given as Director of colour Manufacturing Company.


98.  Marriage record for Eliza Goodall and Henry Bowles Wild for the September quarter of 1854, St Pancras District (volume 1b page 18) shows the church as Old Church, St Pancras.


99.  There are two birth records for Henry Bowles Wild.  An IGI British Isles record for his birth on 8 February 1825 and christening 7 April 1825 at Old Church, St Pancras, London.  A Pedigree Resource File has the date of birth as 7 April 1825 at St Martins in the Field, London.  On ancestry the baptismal record  showing the date of birth as 8 February and their usual abode being Southampton Place, Camden, St Pancras


100. Death record for Henry Bowles Wild for the September quarter of 1882, Hampstead (volume 1a page 382)


101.  England & Wales National Probate Calendar on ancestry.  The probate record for Henry Bowles Wild with a personal estate of 17,157 pounds 3s 5d"10 August   The Will with a Codicil of Henry Bowles Wild late of 47 Belsize-Park-gardens, Hampstead in the County of Middlesex, Gentleman who died 19 July 1882 at 47 Belsize-Park-gardens was proved at the Principal Registry by Eliza Wild of 47 Belsize-Park-gardens Widow the Relict (during Widowhood) Edward Angelo Goodall of 57 Fitzroy-road Regent's Park in the said county Esquire and Henry Edgar Wild and Bertram William Wild both of 113 Cheapside in the City of London Gentlemen the Sons the Executors


102.  Record of Baptism for Horace Goodall Wild on 5 December 1856 at St Pancras Parish Church, Camden


103.  Birth record for Bertram Wild for the September quarter 1859 Hampstead District (volume 1a page 477)  Christening on 25th August 1859 at Saint Saviour, Hampstead


104.  Death record for Bertram W Wild, age 53, for the September quarter of 1912 at Sevenoaks (volume 2a page 739)   And on ancestry in the National Probate Calendar the date of death and the residence of Wychwood, Vine Court Road, Sevenoaks


105.  Christening record for Leonard Charles Wild on 31st July 1861 at Saint Saviour, Hampstead


106.  London Times Archives. Death notice for Leonard Charles Wild age 7 months


107.  Birth record for Harold Wild December quarter 1862 Hampstead District (volume 1a page 501)  On the christening on 10 December 1862 at St Saviour Hampstead


108.  Death record for Harold Wild for December quarter 1896 Hendon District (volume 3a page 122).  In the Times online the death notice for 15 September at home but on ancestry the National Probate Calendar has the date of death as 26 August.  The Probate record reads "of Gladesmore Willesden Lane, Brondesbury, Middlesex and of 12 Fenchurch Street London, chartered accountant, died 26 August 1896 at Gladesmore.  Administration London 31 October to Gilbert Louis Wild, solicitor.   Effects 1073 pounds 10s 1d"


109.  Birth record for Nora Wild for March quarter 1869 Hampstead District (volume 1a page 622)   On the christening record on 10 March 1859 at Saint Saviour parish Church, Hampstead.  Her father's occupation is recorded as "merchant gentleman"


110.  London Times Archives. Death notice for Nora Wild in the 9th April 1942 edition


111.  Birth & christening records for Emily Goodall for 21 December 1828 and 22 February 1829 at Old church, St Pancras, London, England


112.  Death record for Emily Rowney (nee Goodall), 76 years, for the September quarter 1905, Hampstead District (volume 1a  page 361)    On ancestry the National Probate Calendar gives the date of death, the usual residence as Noel House, Gainsborough Gardens, Hampstead.  Probate granted to her daughter Amy Gertrude Chamberlin


113.  Neil Slarke's book "Frederick Goodall, R.A."   Frederick Rowney of Rowney & Co., dealers in artist's materials, a business still operating when the book was written in 1981.  Frederick Goodall and his son Herbert were testers of colours for Rowney & Co.  Frederick Rowney appears also to have been an artist.  The National Portrait Gallery Research information on Artists' Suppliers has considerable information on the Rowney Family, some of which confirms information obtained from other sources such as the Census, Freebmd etc.


114.  England Census.  In 1841 "Frederic" Rowney is living with his parents George (also a Colourman) and Esther and brothers George 25 and Thomas 20.  In 1851, a widow, he is living with his parents and 4 year old son Frederick.  In 1871 Frederick and Emily Rowney are living at Oakley Square, Pancras with their family.  The occupations for Frederick and his son Frederick are recorded as 'Artists' Colorman'.  Frederick and Emily are not on the 1881 census but three of their children, Arthur, Walter and Lilian, are living in their home at 16 Cumberland Terrace, St Pancras.  Arthur and Walter are recorded as 'Manufacturing Artist colorman'.  In 1891 Walter and Lilian are at home with their parents Frederick and Emily.  They are at the same address as for 1881. The household included four servants. The occupations for Frederick and son Walter are recorded as 'Artists' colorman and Pencil Manufacturer'.  Emily and Frederick are not on the 1901 census.   [On the National Portrait Gallery  Frederick William Rowney is also recorded as an artist)


115.  Marriage record for Emily Goodall & Frederick William Rowney for September quarter 1856, Pancras District (volume 1b page 130)


116. Death record for Frederick William Rowney, age 81, for the September quarter of 1902, Hampstead District (volume 1a page 369)


117.  Family Historians Neil Slarke ("Frederick Goodall R.A.") and Richard Goodall (Goodall Artists Website)    Walter was married with three children. Walter is on the 1861 census as an artist & painter (oil and watercolour) age 31.  The transcribed record says he was married but the original indicates unmarried.  He is recorded as the head of the house and is living on his own in 13 Howland Street. In the house next door is Charles E Emerson 21 artist & painter ("deaf & dumb from birth") and a few doors down another artist & painter Cefane Liberate 35 years born Rome Italy.


118.  Neil Slarke's book "Frederick Goodall, R.A." 1981.

"In 1865 Walter took a studio at 6 Wells Street, Oxford Street which he retained for twelve years. In about 1875 he was struck by a paralytic seizure which made him a confirmed invalid thereafter.  He exhibited for the last time in 1884 and in 1887 his name was placed on the Honorary Retired list at the O.W.C.S.   At some point he had retired with his family to the village of Clapham, about a mile outside of Bedford".  Census and the marriage certificate indicate the move to Clapham occurred some time after early 1881.


119.  Google Search. "During the 1880's and early 1890's a number of leading manufacturers were using fine art as a source for their advertising campaigns.  Biscuit manufacturers often decorated their smaller gift tins with images after such painters as Landseer, Walter Goodall and Gainsborough. ..."


120. Christening record for Walter Goodall for 2 January 1831 at the Old church St Pancras


121.  GRO Death Certificate.  Walter Goodall's death certificate has as the cause of death "Hemiplegia Relapse 12 days".  The witness to his death on 14th May 1889 and the informant for the death certificate (15th May) was his daughter Lilla Goodall.  The GRO index and the certificate has his age as 60 which was incorrect. However on the certificate has a notation by the Registrar that the correct age was 58 years. "Corrected on the 17th May 1889 by me 'Jas T Waterell' on production of a Statutory Declaration signed by Elizabeth Goodall and 'Jamar Harris' " Names of the Registrar and second signatory to the declaration are almost completely illegible.  The death registration record was from Freebmd (June quarter, 1889, Bedford District (volume 3b page 185)


122.  England Census.  In 1841 Elizabeth Juffs (6) is living at home with her parents Daniel and Mary and siblings Sarah (15), John (13) and James (12) in     In 1851   Elizabeth is living away from home.  In 1861 Elizabeth Jeffs (born about 1835, Houghton Conquest, Bedfordshire, occupation lacemaker) and her 3 daughters, Emily (3  b. Islington) and twins Ada and Lilla (18 months b. Southwark) were visitors to the house of her parents Daniel  & Mary "Jeffs".  The birth registrations for the daughters are all in the surname Juffs with Walter Juffs, artist, recorded as the father and the Elizabeth Juffs, formerly Smith, as the mother.  In 1871 the census record has Walter "Juffs" living with Elizabeth and their daughters at 153 Liverpool Road, Islington, Finsbury.  They have one servant and 2 boarders (Joseph C Read, an artist 29, and John Chambers, a clerk, born Bedfordshire).   Walter married Elizabeth in 1878.  There is no evidence of an earlier marriage for Elizabeth.  In 1881 Walter and family are recorded as surname "Jupp"  living at 1 Arthur Street, Islington, same address as on their marriage record.  Walter's occupation is given as "Figure Painter (Artist)".  In 1891 widow Elizabeth (56) and Lilla (30) are living at 6 Battison Street, St Paul, Bedford.  In 1901 they are living at 75 Shaftesbury Road, Hammersmith.  In 1911 Elizabeth, age 78, is living on her own at 51 Cambridge Road, Fulham.  The census record shows that only 2 of her 3 children were still living in 1911.


123.  GRO Marriage Certificate. Walter & Elizabeth were "married in the Register Office by Certificate before" the Registrar.  Elizabeth is recorded as a 44 year old spinster and Walter a 47 year old bachelor. They were living at 1 Arthur Road, Islington.  Elizabeth's father is recorded as Daniel Juffs, farmer. The witnesses to the marriage were Esther Whittle and Hannah Goodwin


124.  Record of birth and baptism, on 14 June 1835, for Elizabeth Juffs, daughter of Daniel Juffs and Mary Hostler.


125.  Likely death record for Elizabeth Goodall (nee Juffs), age 85, for the September quarter 1920 at Edmonton (spans the boundaries of Essex, Hertfordshire and Middlesex) (volume 3a page 447)  Elizabeth was on the 1911 census living on her own at that time. Her daughter Ada and her family lived in Edmonton.  On ancestry there is a  Probate record for Elizabeth Goodall, of 3 Granville Avenue, Edmonton, who died 21 July 1920 with probate granted on 28 August to Dudley Alexander Butler Frere, solicitors clerk, the sum of 359 pounds 15 shillings 9 pence - to be verified it is Elizabeth widow of Walter Goodall


126.  GRO Birth Certificate.  Emily Juffs is recorded as the daughter of Walter Juffs, artist,  and Elizabeth Juffs, "formerly Smith". Emily was born at home. Walter is Walter Goodall but he and Elizabeth did not marry until 1878.  Elizabeth's maiden name was Juffs so the "formerly Smith" may be an error or an attempt to legitimise their daughter.  There is nothing to date to show there was a marriage to Smith.


127.  Research.  Emily Juffs/Goodall was alive when the 1881 census was taken but apparently deceased before the 1911 census.  Emily was not with her mother and sister in 1891 so may have married or may have died in that time frame.  There are many possible marriages and deaths. Comparison with 1891 and 1901 census data may find Emily's trail if she did marry and is on census.


128.  Nanaimo Family History Society.  A google search for "Lilla Goodall" had her name on a  ship's passenger list transcribed by the Nanaimo FHS.  Lilla Goodall, age 50, arrived aboard the "Tunisian" at Quebec Ports on 30 September 1910 (Page 021 - 066  Reel T - 4772).  On the 1911 Canadian census Lilla, single, a lodger (aged 45), is living in Winnepeg, Manitoba, Canada.


129.  Nanaimo Family History Society.  Edward Henry Pope, age 38, arrived in Montreal, Quebec via Le Havre, France, on board the"Pomerian" on 10 November 1907 (Page 004 - 004 Reel T - 493). There is also a possible death record for Edward, age 46,  on 3 December 1914 (Reg. No. 142138) on Manitoba Archives - to be verified


130.  Canadian Marriage Certificate.  Marriage certificate for Lilla Goodall and Edward Henry Pope obtained by Richard Goodall.  Married by Licence, No. 622344.  Edward's occupation is recorded as Barrister and his parents names given as Edward Henry Pope and Mary Kelly as recorded also on Familysearch.  The witnesses were G.A. and M.J. Stubbs (Reg. 1912, 006252)


131. The source for Edward Pope's date and place of birth.  Also record of birth 1869 on


132.  Manitoba Death Index.  Possible death registration for Edward Pope on 3 December 1914 age 46 (1914 Reg. no. 142138) - for verification


133.  Baptismal record for Louisa Goodall for 6 January 1833 at Saint Pancras Parish Church in the Borough of Camden and confirms 31 October as the date of birth. Place of abode given as Mornington Grove Cottage and Edward's occupation  is recorded as artist


134.  Findmypast BMD & Census Records  There were a few possible death records for  Louisa Frewer but after finding her on the 1911 census as "Frower", living with her son at the Rectory, Ashington, a search for deaths post 1911 on freebmd showed one likely record in the March quarter 1920, age 87, her correct age, at Reading, Berkshire where her daughter Agnes Pauline Cooper had been living in 1914 when her husband died.


135.  England & Wales National Probate Calendar on ancestry.  Probate record for Louisa Frewer the source of her date of death, her  usual residence being 68 London Road, Reading with probate granted to her son the Reverend Lancelot Osmund Frewer clerk   Effects 651 pounds 4 shillings 7 pence


136.  Findmypast Census Records.  In 1871 Henry & Louisa Frewer and their 4 children are living in Clifton Wood, Clifton, Bristol, Gloucestershire.  In 1881 Henry, Louisa and their three daughters were still living at 3 Clifton Wood, Clifton. Their son is not at home. Henry's occupation is given as 'M.A. Clergyman Without Care of Souls, Asst. Master of Bristol Grammar School.  In 1891 Henry & Louisa Frewer are living at 7 Gordon Road, Clifton, Bristol, Gloucestershire with son Lancelot. Henry's occupation is recorded as "Clerk in Holy Orders, Teacher of Classics"


137. website.  The source of some information on younger generations of the Frewer family, including Donaldson, Bowden, Lee and Pendered families. All information to be verified as there are a number of errors starting with the death of Louisa in 1930.


138. Marriage record for Louisa Goodall for the March quarter, Pancras District (volume 1b page 24).  Also a marriage announcement in the London Times on Saturday 14 January 1860 "On the 12th inst., at St Pancras New Church by the Rev. George Frewer of Eton College, Henry Frewer M.A. of Jesus College, Oxford, to Louisa, third daughter of Edward Goodall Esq. of Grove Cottage, Albert Street, Regent's Park."    Record of marriage also on


139.  Baptismal record for Henry Frewer, son of Henry & Elizabeth, on 22 May 1831 at St Mary, Haggerston Parish, Hackney.  Henry's father's occupation was given as baker. Their place of residence was 3 Clifton Wood Road, Clifton, Bristol (same address in 1881)


140.  England & Wales National Probate Calendar on ancestry.  Probate record for the Reverend Henry Frewer of 4 Tottenham Place, Clifton, Bristol, clerk, at St Saviour's Church, Coalpit Heath, Gloucestershire.  Probate was granted on 24 May to the Reverend Lancelot Osmond Frewer, clerk, and Agnes Pauline Cooper (wife of Paul Newcomen Cooper)


141.  Research.  No death record found for Agnes Cooper on findmypast or freebmd. There is a possible marriage for Agnes P Cooper in the September quarter 1921 to Harry Carver, in Reading, Berkshire.  Also a death for Agnes P Carver, age 78, in the June quarter 1948 (volume 7c page 231) in Weston where there is also a death for Harry Carver, age 81, in the September quarter 1944. But whether this is Agnes Pauline (nee Frewer) is yet to be proved or disproved.


142.  Birth record for Agnes Pauline Frewer for the June quarter 1869, Clifton District (volume 6a page 73).  On familysearch the date of christening is given as 2 July 1869


143.  Findmypast Census Records.  In 1891 Henry Edward & Agnes Pauline Robyns are living at Elm Villa, Courtney Road, Wolborough, Newton Abbot, Devonshire. Henry's occupation is recorded as "Retired Army 10th Hussors".  Over the period of 1872 to 1929 Henry Edward Robyns is involved with mining leases in Cornwall with 2 others with the surname Robyns and another person.


144.  UK National Archives - A2A Records.  Henry Edward Robyns was involved  with mining setts and leases in Trewellard, St Just in Penwith - records X890 1872 - 1929. Henry Edwards records date from 27 Nov. 1896 to 1929. His place of residence is given as Newton Abbot, Devon, later Bristol and finally Brighton, Sussex.  Names on the same lease over the period of years include Thomas Trewellard Robyns of Bengal, India, (gent),  John Wilmot Robyns (Major, Royal Marines later Retired Colonel), Amelia Ann Braggs of Furlong, Chagford, Devon


145.  Marriage registration for Agnes Pauline Frewer for the March quarter 1889, Barton Regis District (volume 6a page 156).  There is a possible birth and death record for a Phyllis Audrey Robyns born and died in December quarter 1895 in Newton A district (5b/117 and 5b/87)  Henry and Agnes are on the 1891 census with a servant but no children.  Henry (33) is recorded as a Retired Army 10th Hussars.  Agnes (21) is recorded as being a general servant domestic. On the 1901 census Henry is living in Ilford and the only other Robyns in that district is May age 25, born in America.  Both Agnes & Henry remarried in 1900.  Agnes married in both June and December quarters.  Henry married 25 year old American May Trenear in the June quarter and they are living in Romford, Essex, on the 1901 census.


146.   Only one death registration for Henry E Robyns for the December quarter 1935 (volume 2b page 319).  On ancestry the probate record being the source of the date and place of death


147.  Findmypast Census Records.  In 1901 Paul N Cooper, Corn & Seed Merchant, and wife Agnes P Cooper, are living at 4 Oakfield Road, Bristol. Paul is recorded as being born in Bristol, Somersetshire and Agnes in Bristol, Gloucestershire.  In 1911 Paul Newcomen Cooper, age 66, is boarding with the Bird family at 15 Castle Street Bridgwater, Somersetshire. He is recorded as being born in Somerset Knowle near Bristol, married and of private means. His wife Agnes Pauline (nee Frewer) is not with him


148.  There are 2 marriage records for Agnes Pauline Robyns (nee Frewer) and Paul Newcomen Cooper. The first is in June quarter 1900, Bath district (volume 5c page 1193) and the second in December quarter 1900, Bedford district (volume 3b page 761)  On the 1901 census Paul is recorded as a Corn & Seed Merchant.  Agnes is recorded as Agnes "J" Cooper. They are living in Bristol.


149.  Birth record for Paul Cooper, second husband of Agnes Frewer, for the December quarter 1846 in Bedminster (spans Gloucestershire & Somerset) (volume 11 page 60).  On family search there is a christening record for Paul Newcomen Cooper on the 12 June 1851 at the Lewins Mead Society of Protestant Dissenters, Bristol, Gloucester with parents recorded as Edmund and Ann Cooper


150.   Death registration for Paul N Cooper age 66 in the September quarter 1914, Reading District (volume 2c page 399)    On ancestry the National Probate Calendar, the source of the date of death and the residence,  Earley House, Eastern Avenue, Reading.  Probate was granted to the executors Lancelot Osmond Frewer, clerk, and George Webber, solicitor, on 17 September 1914


151.  1881 England Census on FMP. Thomas E Goodall is living with his family and his occupation is given as civil engineer. He was also an artist and an oil painting of his uncle Frederick is on the Goodall Artist website. Thomas is not on the 1891 or 1901 census at this time.


152.  Birth record for Thomas Edward Goodall for the December quarter 1859, Pancras District (volume 1b page 22). The actual date of birth is from Richard Goodall's website "Goodall Artists".  The baptismal record also on ancestry - the baptism on 2 December 1860 in the parish of St Mark's, St Pancras. Their place of residence given as 24 St George's Square, Regent's Park


153.  Findmypast BMD Records.  Death record for Thomas Goodall for September quarter 1924, Wells district (volume 5c page 427)   Also on, the record of Probate granted to his wife Harriet Emily Constance Goodall and his sister Mary Ethel Goodall, spinster. Probate value 1,965 pounds 6s 5d.  The death notice in the London Times for "Thomas Edward Goodall of 5 Marlborough Road, Ealing, beloved husband of Harriet, age 64 years" also states "South African papers please copy".  The connection to South Africa is not known at this time


154. Marriage record for Thomas E Goodall & Harriett E C Constant for the September quarter of 1916, Epson District (volume 2a page 21).


155.  UK Census. The source for the date and place of birth for Harriet Constant on the 1891 census when she was a boarding at Bideford in Devon with her sister, both at school.


156.  In searching death records from 1950 to 1970 there are two possible records for Harriet Goodall for 1955 and 1956 - for further research


157.  Birth record for Frances Anne Goodall for March quarter 1861, Pancras District (volume 1b Page 25)   Although christened Frances Anne she was known as Annie


158.  Findmypast BMD Records. Death record for Frances A Barnard (nee Goodall) for December quarter 1955, Cheltenham (volume 7b page 341)


159.  Family Historian Ann Arkell & Census. Robert C H Barnard was the second of 9 children to Robert Cary Barnard (Schoolmaster) and Anne Henslow


160.  Census. Robert Cary Henslow Barnard is not on the 1901 census, maybe in India at the time. His wife Frances Anne and children Jessie and Thomas are living with her father in law, their grandparents, Robert and Ann Barnard in Bartlow, Leckhampton.  In 1911 Robert, Frances and Jessie are living at Cavadoc, Leckhampton Road, Cheltenham.  Son Thomas, a student, is resident in Thanet, Kent.


161. Marriage record for Frances Anne Goodall & Robert Barnard for the September quarter 1895,  Pancras District (volume 1b page 242)   ALSO Granddaughter Ann has their marriage certificate which shows the usual place of residence at the time of the marriage for Frances Anne was 57 Fitzroy Road, London, the home of her parents, Edward Angelo and Frances Goodall. Robert's usual residence was recorded as Nagpur Central Provinces, India.


162.  Birth record for Robert Cary Henslow Barnard for the June quarter 1862, Cheltenham (volume 6a page 147).  On familysearch the date of birth is given as 21 June 1862


163.  St Peter's, Leckhampton Churchyard Burials. The online records show Robert Cary Henslow Barnard was buried at St Peter's, Leckhampton on 6 May 1937.  He apparently died at Rosslyn, Moorend Grove.   On ancestry the probate record. Probate was granted to Arthur Seaton Cary Barnard schoolmaster and Thomas Henslow Barnard Captain H M Army.  Effects 18382 pounds 5s 11d


164.  Birth and death records for William Goodall Barnard


165.  London Times Archives.  Death notice for William Goodall Barnard "suddenly of meningitis .... younger son of Robert Cary Henslow Barnard of Jhansi, India, in his 6th year". I found this notice by accident when checking for other information in the archives. With the father's 3 Christian names and William's middle name there was no doubt he was the child of Frances Anne (nee Goodall), granddaughter of Edward Angelo and Frances Smith (Chittenden) Goodall and this was later confirmed.


166.  1881 England Census on FMP. "Sydney" Goodall is living at home with his family and his occupation is given as law student.  In 1891 Sidney is a lodger with Mrs. Mary Tripp at 5 Laura Crescent, Portway St Cuthbert In Wells, Somerset.  In 1901 he is the head of the house at 17a Chamberlain Street, Wells, St Cuthbert with his parents, sister Alice and a housekeeper.  His occupation is given as a solicitor.  In 1911 he is with his wife Mabel (22 years) and son Edward (1 year) still at the same address.


167. Birth registration for Sydney Frederick Goodall for March quarter 1864, London (volume 1b page 15)  On ancestry the christening record at Saint Saviour Parish Church, Hampstead, on the same day as his cousin Gilbert Louis Wild


168.  London Times Archives. Death notice for Sidney Frederick Goodall in the London Times on Monday 29th January 1951. Sidney 'died on Friday 26th January, after a short illness, in his home at Somerset. ....son of the late E A Goodall RWS, aged 87. Funeral, Wells Thursday 1st February 12 noon. No flowers. '


169.  1901 Census.   Mabel N Toulmin, 12 years, is living in Ryde Civil Parish, Isle of Wight with her parents Joseph 37, Ellen Jane T 36, and her brother Stewart N 9.


170.  Marriage record for Sidney Frederick Goodall & Mabel Newnham Toulmin for the September quarter 1908, Wells District (volume 5c page 901)


171.  London Times Archives.  Death notice for "Mabel Newnham Goodall - on 14 June 1962 at Middlesex Hospital after a short illness .... in her 75th year.  Cremation at Golders Green Crematorium Tuesday 19th".  Published 18 June 1962


172.  London Times Archives. Birth notice for a son "to the wife of Sidney Frederick Goodall" on 23 January 1919


173.  Findmypast BMD Records. Death registration for Stewart S Goodall in the December quarter 1968, St Marylebone District (volume 5D page 889)


174.  London Times Archives.  Death record for Louisa Whitehall - Cooke " On October 5, 1958, at Tunbridge Wells nursing home after a long illness, patiently borne, Louisa, of 50 Chancellor House, Tunbridge Wells, widow of Cecil Whitehall - Cooke, M.D. London and daughter of the late E A Goodall R.W.S. No flowers by request"  Published 7 October 1958


175.  Census.  In 1871 Cecil W Cooke is at home with his parents Alfred A Cooke (b. abt. 1826) occupation journalist, Harriette (b.abt. 1831) and 2 brothers and a sister.  In 1881 there is another younger brother.  In 1871 and 1881 the family are living in St Pancras.   In 1891 Cecil,  a Registered General Practitioner,  is living at 11 King Street, Newcastle Under Lyme in Staffordshire.  In 1901 Cecil is with Louisa and son Evelyn C W Cooke at 129 Walm Lane, Willesden.  In 1911 Cecil & Louisa are at the same address recorded as Walm Lane, Cricklewood, Willesden District. Son Evelyn is presumably at school in Epsom, Surrey, and Geoffrey "White Lale" is at Stratford on Avon, Warwickshire.


176.  London Times Archives.  Cecil Whitehall Cooke passed his Bachelor of Medicine on 30 May 1889 and was then working at St Thomas' Hospital.


177. Marriage record for Louisa Goodall & Cecil Whitehall Cooke for June quarter 1895 Pancras District (volume 1b page 202).  Actual date of marriage from Richard Goodall's website


178.  The Marriage Banns for Louisa Goodall and Cecil Whitehall Cooke shows they were married by Louisa's uncle Henry Frewer, husband of Emily Goodall, at  the parish Church St Mark's, Regents Park


179. Birth record for Cecil Whitehall Cooke for the June quarter 1864 Pancras District (volume 1b page 163).  The actual date and place of birth is courtesy Dianne T,  Cooke Family Historian.  Baptismal record for  29th May 1864 at St Phillip Clerkenwell, Islington (on ancestry) Cecil's father Alfred Robert Cooke was a journalist and reporter


180.  London Times Archives. Death & funeral notice for "Dr Cecil Whitehall Cooke, beloved husband of Louisa".  The funeral was held at "Hove parish church 2.15pm Monday. No flowers, no mourning"    Also the Probate record on ancestry showing their place of residence as 59 Wilbury Grange, Hove, Sussex


181.  London Times Archives.  Several items found on google search.  Item stating that Dr. E C Whitehall Cooke represented Dr C Whitehall Cooke at a funeral in May 1935.  Also one about a criminal case quoting Dr E C Whitehall Cooke in his role as police surgeon in 1928. Another iItem on  regarding examinations for the Diploma In Anaesthetics" held in November 1941. 29 of 93 candidates passed.  Only the first page is displayed and Evelyn's surname 'Whitehall Cooke' is not on the page.  Evelyn's qualifications were recorded as 'B.M., B.Ch. Oxon., L.R.C.P., M.R.C.S. St. Thomas' & Willesden'.     On National Archives there is a record of a divorce application by Aase Whitehall Cooke (formerly Engel (nee Thomson)  seeking nullity of the marriage to Evelyn Cecil Whitehall Cooke in 1935.


182.  Margaret Anne Adams (nee Silk)  Margaret has shared with us the story of her mother and her meeting with her future in laws and their son Evelyn.

"After serving her apprenticeship as a bookbinder and gaining almost 100% on her exams, Aase was offered a position to bind new books and repair existing leather bound books in a Danish aristocrat's library.  He made one condition, and that was, that she examined the books at the British Museum as the bindings were the finest in the world.  She found herself an au paire situation with Dr. Cecil Whitehall Cooke and his wife Louisa (nee Goodall) in Pinner, a village on the outskirts of London.  When the Cookes picked Aase up at the station they were surprised to see she was a dainty, elegantly dressed young lady complete with cabin trunk, violin and lute.  Louisa taught her the finest English cooking, including the marmalade that Jane and I still make.  She also asked her to do fine embroidery on her linen and, contrastingly, gather manure for her roses when horses passed the house. 


Aase practised her violin and lute daily, in her room, then one day she heard the same piece of music she was practising being played on the piano downstairs. She went to investigate and there was a young man at the piano. She fetched her violin and they played together from then on, whenever he visited his parents.  He was Cecil's and Louisa's son, Evelyn, a young GP.  Eventually they married. ... Evelyn and Aase lived in their own house (not at his parents place) from where Evelyn ran his medical practice, with Aase acting secretary and receptionist, as all doctors' wives did in those days."  Although the marriage was later annulled Evelyn and Aase remained lifelong friends. Evelyn's father Cecil organised "a place at Queen Charlotte's Maternity Hospital, in London, where she (Aase) trained in neo-natal care and passed her exams.  On her days off she stayed in Hampstead with Evelyn's aunt, Margaret Amy Silk"  

Aase later married Guy Silk, Margaret's son and Evelyn's cousin.   "Guy and Evelyn had been boyhood friends and were both passionate about architecture. Evelyn always remained good friends with Aase and Guy, visiting them frequently, and even meeting up on a Mediterranean cruise in retirement. ... Aase always loved Evelyn ... she was grateful for all she had learned from Louisa and never spoke ill of Louisa and Cecil whom she called Mummy and Daddy.  In fact she told me that when Guy went off to France at the beginning of World War 2, Louisa visited her that very day and said,  that if anything happened to Guy, Aase could return to Evelyn with me. Again when Hannah was born suddenly in the night of the day Denmark was invaded by the Germans, Louisa went to Aase and said if Guy did not come back from France they would take her back with both little girls"


183. Birth record for Evelyn Cecil Cooke for the June quarter, 1896, Hendon District (volume 3a page 192)  The baptismal record, on ancestry, for 3 May 1896 at St John the Baptist, Greenhill, shows the family residence was 107 Walm Lane


184. England and Wales Death Index. Death registration for Evelyn Cecil Whitehall Cooke for 1981 (volume 16 page 2500)


185.  Jeremy Thompson Family Tree on  The source of information on Aase Engel Thomson's parents,  Alfred Thomsen and Astrid Muller, and the date of her second marriage on 19 December 1936 to Guy Whitehall Silk in Fleet Street London. There were three children to the marriage Margaret Anne, Hannah Elizabeth and Jane Kirsten.  Guy was born 27 August 1895 and died 30 July 1987 in Warwickshire.


186.  Marriage record for Evelyn C Whitehall - Cooke and Aase E Thomsen (Aase Engel - Thomsen) - 2 records for name variations - Hampstead District (volume 1a page 1498).  In the London Times a note indicating the marriage was annulled in 1936.  The date of marriage courtesy of Margaret, Aase's daughter


187.  Jeremy Thompson Family Tree on Ancestry.  Aase Silk (nee Thomsen) was buried in the Warwick Cemetery, England, with her husband.


188.  Birth record for  Mary Ann Elizabeth Goodall in the December quarter of 1848, Islington District (volume 3 page 298)


189.  Findmypast BMD Records. Death record for Mary A E Dinham age 84,  June  quarter 1933, Marylebone District (volume 1a page 571).   On the Probate notice for Elizabeth Mary Ann Dinham which gives date and place of death and that the estate went to her daughter Dorothy Dinham, spinster, on 17 August, 1933, the sum of 7,420 pounds 14 shillings and 8 pence


190.  Steve Dinham's  Dinham Family History Website.  The source of the actual birth and death date for John Wharton Dinham, the year of death for his wife Mary Ann (nee Goodall) and that there were no children to the marriage. On however family tree information shows there was one child to the marriage


191.  Findmypast Census Records. In 1881 J W Dinham age 28, an "Assurance Agent", and M A Dinham, age 32, are living at 4 Bartholomew Villas, St Pancras. In 1891 John W is recorded as a visitor to the residence at Holly Bowers, Kemnal Road, Chiselhurst, Kent.  Mary Ann is living with her daughter Dorothy age 3 at 7 Woodland Terrace, Rathmnore Road, Cockington, Newton Abbot, Devonshire.  They are not on either the 1901 or 1911 online census records at  this time.


192. Marriage record for Mary Ann Goodall to John Dinham (volume 5c page 5)  Familysearch shows he is the son of John Hockin Coddington Wharton Dinham and Caroline Hawker.  John's father may have been a medical practitioner, a surgeon.


193.  Steve Dinham's  Dinham Family History Website. Date of birth from Stratton Parish Records. John was the son of John Hockin Codderington Wharton Dinham and Caroline Hawker and he had 5 siblings.


194.  Findmypast BMD Records. Death record for John Wharton Dinham June quarter 1896 (volume 1a page 420).  On ancestry the Probate record showing probate was granted to Edward Charles Judkins, Coal Merchant - Effects of 10,520 pounds granted September 1896 and Resworn of 3,579 pounds granted in January 1897


195.   Birth registration for Dorothy Dinham in the September quarter 1887, Pancras District (volume 1b page 132 )


196.  1881 England Census on FMP.  Emily (nee Goodall) and Sydney Sarl are recorded as being comedians on the 1881 census boarding with the Miles family at Norwich Street, Dereham, Norfolk.


197.  Birth record for Emily Campbell Goodall for the September quarter1850, St Pancras District (volume 1 page 354)


198.   Death record for  Emily Campbell Sarl for the September quarter 1888, age 38, in Marylebone District (volume 1a page 325)


199. & Google Search. Sydney Claude Sarl remarried in September quarter, 1891. Thanks to a genesreunited contact Ian Armstrong,   He confirmed the marriage was to  Amelia Beck in Ormskirk District and that they had a son Alan Beck Sarl in 1892.  Google search showed Sydney as a performer in the pantomime "Sleeping Beauty" at the Royal Theatre, Edinburgh, 1897 - 8 [www.its-behind-you/howardwyndham.html] In 1891 he is living at 71 High Street, St Clement, Dundee in County Angus as a lodger with Mary Lamb Moen (age 68) and her daughter Esabella S Moen (age 31) and his occupation is comedian. On his first son's baptismal record he is also recorded as a comedian and similarly on England census


200.   Marriage record for Emily C Goodall & Sydney C Sarl for March quarter 1880, Pancras District (volume 1b page 63)  Actual date of the marriage is from the Connew family tree on ancestry although they have Emily recorded as Emily Campbell rather than Emily Campbell Goodall


201.  Sydney C Sarl death record for March quarter 1916 in Pancras District (volume 1b page 45)


202.  Claud Goodall Sarl is on 2 migration records from Capetown to England. The first at age 36 he travelled to London on the "Berrima" arriving on 24 January 1921. The record shows he had been resident in Capetown but intended permanent future residency in England.  The second at age 39 from Capetown to Southampton, England on the "Suevic" arriving on 11 May 1923.  Again the record shows he had been living in Capetown but was intending to be a permanent resident of England at 117 "Cheapside" Road London. (Cheapside is where the Reeves watercolour company had its premises and Reeves was associated with Henry Bowles Wild, his mother being Maria 'Reeves).  His occupation is given as commercial traveller.  Both records indicated he was travelling unaccompanied.  A record for 1922  has his wife accompanying him but there is no Christian name for her.


203.  Findmypast migration records.  Another migration record, this time for a Mr. and Mrs. C G Sarl who travelled from Southhampton on 29 July 1922 on the "Edinburgh Castle" with the intended destination of Cape, South Africa. C G Sarl is born in 1884, age 38 and his occupation is 'agent'.  This is correct for Claud Goodall Sarl and as Sarl is not a common name it is highly likely this is Claud Goodall Sarl.  For follow up in South  African records.


204.  Birth record for Claud Goodall Sarl for the March quarter 1884, Fulham District (volume 1a page 229)


205.  Baptismal record for Claud Goodall Sarl on 4 February 1887 in the Parish Church of St Andrews, Peckham in the County of Surrey.  This is the source of the date of birth


206. & Findmypast Migration records. Frederick Charles Goodall worked on several ships to and from England and Australia between 1876 and 1885.  Several ships records show his birth place as Birmingham rather than London. The records include

* 1876 CAIRNBULG from the Port of London to the Port of Sydney arriving 7 January.  F C Goodall,  A.B. crew, age  21,  from Birmingham,

* 1879  SEA RIP from the Port of Maryborough to the Port of Sydney arriving 9 July.  Frederick C Goodall, A.B. crew, age 23, from Birmingham,

* 1879 METEOR from the Port of 'Londan' to the Port of Sydney arriving 7 October. Frederick C Goodall, age 23, from Birmingham,

* 1881 LOCH BREDAN from the Port of London to the Port of Sydney arriving 17 January.  F C Goodall  A.B. age 25, from Bristol.

* 1881 LESLIE from the Port of S S Islands to the Port of Sydney arriving 7 August. Frederick C Goodall, A.B. crew, age 25, from Birmingham,

* 1884 LUSITANIA from England to Sydney arriving 15 February.  Frederick Goodall, age 28, from England,

* 1884 QUIRAING from the Port of Cooktown to the Port of Sydney arriving17 June. Frederick 'E' Goodall age 28 of British origin.

* 1885 FIADO from England to the Port of Sydney via Port of Adelaide arriving 31 January 1885.  'Fredk' Goodall age 30


207.  Frederick C Goodall's Bible.  The inscription to Frederick in the Bible reads

"From his affectionate friend Charlie Davis, Feby 12 1871. 

Lord,  May the words any thoughts engage    In each perplexing case 

           Help one to feed on early page            And grow in early grace"

The Bible was passed down to his grandson Ronald Alfred, then to his daughter and now to his grandson Sebastian, Frederick's great great grandson. The Bible may have been a gift to Frederick about the time he began his voyages to Australia.


208.  There is no Frederick Charles birth record online. There are a couple of Frederick Goodall births late 1854 to early 1856 but the birth certificates confirmed they are not our Frederick.  There is also no record on the ancestry or LDS familysearch website.  The most likely year of birth is 1855 based on census data, the births of his siblings and his death certificate.


209.  NSW BDM Registry.  Details from Frederick Goodall's death certificate (Reg. No 120/1911)


210.  Family Historian Neil Slarke.  In the Indexes to Assisted Immigration, Volume 28, 1880 - 1896, Mary B Hinchin, age 18, born Cork, arrived on 4 June 1886 on board the Energia.  This is most likely our Mary Agnes Bridget Hinchen/Hinchin. To date there are no Irish records to confirm her birth or her parents names.


211.  Family Historian Neil Slarke.  Research found no marriage record for Frederick Charles Goodall and Mary Hinchen.  It is likely a common law marriage.


212.  NSW BDM Registry.  Details from Mary Agnes Goodall's death certificate (Reg. No. 4539/1917 for Mary A B Goodall daughter of Bridget and (Hinchen)


213.  NSW BDM Registry.  Details from Annie Stella Goodall's death certificate and online index for birth


214.  NSW BDM Registry.  Marriage registration for Frederick Charles Goodall in 1951, Goulburn District (4999/1951).  There were no children to the marriage


215.  NSW BDM Registry.  Birth registration for Jean A Cady in Crookwell (36012/1909), the daughter of William A & Hannah


216.  Ancestry Family Tree of Heather Cady.  Jean was the second of five children.  This is also the source of her parents' actual marriage date


217.  Birth record for Amy Palmer Goodall registered for the June quarter of 1857 in W. Bromwich district (volume 6b page 563).  There is only one Amy Goodall birth record, being Amy Palmer Goodall, for the period 1854 - 1857.  A Berry descendant has Amy's year of birth as 1856, maybe the registration of the birth was delayed.  On some census Amy's place of birth is given as Camden Town, London, when the birth registration gives W. Bromwich (spans the boundaries of Shropshire, Staffordshire, Warwickshire and Worcestershire). On the 1871 census Amy's place of birth is given as Handorroth, Staffordshire.  Her siblings are all recorded as born in either St Pancras or Islington, Middlesex.  On another census Amy is recorded as being born in Birmingham and this is where her brother Frederick Charles' children were told he was born.


218.  Findmypast BMD Records.  Registration of death for Amy P Berry in the March quarter of 1948, Hampstead District (volume 5c page 887)


219.  Nicole Creasey, Berry Family Historian.  Berry Francis Berry was the Christian name of B F B BERRY and Nicole  is the source of information on Berry and his parents and siblings.  Berry was the son of George (the second) Berry (1809 - 1884) and Ann Woods (1820 - 1902 ).  He was 5th of 7 children, 4 boys and 3 girls.  The dates of birth for Berry & Amy's children and other dates are courtesy of Nicole's family tree.  Berry was also an Artist (also according to the England census) but I have no information on any of his works.  He was also a wine and spirit merchant and had some business association with his father in law and brother in law at some time.  He and Amy Palmer Goodall had 4 or maybe 5 children according to census data.


220.  Census.  In 1881 newly wed Amy & Berry Francis Berry are living in "House in Newton Grove No Name, Acton" and he is recorded as an Artist Painter.  In 1891 they are living at 6 Gatcombe Road, Islington, London.   Berry "J" - occupation - Artist Painter Teacher.  Amy is recorded as "Anny".  The household includes daughters Elsie 9 years, Lilian 8 years and Winifred G 6 years plus a servant. By 1901 they have a son Berry O Berry 7 years and they are living at 11 College Crescent, Hampstead, London.  Berry's occupation is Wine Merchant's Clerk.  In 1911 they are living at 29 Lyncroft Gardens Hampstead, London.  Berry's occupation is Wine Merchant's Assistant, Lilian's is Printseller's Assistant and Berry Oscar as Builder's Apprentice. There is no occupation recorded for Elsie or Winifred.


221.  Askart Auction website.  Berry F Berry is listed as an artist for the period 1874 to 1893.  Four of his artworks have apparently been to auction but there are no samples of his artwork on the website


222.   Marriage registration for Amy Palmer Goodall for the June Quarter 1880 (volume 1a page 377).


223.  Birth record for Berry Francis Berry for the March quarter 1853 Marylebone District (volume 1a page 416).  Later contact from a relative of Berry (born 1852) through website Genesreunited with information on the family.


224.  Findmypast BMD Records.  Registration of death for Berry F Berry in the December quarter 1926, Hampstead District (volume 1a page 727).   On, the Probate record showing the estate was given to his wife Amy Palmer Berry and George Burton Harvey, Printseller. The estate was valued at 5792 pounds 8 shillings 6 pence


225.  Potential sea voyages for Elsie Berry.  The first in the company of Mrs. N Berry arriving in London on 6 April 1909, the boat departing from Sydney, Australia via Melbourne and Capetown to London.  The second from New York arriving at Liverpool, England, on 25 May 1915 on the "Cymecic".  Elsie's address was given as either 129 or 179 Goldhurst Terrace.  Elsie was last resident in Canada but a permanent resident of England.  She was recorded as being 33 years old and no occupation stated.


226.  Baptismal record for Elsie Berry on 13 November 1881 at St Michael's and All Angels, Bedford Park.  Her father's occupation is recorded as artist. The place of residence is 33 Queens Anne's Grove, Chiswick, Middlesex


227.  Potential sea voyage for a Lilian Berry from New York to Southampton, England arriving on the Queen Mary on 31 August 1936.  The record shows she was 55, single, a teacher, resident at 31 Alma Road Southampton and appears to have travelled on her own.


228.  Two potential sea voyages for Winifred Berry.  The first age 21 from New York to Liverpool, england on the "Etruria"".  The second, age 45, left Buenos Aires, Argentina, and arrived Southampton, England 26 February 1929 on the "Asturias".  Her address "Crundale, Canterbury, Kent.  Ports of the voyage includes Bermuda, Jamaica, Havana & Madiera.

229.  Birth registration for Winifred Goodall Berry in December quarter 1884, Sevenoaks, Kent (volume 2a page )


230.  Berry Oscar Berry, age 20, travelled from New York to Southampton on "St Paul" arriving on 21 February 1914.  His occupation is given as Surveyor's Assistant and the record shows him as a permanent resident of England


231.  Birth registration for Berry Oscar Berry in the December quarter 1893, Hampstead (volume 1a page 608)


232.  Marriage record for Berry O Berry June quarter 1917  Hampstead District (volume 1a page 1341)   On ancestry the marriage banns for Berry Oscar Berry & Katherine Anne Scott,   His occupation is given as Lieutenant, Machine Gun Corps.  Katherine's father was deceased and her sister Margaret Honor Scott was a witness as was her father in law.


233.  Findmypast BMD & Census Records. The 1911 census is the source of Katherine Scott's place of birth and her family.  In 1911 'Katharine' (occupation milliner), with her widowed mother Matilda, siblings William David (gardener) and Margaret Honor (dressmaker) and her widowed aunt (Emma Louisa Bennett) are living at 2 St Pierre Villas, St Georges Road, Farnham, Surrey.   On freeebmd the registration of the birth in the December quarter 1893, Warminster District, Wiltshire (volume 5a page 14)


234.  Findmypast BMD Records.  Likely death record for Katherine Anne Berry in the March quarter 1972 (volume 2b page 2762) - for verification


235.  Birth registration for Helen Louisa Goodall in the September quarter 1859, Pancras District (volume 1b page 169)


236.  Galveston County Death Index on  Death record for Helen Louisa Tucket  for 12 February 1949 and for Elias Helton Tuckett for 25 September 1907 in Galveston Texas.


237.  1901 Census.  Elias H Tuckett (42 yrs) is living in Hammersmith with Helen L (41)  and Egbert H (9) and Estelle M (7).  The children were born in America but held British nationality according to the census record.  Elias & Helen are not on the 1881, 1891 or 1911 census in the UK but they were likely living in Galveston, Texas, according to later U S Federal Census.


238.  The source of information for much of the Tuckett family data.  An email contact was sent to the person who has them in her family tree, although there is no information on Helen Louisa (nee Goodall).  No response to the email.   Also there is a record of Elias, Helen, Egbert and Estelle Tuckett leaving Southampton, England, on the S S St. Louis on the 19th March 1904 arriving at the port of New York on 26th March 1904 (the transcription gives 28th but the original record looks like 26th). Their final destination was recorded as Galveston, Texas and the contact address as "Home c/o Thos Dealy, Galveston News Office, Galveston Texas."  On the 1910 Federal Census the family are living in Galveston, Texas.


239. & 1901 England Census confirming the marriage for Helen Louisa Goodall to Elias Helton Tuckett in March quarter 1881, Fulham District (volume 1a page 389)


240.  Birth registration for Elias Helton Tuckett in the March quarter 1859, Bristol, Avon, Gloucestershire (volume 6a page 59)


241.  Various Australian Records.  William Napier Goodall was not on any UK record beyond the 1871 census and there were very few possible records under William Goodall.  I google searched his name and surprisingly it was in a Fremantle, Perth directory.  On the BMD indexes for W.A. I found a birth record for a daughter and then record of marriage, children etc.  The death certificate for the daughter Eveline records William Napier's occupation as a Spirit Merchant.

242.  William Napier Goodall's granddaughter Elna Eley.  Elna said her grandfather's middle name Napier was in respect of his godfather, Lord Napier.  Google search would suggest it could be Lord Francis Napier, the 10th Lord Napier, born in Edinborough in 1819, a Scottish diplomat and colonial administrator.


243.  Potential immigration records for William Goodall arriving at Sydney on 8th August 1883 on the "Sir Walter Raleigh" , arriving Maryborough, Queensland, on the Waroonga in 1885 AND on the 25th January 1889 on the Orizaba.  William's older brother Frederick Charles was among the crew on many voyages between England ports (including Birmingham) to Australia in the later 1870's and 1880's before settling in Sydney, maybe an influence on William's choice of also settling in Australia.


244.  Birth record for William Napier Goodall  for the June Quarter 1862, Pancras District (volume 1b page 170)   Also on the census for 1871 with the family.  Not on later census as William Napier Goodall but likely in Australia.


245.  BDM Registry Victoria.  Record of death for Wm Napier Goodall for 1902 with the online index showing unknown spouse and parent information. Death registration number is 6507 for the year 1902


246.  Certificate of Marriage in the Colony of Victoria.  The marriage certificate is courtesy of William Napier & Elizabeth Ann Goodall's granddaughter Elna.  They were married by "Julius" Lewis, Clerk in Holy Orders in the Church of England, St Jude's Church, Carlton. The witnesses were Elizabeth's brother Charles B Milne and "Walter Millar" (not certain as not very legible)


247.  NSW BDM Registry.  Death certificate for Elizabeth Anne Goodall (nee Milne) provided the details of her parents names, where she was born and married and that she had lived  in Victoria for 15 years, Western Australia for 7 years and NSW for 28 years.


248.  Baptism for Herbert Goodall on 24 November 1852 at St Pancras Parish Church, Camden, Middlesex


249.  London Times Archives.  Death notice for Herbert Goodall in the London Times stating he died very suddenly at his residence, 7 Stanley Crescent London.


250.   Parish marriage record, after Banns, for Herbert Goodall (age 32, Architect) and Alice Vacher (age 24) at the Parish Church of St Peter, Bayswater,  in the county of Middlesex.  Their places of residence were given as 119 Albany Street N W for Herbert and 7 Stanley Crescent for Alice. There were 4 witnesses - Henry W Jill', A M Vacher, Fredk Goodall and Sydney Vacher (Alice's younger brother)


251.  Baptismal record for 19 December 1860 for Alice Vacher at the church of St Peter, Cranley Gardens, Kensington & Chelsea (volume 1a page 80)


252.  Death record for Alice Goodall (nee Vacher) for the December quarter of 1907, Kensington District (volume 1a page 83).  In the Archives of the London Times the death notice for Alice gives the date of death as 1st November, just 10 days after her husband's death.  Apparently Alice was very distressed by her husband's death and stepped in front of a train.  An inquest was held and the results are reported in the London Times


253.  Tarry Family Historian R Thomas.  Courtesy of contact with Richard Goodall a note re a letter 'from a London solicitor to my grandmother dated 29.1.1956..... in connection with the estate of Frederick William Goodall, deceased, and states "the estate of the above deceased was paid in 1956 to a Mrs. Gwendoline Mary Gwyn-Jones, the lawful niece of the half blood of the deceased."  The marriage to Gwyn -Jones is yet to be found


254.  London Times Archives. This and other records show some variation in the spelling of the first name for  Gwenddolen/Gwendolen/Gwendoline Mary Goodall daughter of Herbert Goodall and Alice Vacher.  On ancestry the baptismal record showing date and place of birth. The baptism was on 25 June 1886 at St Peter, Bayswater.


255.  London Times Archives.  Wills and Bequests entry in the Times on 4 January 1971 for Gwenddolen Mary Gwyn - Jones of Chelsea - Estate worth 128,141 pounds of which 69,751 pounds tax was taken.  Only one other Gwyn - Jones in the Times, a death for 1982, maybe related to Gwenddolen as she became known.  On the 1901 census on FMP there is only one Gwyn - Jones, a 7 year old Gerard who was at a friend's house on the night of the census.  In 1911 there is one family with one son age 18. for follow up


256.  England & Wales Death Index.  On ancestry the death registration for Gwendoline Gwyn-Jones in the September quarter 1970 (volume 5c page 1607)


257.  London Times Archives. Thomas Meryon's father was accepted into a naval cadetship in 1863 and rose to the rank of Commander - there are numerous articles relating to the family, mostly naval intelligence reports, up until 1984.


258.   Marriage for "Gwenddolen" Mary Goodall to Thomas Meryon in the December quarter 1909,  Paddington District (volume 1a page 54).  The marriage notice was also placed in the London Times stating the marriage was held " on the 18th of December 1909 at Christ Church, Lancaster Gate, by Rev. John Spurgin, Vicar of Hockham, Norfolk, between Lieutenant Thomas Chalmers Meryon, RN HMS Bonaventure, second son of the late Captain J E Meryon RN to Gwenddolen Mary, the only child of Herbert Goodall of 7 Stanley Crescent,   London and granddaughter of Frederick Goodall R A"


259.  Birth record for Thomas Meryon for the December quarter 1886, Alverstroke District (volume 2b  page 525)


260.  London Times Archives.  In the 29th January 1913  edition under the news heading "Submarine Officer Drowned.  Lieutenant Thomas Chalmers Meryon in command of Submarine C.21, was drowned in the Tay yesterday afternoon.  Three submarines had been engaged in exercises off St Andrews Bay, and while C.21 was returning up the Tay in heavy weather a squall struck her.  Lieutenant Meryon was knocked off the conning tower into the water, and as he was dressed in oilskins and sea boots he disappeared almost at once.  Lieutenant meryon who was about 30 years of age, passed out of the Britannia as a midshipman in September, 1902.  He became a sub-lieutenant in November, 1905, and took five firsts in his examination for lieutenant, to which rank he was appointed in November, 1906.  He was appointed to the Vulcan for the command of Submarine C.21 in August 1910, and had been in the submarine service for at least four years."   


In the Thursday 30th  January 1913 edition,  the death notice "MERYON - On the 28th Jan., drowned in St Andrew's Bay, Lieut-Commander Thomas Chalmers Meryon R.N., of Submarine C21, second son of the late Capt. J. E. Meryon and Mrs Meryon, 9 The Holt, Alverstroke, and 17 Kensington Court Gardens, age 26".  The Navy also had the death notice for Tuesday 28th January  in the same 30th January edition.   ALSO a google search brought up a Navy Memorial for him at St Mary the Virgin, Rye, Sussex which reads "In memory of Thomas Chalmers Meryon Lieutenant Commander RN, son of the late Captain Meryon RN, who was washed off Submarine C21 and drowned at the mouth of the Tay on January 28th 1913".  Thomas's wife Gwendollen is not mentioned in any of The Times items.


261. Birth record for Florence Goodall for the December quarter 1853, St Pancras District (volume 1b page 145).  Also on ancestry her record of baptism on 3 November 1854.  Their place of abode was given as Camden Square


262.  Death record for Florence Savory for the June quarter 1914 at Hampstead (volume 1a page 679)  Florence and her 2 children were living in Hampstead on both the 1901 and 1911 census and the Probate record confirms with the Iverson Road address.


263.  England & Wales National Probate Calendar on ancestry.  Probate granted to Florence's husband Allan Edward Savory, clerk, the value 31 pounds 15s 6d.  Her residence was 32 Iverson Road, Brondesbury, Middlesex.


264.  London Times Archives.  A google search for Allan Edward Savory found a court record with little detail.  The London Times Archives had a legal report re the will of Alexander Durlacher and correction of errors in the will which gave the names of the 2 children for Allan & Florence Savory.  He is recorded as a manufacturer on his daughter's baptismal record of 1884.  In 1891 'Allen' is recorded as a wine merchant.   In 1901 and 1911 Allan Savory is at a different address to his wife Florence and his children.  In 1911 Florence is recorded as being married for 27 years.   Also in the Times is a legal record for "Compositions or Schemes Sanctioned" indicating  "Allan Edward Savory of Teddington, gentleman" was bankrupt "with 1shilling in the pound payable within 14 days from date of sanction of the court.  All preferential debts and claims to be paid in full".


265.  Marriage record for Florence Goodall to Allan Edward Savory for the June quarter 1883, Pancras District (volume 1b  page 168)  London Times Archives - notice of marriage for " by the Reverand M E Brown, Allan Edward Savory, youngest son of Mrs Savory of 28 Harrowood Square, and the late Thomas Hames Savory to Florence, eldest daughter of Frederick Goodall Esq, R.A."


266.  Birth record for Allan Edward Savory for the June quarter 1859, St Geo Hanover  Square District (volume 1a page 190)

267.  Death record for Allan E Savory for the March quarter 1922, Wandsworth district (volume 1d page 850).  ALSO On ancestry the Probate record for Allan records the estate being granted to his widow Charlotte.  There is the 1914 marriage for Allan Edward Savory to Charlotte Walton


268.  Birth record for Florence Lilian Savory for the June quarter 1884, Kingston District which spans the boundaries of Middlesex and Surrey (volume 2a page 354)   On ancestry the baptismal record of 9 August 1884 at St Mary, Teddington, Richmond upon Thames.  Her father's occupation is given as manufacturer.


269.  Possible death record for Florence L Jarvis, age 62, in the June quarter 1947 (volume 5g page 75) - to be verified


270.  UK Census.  In 1891 Frederick Ashley Jarvis is living with his parents and family at 85 Iverson Road, Hampstead.  (In 1911 Frederick's future wife and family are living at number 32 Iverson Road, Hampstead NW).  In 1901 the family are living at 37 Cavendish Road, Willesden.  In 1911 the family are living are still living at 37 Cavendish Road, Brondesbury N W, Willesden.  Frederick's occupation is recorded as Shipping Agent


271.  Marriage record for Florence Lilian Savory for the March quarter 1914 at Hampstead (volume 1a page 1140)


272. & Census.  Likely birth record for Frederick Ashley Jarvis for the March quarter 1886, Hampstead District (volume 1a page 701).  It seems Frederick is the son of William Jarvis and Henrietta Letitia Ayres.  The second Christian name appears to be the maiden name of Henrietta's mother (Eliza Ashley who married William Ayres in 1839).  In 1891 the family are living in 85 Iverson Road Hampstead.  In 1901 & possibly 1911 they are living at 37 Cavendish Road, Willesden.


273.  Eddie Sime, Henry Goodall Senior's great grandson.  Information from the  Jamaican website shows Henry Goodall junior was baptised on 6 October 1875 just days before his marriage to Mary Sophia Blight


274.  Eddie Sime, Henry Goodall Senior's great grandson.  Mary Sophia Blight was baptised 30 October 1871 age 22 years. Her parents names are from this record.


275.  Eddie Sime, Henry Goodall Senior's great grandson. The Roman Catholic marriage record for Henry junior with six witnesses (Catherine Thomas, Joseph Green, Ada McLeary, Reine Ballestry, Susan Thomas & Elizabeth Thomas).  There were 4 or 5 children to the marriage, one a Helen "Nelly" Goodall who did not marry and died in Jamaica.


276.  England Census - Re Henry Edgar Wild & family. From the "Story of My life" by Edgar's sister Evelyn Harrison I have taken the name of Henry's wife, the date and place of marriage and a record of one child,  Basil who had died at 18 years of age just days short of the end of World War 1.  On the 1891 census Henry & Mary have only the one child Basil with them.  In 1901 I found the family living in the Civil parish of Berkhamsted with 5 children at home.  I revisited the 1891 census and looked for the children as scholars and found the older two girls living with their grandmother Mary Warren in Royston and Leonard Edgar (rather than Edgar Leonard) in a school facility at Herne Bay.

277.   Birth record for Henry Edgar Wild for September quarter 1855 St Pancras district (volume 1b page 71)   On ancestry the record of baptism on 6 December 1855 at St Pancras Parish Church, Camden, also the source of the actual date of birth


278.  London Times Archives.  Death notice for Henry Edgar Wild in 18th April 1922 edition


279.  England & Wales National Probate Calendar on ancestry. The probate notice as the address as 'Suvla' Kings Road.  Probate was granted to Mary Wild widow and Walter Barnett Styer solicitor. Effects 3864 pounds 15 shillings


280.  Marriage record for Henry Wild for September quarter 1882, Royston District (volume 3a page 517)  Also in the London Times in 1907 a Silver Wedding announcement for Henry & Mary, daughter of John Warren of Royston, Herts.


281. Birth record for Mary Warren for December quarter 1860, Royston, Hertfordshire (volume 3a page 204)


282. Birth record for Edgar Leonard Wild for the June quarter, Hendon District (volume 3a page 171)  In the London Times on 19 April 1883 the announcement of the birth


283.  Baptism record for Maude Mary Wild on 7 April 1886 at St Andrew, Willesden.  The source of the date and place of birth


284.  London Times Archives. Death notice for Robinson "Maude (nee Wild) formerly widow of Arthur Rowney"  "Peacefully at the Robertson Nursing Home"


285.  1901 Census. Arthur Rowney, Artists' Colour Manufacturer, is living with wife and 2 children at 47 King Henry's Road, Hampstead. Son Noel's occupation is recorded as 'Assisting his father'.  In 1911 Arthur, Artists colorman and Pencil Maker, Constance and Irene are still at the same address.  Son Noel is with his wife Veronica Adela and daughter Sheila Constance Mary aged 8 months. They are living at 35 Antrim Mansions, Hampstead. Veronica's sister Viola is with them.


286.  London Times Archives.  In the 22 August 1913 edition a marriage announcement"Rowney - Wild.   On the 20th August 1913 at St Mary's Church, Stoke Newington, by the Rev. H G Harrison, Vicar of Mountnessing, assisted by the Rev. J L Davids, Rector of North Fainbridge, Essex, Arthur Rowney of Wedderburn House, Hampstead NW, son of the late Frederick William Rowney to Maude Mary, second daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Edgar Wild of 61 Amhurst Park N."  The Rev. H G Harrison is Maude's uncle, husband of Evelyn Maud Wild.  Marriage record for September quarter 1913, Hackney District (volume 1b page 1158)


287.  Birth record for Arthur Rowney for December quarter 1859, Pancras District (volume 1b page 93)


288.  London Times Archives.  Death notice for Arthur Rowney "dearly loved husband of Maud Rowney. Cremation Golders Green Monday January 5, 3 o'clock. No flowers and no letters, please.  See the footnote re Arthur's marriage


289.  Birth record for Basil Warren Wild for June quarter 1890 Hendon District (volume 3a page 189)  In the Thursday 15 May 1890 edition the announcement of another son to the wife of H Edgar Wild.


290.  Journal of Evelyn Harrison (nee Wild)   Basil Wild was killed in World War 1 just days before the end of the war.


291.  England & Wales National Probate Calendar on ancestry. The Probate record gives the date of death and that it was in Belgium or France as a Lieutenant in the 9th Batallion Tank Corps.  Probate was granted to his widow Olive Frances Wild


292.  Marriage record for Basil W Wild for September quarter 1916, Hackney District (volume1b page 857)    On ancestry the marriage and banns records, the marriage on 29 July 1916 St Andrew's Church, Stoke Newington.  Also the source of her father's name


293.  Likely birth record for Olive Fanny Sanders for the September quarter, East Grinstead District (spans Sussex and Surrey) (volume 2b page 149)  On 1911 census Olive, a 19 year old school teacher, is living with her family at Margery Farm, Lower Kingswood, Reigate, Surrey.  Her father, Thomas Godfrey Sanders, a 52 year old farmer, was born in Gawler Plains, South Australia


294.  Archives from Trinity Church, San Jose, California.  Record of 3 Baptisms by Rev. John B. Wakefield D.D. 1884 - 1899 for Trevelyn, Horace and Doris Ainsworth.


295.  Birth record for Ada Constance Wild for the June quarter 1858 Pancras District (volume 1b page 73)   On the record of baptism on 8 April gives the actual date of birth


296.  Records from the United States Federal Census of 1900, 1910 & 1920. The 1900 census has William born November 1861 but 1860 for his migration to the USA, supported by 40 years in the USA, a naturalised citizen, and his occupation a fruit grower.  Later census record his occupation as a manager of a packing company.  Both his and Ada's place of birth is simply recorded as England.  According to the census records Ada gave birth to 5 children but only 3 were still living in 1900.  There are also several discrepancies in the various census records.  On the 1900 census Cyril is clearly recorded as the daughter of William and Ada but in 1910 recorded as the son. In 1900 he is 12 years of age and in 1910 he is 32 years of age. His occupation is recorded as 'Painter buildings'.  He is not with the family in 1920.   In 1900 their daughter's name is given as Dolors but in 1910 and 1920 as Doris. The younger daughter is recorded as Lillie M in 1900 and as Lilla M in 1910. Lilla's occupation is given as 'Music'.  For each of the three census their home is in San Jose, Santa Clara, California.


297.  Findmypast Census Records.  Thanks to Evelyn Wild's journal we know that William Ainsworth had 2 sisters Edith and Emily. Working through the census from 1871 to 1891 I found his family, all born in Lancashire. William's parents were  William Hy and Caroline Ainsworth. Caroline died about 1879 and according to Evelyn's journal her son William used some of his inheritance to buy the fruit farm in California.


298.  Santa Clara County Biographies. A google search for "Ainsworth Santa Clara" found the following biography. "William Ainsworth resides on Hostetter Road, in the Eagle School District, about five and one-half miles north-east of San Jose, at which point he owns twenty-five acres of land, which is devoted to orchard purposes, producing apricots, peaches, prunes, plums, apples, pears and cherries. The orchard is about ten years old, and is in full bearing. It is worthy of mention that in 1887 seventy-five tons of fruit were taken from one thousand trees. These trees occupied about ten acres. The soil is a light loam, and is so moist that all kinds of vegetables can be raised without any irrigation.   The subject of this sketch was born in Lancashire County, England, in 1862.  His parents were William H. and Caroline (Wilkinson) Ainsworth.  He was reared to mercantile pursuits, after sixteen years of age, and was engaged in the India and China trade, in Manchester, England, until 1884.  In that year he came to the United States, landing in New York.  After a short stay in that city he went to Nebraska, with the intention of engaging in the cattle business, but not being suited with that country he came to California, and after spending time traveling over the State, came to Santa Clara County and purchased his present residence.  He then returned to England and married Miss A. C. Wild, of London, returning to California the same year with his bride, since which he has engaged in the cultivation of his orchard.  Mr Ainsworth has brought to his calling well-trained business habits which have insured his success.  Mr. and Mrs. Ainsworth have two children :Trevelyn and Cyral."     "SOURCE : Pen Pictures from The Garden of the World or Santa Clara County, California. Illustrated. - Edited by H.S.Foote. - Chicago : The Lewis Publishing Company, 1888. - page 530 transcribed by Roena Wilson"


299.  Marriage record for Ada Wild & William Ainsworth has the December quarter of 1884 Hendon district (volume 3a page 173).  In her sister Evelyn's diary the year is given as 1886 although it is included in the section of 1883 - 1885.  According to Evelyn's journal there were 5 bridesmaids, Edith and Emily Ainsworth, Gertrude Parrot (friend), Nora and Evelyn Wild.   The marriage record on ancestry shows the witnesses to the marriage were Eveline Maud Wild and Norman (surname not legible)


300.  Journal of Evelyn Harrison (nee Wild).  William Ainsworth came from Bowden, Cheshire. On FMP Census 1881 there is a likely record  for William with his widowed father and sister Edith living at the time in the Civil Parish of Bowdon, Cheshire. This place of residence agrees with the information in Evelyn's journal.  According to the journal William invested "in a fruit farm in California and he was to go out first and make a home before marrying.  After about a year he came back and then began the excitement of a wedding" to Ada Constance Wild.


301.  Journal of Evelyn Harrison (nee Wild).  In the journal Evelyn comments on  her sister Ada Ainsworth's visit to England with her 2 sons Trevelyn and Cyril, aged about 7 and 5 years.  Trevelyn is not on the 1900, 1910 or 1920 United States Federal Census with his family or elsewhere. The census indicates Ada had 5 children of whom 2 did not survive to adulthood, presumably Trevelyn was one of the two who died young.


302.  Archives of Trinity Church, San Jose.  Record of Baptism for Trevellyn, Doris and Horace Ainsworth by the Rev. John B Wakefield D.D 1884 - 1889


303.  Archives from Trinity Church, San Jose, California.  Potential marriage record for Cyril Ainsworth to Mildred C Blize on 28 March 1931 in Santa Clara.  Also Oregon marriage for Mildred Blize on 14 April 1919. For follow up


304.  WW1 Draft Registration for Cyril Ainsworth the source of his date of birth, address etc


305. USA records for birth and death for Doris Ainsworth and census for

306.  England Census.  In 1901 Gilbert L Wild age 34, his wife Edith M age 25 and their daughter Edith M age 7 are living in their home "Umina"  at Sevenoaks, Kent.  Both Ediths are recorded as born in Melbourne, Australia and British subjects.  In 1911 Gilbert and Edith Wild  are boarding at 68 - 70 Queensborough Terrace, Paddington.  His occupation is again given as solicitor.


307.  Birth record for Gilbert Wild March quarter 1864 Hampstead District (volume 1a page 529)  Christening record on on 15th April 1864, St Saviour, Hampstead, Middlesex.


308.  Death record for Gilbert Wild for March quarter 1914 Pancras District (volume 1b page 35)   Actual date and place of death from the National Probate Calendar on  His residence was 158 Aldersgate Street, London


309.  London Times Archives.  Obituary for Gilbert Louis Wild appeared in the paper on Wednesday 1 April 1914 .  

"The death occurred on Monday at a nursing home after an operation, of Mr Gilbert Louis Wild,  a member of the City Corporation. Mr Wild who was the son of a Corporator, was admitted a solicitor in 1886 and was a partner in the firm of Messrs Wake, wild and Boult, solicitors in Aldersgate - street and at Sevenoaks. He was also a barrister in the State of Victoria.  He entered the Court of Common Council of the city in 1907 as a representative of the ward of Aldersgate.  Last year he was the Chairman of the Music Committee of the Corporation. He was a member of the Metropolitan Asylums Board and the Board of Guardians of the City and a Liveryman of the Innholder's company.   ALSO  the notice "A short service will be held at the church of St Botolph, Aldersgate, tomorrow at noon to the memory of the late Gilbert L Wild C.C.  The funeral takes place at the city Crematorium, Ilford, at the same hour." Another item on 3 April 1914 records those who attended the service.


310.  BDM Register Victoria.  The source of the names of Edith Mary Wilkinson's parents for her birth registration and also the source of her daughter's birth registration.


311.  UK Incoming Passenger Lists 1878-1960) has several records for Edith Mary and Edith Marjorie Wild travelling together from Melbourne Australia to Southampton, England.  The first being Edith Marjorie, on her own, cabin accommodation on the Medic returning from Melbourne, arriving Southampton on 9 October 1924. A permanent resident of England, her address in the UK was c/- National provincial Union Bank, Aldersgate Street, London E C 1, her occupation stenographer. In 1926 Edith age 33, occupation typist, and her mother Edith age 52 returned from Australia on 18 November 1926 on the ship Largs Bay. The record shows they were last resident of Australia but intending permanent residence in England. Their proposed address in the UK was again the bank.  In 1929 the two Ediths, age 54 and 35, return from Melbourne on 19 October on the Hobsons Bay and their place of residence is 11b Bishopswood Road, Highgate N 6.  In 1946 the two Ediths, ages 73 and 52 return to Southampton on 17 November on the Stirling Castle, their place of residence again the Bank.


312.  BDM Victoria Index. Marriage record of Edith Wilkinson and Gilbert Louis Wild for 1892 (registration number 5930)


313.  Findmypast BMD & Census Records.  Likely death registration for Edith M Wild, age 84, in the March quarter 1959, Fulham District (volume 5c page 683)


314.  Findmypast BMD & Census Records.  Edith Marjorie Wild was still alive and single in 1946 (incoming passenger record from Australia).  As she had 5 known trips to Australia, sometimes recorded as a resident of Australia where she was born, she may have returned to Australia to live, particularly after the death of her mother in about 1959.  A check of the death registrations on findmypast from 1946 to 2006 does not show any definite death records for Edith Marjorie.  There are 2 possible records that cannot be excluded based on the year of birth being correct. The first being Edith M Wild born 1894 registered death in June 1963 in Leeds Yorkshire, age 72 - age is close but the county is not one expected, nor close to where the family lived over the years. The second for Edith Wild born August 1894 with death registration in December 1989 in High Peak District, Derbyshire.


315.  Christening record for "Eveline" Maud Wild on 15 November 1865 at Saint Saviour, Hampstead.  The record is not good and the transcription has "Evelina" whereas the original appears to be Eveline


316.  Findmypast BMD Records.  Death record for Eveline M Harrison age 90 for the March quarter of 1956, Watford District (volume 4b page 360)


317.  England Census.  In 1901 Harry and Eveline are living at The Vicarage, Mountnessing Village, Essex with Eric and "Lionell".  Harry's occupation is given as Clerk in Holy Orders, Clergyman Church of England.'  (The transcribed record shows the address as the "Village" but the original is quite clearly the Vicarage.)   In 1911 Harry & Eveline Harrison and children Lionel, Reginald and Sybil and 2 servants are still at the Vicarage.


318.  Findmypast BMD Records.  Marriage record for Harry George Harrison for the June quarter 1894, Hendon (volume 3a page 213)   On ancestry the marriage record shows the marriage took place in Christ Church in the Parish of Willesden, Brondesbury and the witnesses were Nora B Wild & Eliza Wild.  Harry's father's occupation is not legible.


319.  Birth record for Harry Harrison for December quarter 1864 Pancras District (volume 1b page 172).  On ancestry the Francis Family Tree has his date of birth as 20 March 1866, maybe 1864


320.  Findmypast BMD Records.  Death record for Harry G Harrison age 82 for the September quarter 1948, Watford District (volume 4b page 173)


321.  Birth record for Stella Mabel Harrison for the March quarter 1896, Braintree District (volume 4a page 691)


322.  Death registration for Stella Harrison in the June quarter 1896 (volume 4a page 333)


323.  Census.  In 1881, just after their marriage, Amy (nee Rowney) and Edward K Chamberlin are living in Brighton Grove, Rosney, Rusholme in Lancashire. Amy's mother Emily (nee Goodall) age 1(??) and sister Ella age 17 are living with them.  In 1891 they are living at 28 Alexandra Road, Hampstead with two daughters, Marjorie age 9 and Brenda age 5.  No occupation is recorded for Amy on the census.   In 1901 Amy is on her own with her daughters, Marjorie age 19 and Brenda age 15.  The record does not indicate whether or not Amy was widowed or not.  On the 1901 census Amy's occupation is given as Artist Painter.  Richard Goodall found a website showing one of Amy's miniatures.  The site indicates Amy was a member of the Royal Academy, the Society of Miniaturists and the Walker Art Gallery at Liverpool.


324.  Baptism record for Amy Gertrude Rowney of Oakley Square, born on 21 September and baptised on 20 October 1857.


325.  Two passenger records for Amy Gertrude Chamberlin.  The first, age 62 years 9 months,  on the S.S. China departing Nagasaki, Japan, on 27th July 1920. The second, age 67 years, returning from Singapore to London arriving on 26 April, 1925.  Both records show her as an artist and the address of her nearest relative was Mrs Furniss (her daughter) at 6 Holly Bank (1st record) 6 Holly Park (2nd record), Finchley, London N3.


326.  Census.  On the 1861 and 1871 census Edward K Chamberlin is living with his parents at Vermont House, Victoria Park, Rusholme in Lancashire. Edward's parents were both born in America and his father's occupation is given as 'American Commission Merchant'.  Edward was one of 7 children according to the 1861 census, the older siblings having been born in America and the younger ones in Manchester.  In 1861 the household included a governess and 4 servants.


327.  Marriage record for Amy Gertrude Rowney for the March quarter 1880, Pancras district (volume 1b page 136).  Marriage confirmed by 1881 Census with Amy's mother and sister also with them at Brighton Grove Rosney, Rusholme, Lancashire, on the day of the Census.  Ancestry has the marriage record confirming the actual date


328.  Likely death record for Edward Chamberlin age 62 in December quarter 1906, Norwich District (volume 4b page 120) - to be verified


329.   Birth record for Marjorie Chamberlin, the only record for that name, for the June quarter 1881, Chorlton district, Lancashire (volume 8c page 743).


330.  Death registration for marjorie Hough, age 70, in the March quarter 1952 (volume 7b page 535)


331.  Marriage record for "Majorie" Chamberlin for the September quarter 1917, Hampstead District (volume 1a page 1523)  Marriage Banns on  John Sidney Hough was a Schoolmaster at Oundle, the son of Joseph Hough, gentleman. The witnesses were Arthur Rowney and James F Hough


332.  England & Wales Death Index on   The source of John Sidney Hough's date of birth and year and place of death


333.  1901 Census.  Arthur Rowney, Artists' Colour Manufacturer, is living with wife and 2 children at 47 King Henry's Road, Hampstead.  Son Noel's occupation is recorded as 'Assisting his father'.  In 1911 Arthur, Artists colorman and Pencil Maker, Constance and Irene are still at the same address.  Son Noel is with his wife Veronica Adela and daughter Sheila Constance Mary aged 8 months. They are living at 35 Antrim Mansions, Hampstead. Veronica's sister Viola is with them.

334.  Birth record for Arthur Rowney for December quarter 1859, Pancras District (volume 1b page 93)


335.  London Times Archives.  Death notice for Arthur Rowney "dearly loved husband of Maud Rowney. Cremation Golders Green Monday January 5, 3 o'clock.  No flowers and no letters, please.  See the footnote re Arthur's marriage


336.  Marriage record for Arthur Rowney registered June quarter 1883 (volume 1a page 1077)


337.  Death record for Constance E Rowney, 47 year, June quarter 1912, Hampstead District (volume 1a page 642)


338.  London Times Archives. Death notice "Rowney - On the 19th instant, Constance Emily Rowney, wife of Arthur Rowney. Funeral West Hampstead Wednesday 24 instant 2 o'clock. Friends please accept. (only intimation)"


339.  London Times Archives.   In the 22 August 1913 edition a marriage announcement "Rowney - Wild.   On the 20th August 1913 at St Mary's Church, Stoke Newington, by the Rev. H G Harrison, Vicar of Mountnessing, assisted by the Rev. J L Davids, Rector of North Fainbridge, Essex, Arthur Rowney of Wedderburn House, Hampstead NW, son of the late Frederick William Rowney to Maude Mary, second daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Edgar Wild of 61 Amhurst Park N."   The Rev. H G Harrison is Maude's uncle, husband of Evelyn Maud Wild.  Marriage record for September quarter 1913, Hackney District (volume 1b page 1158)


340.  Baptism record for Maude Mary Wild on 7 April 1886 at St Andrew, Willesden.  The source of the date and place of birth


341.  London Times Archives.  Death notice for Robinson "Maude (nee Wild) formerly widow of Arthur Rowney"  "Peacefully at the Robertson Nursing Home"


342.  Census   On the 1891 census the occupation of Walter G Rowney, age 29 and single, is given as Artist's Colourman & Pencil Man.  In 1901, an Artists Colors and Pencils Manufacturer.  He is living at Noel House, Gainsborough Gardens, Hampstead with 2 servants.   In 1911 Walter and Blanche are living with their 3 children, 'Gwendden', Margaret and Thomas, and 4 servants at 2 Oak Hill Park, Hampstead.


343.  London Times Archives.  Birth notice for a son to Mrs F W Rowney.   And on ancestry the baptismal record for 10 February 1862


344.  Findmypast BMD.  Death registration for Walter G Rowney for the June quarter 1947, Ledbury District (volume 9a page 54)


345.  On the 1901 census Blanche Limbeer is recorded as a Professor of Music,  her younger sister an artist sculptor, older brother a member of the stock exchange and her father a meat merchant/ butcher employer.  The family are living in Hampstead


346.  Marriage record for Walter George Rowney and Blanche Limebeer for the June quarter 1906, Hampstead District (volume 1a page1375)  Ancestry has the parish marriage record at St Peter, Belsize Park in the Camden Borough of London.  Blanche's father is John, a gentleman


347.  Birth record for Blanche Limebeer for September quarter 1875, Chertsey District (volume 2a page 46)   On ancestry the record of baptism on 17 December 1875 at St John the Evangelist, Paddington.  Their place of residence was 66 Cambridge Street


348.  London Times Archives.  Death notice "On January 8, 1959, peacefully at Gerrards Cross, Blanche, beloved wife of the late Walter George Rowney of Hampstead and loved mother of Gwen, Margaret and Tom. Cremation Golders Green on January 10 privately"


349.  Birth record for Ella Rowney in March quarter 1864, Pancras District (volume 1b page 108)  On ancestry the baptismal record with actual date of birth, the baptism on 13 April 1864. Their place of abode was 33 Oakley Square


350.  Census.  1891 record for Ralph "T' Harrison age 31, Manager East India Merchant, with Ella, age 27, and Ashley R age 5 and Mildred M age 2 both born St Albans, Hertfordshire.  They are living in Hatfield Road, St Peter, St Albans with 2 servants.  In 1901 Ralph & "Ellen" are living in Sevenoaks, Kent, with Ashley R, age 15, and Mildred M age 12.   In 1911 Ralph, age 51, is recorded as Managing Director of a Private Company, East India Merchants Employer. Ella, age 46, and Ralph have been married for 26 years and their 2 children  are still living at home.  Their son Ashley Rowney Harrison, age 25, is recorded as a horticultural student.  There is also one servant.  Their house had 11 rooms "excluding the scullery, landing, lobby, closet, bathroom ...".  Ralph signed the census form and gave their address as "Bradbourne, Sevenoaks, Kent".  Daughter Mildred Mary was a student visitor in Blything, Suffolk.


351.  Marriage record for Ella Rowney and Ralph Frederick Harrison for March quarter 1885, Pancras District (volume 1b page 135).  Actual date of marriage from the Marriage Banns on ancestry


352.  London Times Archives.  In the paper on 23 march 1935 a Golden Wedding announcement for Ralph Frederick Harrison and Ella Rowney married on 24 March 1885 at Christ church, Albany Street, London  and then living at 3 Hill View Road, Woking.


353.  Baptismal record for Ralph Frederick Harrison on Saturday 29 October 1859  In the Parish of St Matthew', Middlesex.  The record shows the actual date of birth, his parents names and their residence being 3 Bedford Place.  Ralph's father's occupation is recorded as printer


354.  Findmypast BMD Records  Death registration for Ralph F Harrison age 77 in the December quarter 1936 Surrey N W District (volume 2a page 407)   On ancestry the National Probate Calendar which has the residence as The Nook, Hillview Road, Woking, Surrey, with probate granted to his widow Ella, spinster daughter Mildred Mary and solicitor Joseph Purdey Calkin


355.  Baptismal record for Ashley Rowney Harrison on 4 February 1886 at Christ Church, Albany Street,  St Pancras.  St Albans is recorded as their residence


356.  1911 Census.  In 1911 Mildred Mary Harrison is a student visitor at Cleveland Cottage, Walberswick, Southwold, Blything, Suffolk

357.  Christening record for 1 December 1888.  No scanned image available


358.  London Times Archives.  In Saturday 8 August 1959 edition in the Deaths  Wills and Bequests "3,500 (Pounds) left to a Girls' School.  Miss Mildred Mary Harrison, of Chelmsford, left 39,017 (pounds) gross, 38,863 (pounds) net (duty paind 5,803).  She left 3,500  to Walthamstow Hall School for the Daughters of Missionaries, and 500 to Barnardo's Homes."


359.  England Census.  In 1901 Percy and Lilian Harley are living at 71 Broadhurst Gardens, Hampstead with their 3 children and 2 servants.  Percy's occupation is given as shipbroker.  In 1911 they are living at 95 Fellows Road, Hampstead, and son Arthur Darent is not with the family. There are 2 servants.  Son Norman's occupation is recorded as part time clerk and student and Percival is a student. There is no occupation recorded for Lilian and a recent google search shows her as an artist under "Lilian Harley Rowney"


360.  Askart Auction Website.  Lilian Rowney is recorded as having been an artist over the period 1893 to 1934 and there were 15 records of her artworks at auction but there were no samples of her artwork


361.  Baptismal record for Lilian Rowney, the source of her date of birth. the baptism was held on 14 June 1867 at St Matthew, St Pancras, Camden Borough


362.  Findmypast BMD.  Likely death registration for Lilian Harley, age 92, in the June quarter 1960, Kingswood District (volume 7b page 474).  Age is correct and the only possible record from 1942 to 1961


363.  London Times Archives.  Marriage announcement in Tuesday 28th June 1892 edition " On the 25th inst. the Rev. F T Hetling, M.A., Vicar, Percy Harley, 71 Broadhurst Gardens NW, youngest son of Francis Harley, Highbury New Park N,to Lilian, youngest daughter of Frederick Wm Rowney, No. 16 Cumberland Terrace, Regent's park NW."   ALSO marriage reference - volume 1b page 200.   ALSO 1901 census shows Lilian & Percy Harley living at Hampstead with their 3 children. Percy's occupation is recorded as shipbroker.


364.   Birth record for Percy Harley for December quarter 1864, Islington District (volume 1b page 226)


365.  Likely death registration for Percy Harley, age 77, in the June quarter 1942, Paddington District (volume 1a page 3)


366.   Birth record for Arthur Darent Harley for June quarter 1895, Hampstead District (volume 1a page 635)


367.  Google search re Arthur Darent Harley.  First finding on page 314 in a book "A Lack of Offensive Spirit" by Alan MacDonald which reported the casualties of the 1/6th South Staffordshire Regiment. The footnote read


" Captain Arthur Darent Harley .... lived at 95 Fellows Road, South Hampstead.  He was the son of Percy and Lilian Harley of Rathlin, Frithwood Avenue, Northwood.  He was wounded on 13th October 1915 at the Hohenzollern Redoubt.  He rejoined the battalion in early June 1916 and was promoted Captain on 1st June and reported "missing" on 1st July 1916.  His body was never found and his name is inscribed on the Thiepval Memorial, Pier and Face 7B"  The names of 604 members of the South Staffordshire regiment are recorded on the Memorial. The London Times Archives has In Memoriam notices in 1935, 1937 and 1938 for Captain Arthur Darent Harley "B.Sc., South Staffs, beloved son of Mr & Mrs Percy Harley, missing Gommecourt Wood, July 1 1916. Never forgotten"  On ancestry the national Probate Calendar showing the usual place of residence as 95 Fellow Road South Hampstead


368.   Possible marriage record for Percival H Harley to Irene E Gentle in the September quarter 1934, Marylebone District (volume 1a page 1737)  Irene Elizabeth Gentle born 21 November 1905, Luton District, Bedfordshire - Hertfordshire [volume 3b page 370], death registration September 1993, Bath, Somerset [B46C/073]  for verification


369.   Birth record for Percival Howard Harley for the June quarter 1900, Hampstead District (volume 1a  page 613)  On ancestry the baptismal record if for "Perewal" Howard Harley


370.  In 1901 Frederick & Ada Burton and son Walter are living at 78 Queen's Road, Wood Green, Tottenham (Middlesex) with Frederick's parents.  Frederick's occupation is recorded as "Artist (Black White Volunteer Sergt)"  and Ada a "Music Teacher".  They have a boarder Charles Jung, age 6, born Bowes Park, Middlesex, maybe a relative.   In 1911 Frederick & Ada Burton are living at 24 Oxford Road, Lower Edmonton W. Frederick's occupation is recorded as "black and white artist, magazine illustration" graduating from "draughtsman on wood" in 1881 and  "artist in black and white" in 1891.  Ada was a music teacher working part time in later years. Their son Frederick was a  "fine etcher, photographic process engineering"


371.  Death registration for Ada Burton, age 67,  in the March quarter 1927, Edmonton District (spans the boundaries of Essex, Hertfordshire & Middlesex Counties) (volume 3a page 763) - to be confirmed


372.  Marriage record for Ada Juffs Goodall, daughter of Walter Goodall, for the March quarter 1886, Bedford District (volume 3b page 466).   On familysearch the record shows the date of the marriage to Frederick and details of the fathers.  Ada's father is recorded as Walter Goodall and Frederick's as Alfred Alexander Burton


373.   Possible birth records for Frederick William Burton in the September quarter 1859, London (volume page ) and another for the March quarter 1858 in St Martin in the Fields, Middlesex


374.   Death registration for Frederick W Burton, age 66, December quarter 1925, Edmonton (volume 3a page 636) - to be confirmed


375.   Birth registration for Walter Frederick Burton for the March quarter 1889, Bedford District (volume 3b page 336 )


376.  England & Wales Death Index 1916 - 2005   Registration for Walter F Burton in 1970 (volume 3a page 92034). Year of death initially courtesy of Christine Peppal. Walter's age is recorded as 28, married, occupation shellmaker and his place of residence as 60 Baubot Street, Lower Edmonton.

377.   Marriage registration for Walter Burton to Alice Ward in the December quarter 1911 (volume 3a page 1036).  Marriage confirmed also by family historian Christine Pepall, Alice's grandniece.  Rose apparently remarried after the death of her husband, with the surname Armstrong.  There are no marriage records under Burton from 1945 through 1948


378.  Family Historian Christine Peppall.  Information on Alice Rose Ward courtesy of her grandniece Christine.


379.  Findmypast BMD & Census Records.  In 1901 Ida and her husband William H K Price are living  at 5 Tottenham Place, Bristol with their eight children aged 17 to 1 year of age . William's occupation was 'Wholesale Provision Merchants'


380.  Birth record for Ida "Tiebe" Frewer (a transcription error from "Hebe") for the December quarter 1860, Kendal District (spans the boundaries of the counties of Lancashire and Westmorland) (volume 10b page 526).  The information on Windermere as the place of birth comes from the census data.  The actual date of birth is from the public family tree of Claire Griffin on ancestry


381.  Death record for Ida Hebe Price (nee Frewer) December quarter 1903, Bristol District (volume 6a page 118)


382.  Marriage record for Ida Hebe Frewer to William Henry K Price or King-Price June quarter 1882, Barton Regis District (volume 6a page 289)


383.  London Times Archives.  In the Thursday 13 April 1882 edition - "On Easter Tuesday April 1882 at the Church of S Mary the Virgin, Tyndall's Park, Bristol, by the Rev. George Frewer, M.A., Rector of Hitcham, Bucks, uncle of the bride, assisted by the Rev. William Frederick Bryant, M.A., Vicar of the parish, William Henry King Price, of Clifton, to Ida Hebe Frewer, eldest daughter of Henry Frewer, M.A., Clerk in Holy Orders, one of the classical masters in the Grammar School, Bristol."


384.  Great grandson of W H K Price. (via Genesreunited website)  "William Henry King Price ....died tragically : Swept overboard from the deck of the steamer "Argo" during a gale in Bristol Channel, between Tenby and Milford Haven, on Saturday 26th July 1902.  He was Chairman of Directors of Messrs. Price and Parker, provision merchants of Bristol."


385.  Possible birth record for Reginald H Price at Barton Regis district (volume 6a page 56a) - to be verified


386.   Marriage record for Reginald H Price in the June quarter 1913, Bristol District (volume 6a page 251)


387.  Possible marriage for Gladys M Price in June quarter 1913 in Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire - for follow up


388.  Possible birth record for Gladys M(uriel ?) Price for Barton Regis District (volume 6a page 50) to be verified


389.  Birth record for Ethel Hebe Price for December quarter 1888, Barton Regis district (volume 6a page 57)


390.  England & Wales Death Index has a death registration for Ethel Hebe Price born October 1888 died 1976. (volume 10 page 3590)


391.  Birth record for William King Price for September quarter 1890, Barton Regis District (volume 6a page 51)


392.  Marriage Banns for Douglas Goodall Price on 20 October 1917.


393.  Marriage record for Mervyn B Price and Jessie Griffiths for the June quarter 1933, Newport M district [spans the boundaries of Glamorgan, Gwent and Monmouthshire] (volume 11a page 611)


394.  Birth record for Ethel Laura Frewer for the March quarter 1868, Clifton in Gloucestershire (volume 6a page 80)


395.  On the England & Wales Death Index, the registration for Ethle L Donaldson, age 95 (volume 5h page 328)


396.  Findmypast Census Records.  In 1891 Thomas W Donaldson, age 25, solicitor is living with his wife  Ethel L, age 23, and Thomas' widowed mother Jane, age 49, and sister Gertrude Emma, age 26, both "living on their own means".  They are living at 3 Clifton Villas, Torquay Road, Wolborough, Newon Abbot.   In 1901 Thomas  & Ethel Laura are living with their 3 children and Ethel's mother, Louisa Frewer, age 65, at Trewellard, Torquay Road, Wolborough, Newton Abbot, Devonshire.   In 1911  Thomas & Ethel are living with their 4 children at Southfield 20, College Road, Newton Abbot, Devonshire.  Thomas' occupation is recorded as a solicitor and son Eric Lockwood's as a bank clerk.


397.   Marriage record for Ethel Laura Frewer June quarter 1890, Barton R district (volume 6a page 338) & from the 1891 census confirmation her husband was Thomas William Donaldson, occupation solicitor.


398.  1901 Census.  Ethel & Thomas Donaldson were living Wolborough with Newtown Abbot with three children all born Newton Abbot, Devon.


399. Birth record for Thomas William Donaldson in September quarter 1865, Tunbridge District (volume 2a page 463/493) District, September quarter


400.  Death record for Thomas W Donaldson for the June quarter 1925, age 59 years, Newton Abbot (volume 5b page 153)


401.  England & Wales National Probate Calendar on ancestry.  Probate record for Thomas William Donaldson the source of his date of death, probate being granted to his widow Ethel Laura Donaldson


402.  Findmypast BMD Records.  The source for the death registration and the date of birth for John Henry L Donaldson.


403.  Findmypast BMD Records.  Likely marriage record for John H L Donaldson in the June quarter 1931 (volume 3a page 253)


404.  Findmypast Census Records.  In 1881 Lancelot Osmund Frewer, age 9, born Clifton, Bristol, is resident at Christ's Hospital School in Hertford.  In 1891 he is a university student  living at home again with his parents at 7 Gordon Road, Clifton, Bristol.   In 1901 "Launcelot", age 30, a Clergyman C of E, is living in the Civil Parish of Roxton in Bedford.  In 1911, still single, Lancelot is living at the Ashington Rectory, Pulborough, with his widowed mother. The transcription has the surname as Frower but the original record shows Frewer.  Lancelot's Christian name is transcribed as Sanner and indeed is it not very legible in the record of household residents but is legible on the signature. The servant's surname also transcribed as Frower seems more likely Fryer.  The obituary for Lancelot's son Charles Frewer has considerable information on the family. On some records his name is also recorded as Lancelot ' Osmond'


405.  Birth record for Lancelot Osmond Frewer for the September quarter 1870, Clifton district (volume 6a page 57)   And on the IGI with christening date of 6 July 1870


406.  London Times Archives.  Death notice for the Rev. Lancelot Osmond Frewer, late Rector of Ashington.  In an online familytreemaker tree for the Frewer family Lancelot's date of death is given as 15 November 1941


407.  Marriage record for Lancelot Osmond Frewer for September quarter 1915, Thakeham in Sussex (volume 2b page 955). Valentine's name is recorded as Valentine A Pickersgill-Cunliffe.  The birth record for Valentine has Valentine Audrey T Cunliffe and the 1891 census has her as Valentine A P Cunliffe


408.  Audrey's birth registration is in the June quarter 1877.  The actual date of birth from the public family tree of "meblathwayt" on


409.  Findmypast BMD & Census Records   Death registration for Valentine Audrey Frewer in the December quarter 1980, Worthing (volume 18 page 2333).  The source of her date of birth


410.  London Times Archives. Birth notice for a son, John,  to the wife of L O Frewer for 1916.  In 1925 a death notice for John C L Frewer, oldest son of Mr & Mrs L O Frewer


411.  England & Wales National Probate Calendar on ancestry.  The source of the place of death for John Cunliffe Lancelot Frewer


412.  London Times Archives.  Birth record for a son to Lancelot & Valentine Frewer but no Christian names given but found on Findmypast BDM records


413.  "Times Past" Newsletter of the Storrington & District Museum.  I found this newsletter when I did a google search for the Frewer family.  On page 2 of Issue No. 13 December 2002 is a full page obituary for Charles Henry Frewer.  The obituary reads  


"We were all very sad to learn of the sudden death or our loyal Friend and regular museum steward Charles Frewer on 30th September, 2002.  Charles, son of Lancelot Osmond and Valentine Audrey Frewer (nee Pickersgill - Cunliffe) was born on 23 May 1919 and baptised by his father on 29 June 1919 in Ashington Church as his brother and sister were.  He grew up in Ashington Rectory.  With his elder brother and two sisters born "on either side of him.  His brother born in 1916 was given his mother's family name, being christened John Cunliffe Frewer, but sadly died at the age of nine.  Of his sisters who lived in Canada, only Mary survives.  His father had been curate of Ashington from 1894 - 6 and was Rector of Ashington with Bunctor and Sequestrator of Warminghurst, from 1909 - 1936.  Charles knew everybody who was anybody in the district during the pre-war years." ..... "Charles was educated first at The Gables in Seaford, later to Bexhill and then went to Lancing College where he learnt to play the organ.  He left Lancing in 1938 and went on to read History and Classics at Oxford, but his academic studies were interrupted by WW2, when he received call-up papers for the Royal Ordnance Corps.  During the war, he was in a building in London which collapsed on top of him and he was badly wounded, from which he never fully recovered." ..... "He resumed his Oxford studies, and rowed for his college, a sport in which he retained a life-long interest and always kept detailed records of the Oxford-Cambridge Boat Race.  When Oxford lost all their records in a fire, Charles was able to restore them from his private notes.  he achieved his BA and later MA and after one or two teaching posts went to Culford House at Bury St Edmunds, where he remained for the next 34 years, retiring 19 years ago to his parents' home in Storrington." .... "Although he never married, Charles enjoyed family life and was a very much-loved brother, uncle, great uncle and shortly before his death, attended the christening of his great-great niece"  There is a lot more personal information on Charles' interests, particularly in retirement in the obituary.


414.  GRO Birth Certificate for Edwina Rosemary Goodall gives her father as Thomas Edward and her mother as Harriett Emily Constance Constant, the informant being "H. E. C. Goodall  Mother 5 Marlborough Road, Ealing".  The notice for the birth was in the London Times on 30 November 1921.  In 2009 Rosemary's son still lives in the Marlborough Road home.  (GRO birth reference for Edwina  in December quarter, Marylebone District volume 1a page 800)


415.  Findmypast BMD Records.  Source for the death of Edwina Rosemary Goodall


416.  Findmypast BMD Records.  Possible death record for James Gray born 11 December 1919 who died about September 1995 at Ealing which is where the family were living - to be verified


417.  Marriage record for Edwina R Goodall to James Gray for March quarter 1960 (volume 5e page 38)


418.  Census.  Place of birth for Jessie Beatrice Barnard given as Bheoowel  on 1901 and Bombay, India on 1911.   Family search has the date of birth as 28 January 2897 and place as Bhusawal, Maharashtra


419.  Birth and christening record for Jessie Beatrice Barnard, born 28 January and christened 25 February 1897 in Bhusaval, Maharashtra, India


420.  Hooton Family Historian Annabel Hooton.  The source of the Hooton family information.  A google search showed additional information from the LDS website, familysearch and freebmd


421.  Birth registration for David C Hooton, mother's maiden name Barnard, for the June quarter 1922, Cheltenham (volume 6a page 731)

422.  Ann Arkell daughter of Thomas Henslow Barnard.  Ann has shared a press cutting from late 1980 on her artist father entitled "Major Tom's zest for life at 82".   The following are excerpts from the article. 


"Not many 80 year olds have the go - even if they have the talent - to stage an art exhibition as Major Tom Barnard of Leckhampton has at the Regent Gallery, Regent Street, Cheltenham.  The exhibition is full of his own exhuberance of life showing a number of delightful landscapes, marine subjects, still life and flowers all in oil. One of Cheltenham's and the West of England's more distinguished artists, Tom Barnard has three main painting loves in his life, boats, flowers and Cotswold country scenes. .... Tom is a leading member of the Royal West of England Academy and Cheltenham Group of Artists. He has only recently retired as their secretary after over 35 years.  ....  Painting came naturally to Tom as a boy but thoughts of making it more than just a hobby. .... His first chance of serious painting didn't come until he was serving in India after the war" (WW1 in which he was injured twice). .... Tom retired from the Army in 1937 and started and art teachers course. He was recalled to the Army in 1939 ....  After WW2 ..."Teaching, with its long holidays, was to give him plenty of opportunity to paint.  He has had work hung at the Royal Academy, the New English art Club and the Royal West of England Academy.  His paintings are in the collections of Cheltenham, Gloucester and Keighley besides many private collections in this country and overseas, ..."


423.   Birth record for Thomas Henslow Barnard for the September quarter of 1898, Cheltenham District (volume 6a page 396).  Actual date of birth taken from his death record on same website.


424.   Baptismal record for Thomas Henslow Barnard on 28 October 1898 at St Mark, Regent's Park


425.  Findmypast BMD Records.  Death record for Thomas Henslow Barnard, registered September 1992 (reg. no. 992, volume 22 page 1501)


426.   Marriage record for Thomas H Barnard and Agnes M R Anderson for the March quarter 1929, Thanet District, Kent (volume 2a page 1897)    A google search showed a St Lawrence Marriages 1929 - 1930 record for Thomas, 31 years, an Army Officer living at Milton Barracks, Gravesend, and Agnes Mary Ruth Anderson, 26 years, living at 23 Westcliff Terrace, St Lawrence.  Thomas' occupation is given as civil engineer.  Agnes' father's name is John Coussmaker Anderson, his occupation a Barrister.  The witnesses to the marriage were R C H Barnard (Thomas' father) Vincent Barnard and M Anderson.  They were married by Vernon Storr, Canon of Westminster.


427.  London Times Archives.  An engagement notice was published on 21 March 1928 for "Thomas Henslow Barnard of the Gloucestershire Regiment, son of Mr & Mrs R C H Barnard of Leckhampton & Ruth, daughter of Mr & Mrs J C Anderson of St Lawrence, Ramsgate"


428.  Family Historian Ann Arkell.  Ann's mother Agnes Mary Ruth Anderson (known as Ruth) was born in San Remo,Italy, where her parents were for a short time.


429.  Family Historian Ann Arkell.  Ann's parents Thomas Henslow & Ruth Barnard were cremated and their stone is in St Peter's churchyard Leckhampton.  This is also where grandparents Robert Cary Henslow and Frances Anne Barnard are buried.

430.  Findmypast BMD Records.  Birth record for Thomas R Barnard in the December quarter 1929, Thanet District (volume 2a page 1672)


431.  London Times Archives.  Report on the "Search for Pirates Off Borneo" in the Thursday 1 April 1954 edition.  Robert Thomas Barnard was killed in the raid by pirates looting the town of Semporno.  Rob, as he was known to his family, did a forestry degree at Oxford and became the Conservator of Forests in North Borneo.


432.  Family Historian Richard Goodall.  The source of information on his parents Edward Goodall and Caroline Victoria Puckle


433.  London Times Archives.  Birth notice "at Chamberlain Street, Wells, Somerset, the wife of Sidney F Goodall, of a son".   No name given for the son or the mother.  Freebmd show the birth record for Edward Goodall for the December quarter 1909, Wells District (volume 5c page 363)


434.  British Columbia Archives.  Death registration for Edward Goodall, age 73 (Reg. No. 1982 - 09 - 014580)


435.  British Columbia Archives.  Death registration for Caroline Victoria Goodall, age 84 (Reg. No. 1989 - 09 - 014050)


436.  Birth record for Geoffrey Whitehall (surname) Cooke for December quarter 1901, Hendon District (volume 3a page 233).  Also the birth reported in the London Times giving the actual place of birth and that he was the younger son of Dr. & Mrs Whitehall Cooke


437.  Findmypast BMD Records  The source of  Geoffrey Whitehall Cooke's date of birth and month and place of death at age 93.


438.  London Times Archives.  Marriage notice for Geoffrey Whitehall Cooke, younger son of Cecil and Louisa of Pinner Hill, Middlesex, to Anne Heathern Huxley, younger daughter of Mr Henry Huxley and the late Mrs Huxley of Wooton Close, Boar's Hill, Oxford. "The bride wore a gown of white and gold angel-skin and carried a bouquet of red roses." " Mr Henry Huxley and Lady Harding (sister of the bride) afterwards held a reception at Wooton Close, Boar's Hill".


439.  Findmypast BMD Records.  The actual date of birth for Anne Huxley is from the death record.  The Freebmd birth records gives Paddington District, June quarter, 1905 (volume 1a page 73)


440.  Death registration for Anne Heathorn Cooke (nee Huxley) in December 1989 (volume 18 page 2726)


441.  Findmypast BMD Records.  Birth record for Frances H Cooke, mother's maiden name Huxley, June quarter 1939, Kensington District (volume 1a page 165)


442.  Family Historian Ann Arkell.   Frances Henrietta Hutton, nee Cooke, died approximately 6 weeks after her wedding. Frances sustained fatal injuries when a speeding car hit her whilst she was walking a horse at dusk.  Registered in the December quarter 1963, Gloucester District


443.  Findmypast BMD Records.  Marriage record for Frances H Cooke to Gabriel B Hutton, Surrey S W, in the September quarter 1963


446.  NSW Census.  On the 1936 electoral roll Alfred and Amy Goodall are recorded as living at 29 Cavendish Street, Enmore (Cook/Newtown electoral district). Alfred died in November 1935 so the roll was not amended to reflect this.


447.  Greetings Birthday Book of Amy Jones  The source of Alfred Goodall's actual date of birth.  In her birthday book Gran has written Alf Goodall alongside 1st May.


448.  NSW BDM Registry.  Marriage registration for Alfred E McArthur/MacArthur and Amy E Goodall in 1922 Sydney District (525/1922)


449.  BDM Register NSW.  Birth record for Hannah M Goodall, mother's name Mary, for 1904 (Registration No.29158).  No father's name recorded


450.  NSW BDM Registry.  Marriage registration for Edward J Abbott and Maisie H Goodall. 1926, Newtown (7202/1926)


451.  BDM NSW Registry.  Birth registration for Edward J Abbott 10162/1902, parents' names William M N and Elizabeth S Abbott, South Balmain District


452.  Fredric Abbot's Wife Joanne Abbott.  Thank you Joanne for this resume of Fredric's career.


"Heading up Doris Fitton's Iconic Independent Theatre Workshop in North Sydney, 1954 - 1958, Fredric played both support and leading roles in many of her productions.  At this time most theatre in Sydney was of amateur status.  Then in 1955 the tide began to turn and professional productions began to emerge.  Almost the first of these at the Independent Theatre was Jean Anouilh's play "The Lark" in which Fredric played one of the leading roles as Robert de Beaudricourt.  This production received great acclaim resulting in several overseas career offers and opportunities for him.  After some deliberation and considerable courage, he decided to take the plunge and make plans to try his luck in the U.K.  He travelled to Southampton on the maiden voyage of the Fairsky in December 1958 intending to stay some 5 years (or so).  It eventuated that 5 years stretched to 25, much to the chagrin of his wife Joanne who had emigrated from the UK with her family in 1951 expecting to enjoy her future in Australia.  Fred and Joanne married in 1956 and Lorraine Theodoros (nee Goodall) was their little "flowergirl" bridesmaid.         Fredric's career was quick to take off he having luckily been introduced to an Australian Theatrical Agent who had received "good reviews" of his work in Sydney.  It wasn't long before Fredric was performing on TV, Films, Reportory and Local Theatre.  He continued working, albeit with regular "breaks" until his return to Sydney in 1978 where he worked with his old friends Patrick McNee of "The Avengers" fame in the production of "The Secretary Bird" following which he returned to his home in Wimbledon and continuation of his career there.  He was President of the Stage Golfing Society, Richmond, a wonderful outlet for the "resting actor" of which there are always many. 


After the loss of his father in 1981 which left his mother Maisie (nee Goodall), now in very poor health living alone, Fredric and Joanne decided to return to Sydney.  During the next year they built a house in Cherrybrook and Maisie went to live with them, enjoying the final 10 years of her life in relative comfort and somewhat improved health.         Fredric continued working in Sydney, appearing on TV and in his much loved Theatre.  But in the early 90's Maisie was in need of regular care until, shortly before her death in 1992, he himself began to feel the tiredness and lethargy, often the pre-cursor to cancer, a condition he lived with until it finally took him in 1996.  During his years in the UK he made over 100 TV appearances, 15 films, appeared in many theatre repertory companies, regularly returning to York, Chesterfield, Bournemouth and Leatherhead (15 in all).  There were also the pre-West End Opening Theatre Tours which resulted in regular 4 - 8 week tours, two or three which actually  did successfully make it to the West End."


453.  Family Historian Lorraine Goodall.   I was the flowergirl at the wedding of Fred & Joanne Abbott.  Although a couple of years later they were living in England we saw Fred frequently on television.  He was an "artist" of theatre and television and featured in a variety of well known television shows.


455.  NSW BDM Registry. No registration online for Vera Goodall up to 1909


456.  NSW BDM Registry.  Marriage registration for John H Lawler and Vera I Goodall for 1928  (19614/1928) Ryde District


457.  NSW BDM Registry.  Birth registration for John H  Lawler, parents James & Emily H, in 1904 (2868/1904)


458.  NSW BDM Registry. Death registration for John Harold Lawler in 1964 Marrickville District, the son of James and Emily 'Hellen' Lawler ( 12204/1964)


460.  The 1920 United States Federal Census records Egbert and Louise Tuckett living in Galveston (Ward 7), Texas with their 3 children, all born in Texas. Their son's name is recorded as "Hilton".  In a comment to forum the son's name is reported as Helton Charles and Egbert's wife's name is given as Henrietta. To be verified


461.  The source for the date of death for Egbert Tuckett and that he was recorded as single status


462.  The "My Sullivan Family Tree" is the source of information on Henrietta Annie Wallstein being the second wife of Egbert Tuckett and that she was earlier married, in 1908, to John Daniel Bierman, with three children to the marriage - Henry John, William Frank and Henrietta Helli Bierman.  Henry John Bierman married Lydia Emily Tuckett in 1932 and later in 1973 married Flora Belle Cokes (1930 - 1989)


463.  In the USA Social Security Death Index, the death registration for  Helton C Tuckett (SSN 453-01-0224)


464.  1920 United States Federal Census.  Annie Tuckett's age is given as 1 year 11 months, the census being taken about February


465.  1920 United States Federal Census.  Estelle Tuckett (26) is the wife of John Rowland (32), their 2 children and her mother Helen (nee Goodall, a widow age 60), are living in Galveston, Texas (Ward 10)


466.   In the USA Social Security Death Index a record for Estelle Rowland with her actual date of birth and death


467.  Likely death record for John Rowland born 1888  in about May 1973 in Galveston Texas where his wife died several years later. 


468.  California Death Index on ancestry. The source of the actual date of birth and death for Iris A Rowland, mother's maiden name Tuckett, and that her married name was Bierman.  Presumably connected to the same Bierman family as her uncle Egbert Helton Tuckett but no marriage record on ancestry


469.  Mrs Felumb is on the NSW Unassisted Immigrant Passenger list for Fremantle to Sydney arriving on 8th November 1920


470.  W.A. BDM Indexes.  Birth record for Eveline Milne Goodall registered for 1892 in Perth, W.A., (registration no. 979, 1892).  Baptism record, courtesy of her daughter Elna, shows Eveline Milne Goodall was baptised on the 9th day of June 1892 by Robert Hanlin, Minister of Scots' Church, Fremantle, Western Australia.


471.  NSW BDM Registry.  Death record for Eveline Felumb in 1957 registration number 10723.  Eveline died at her daughter's residence, her usual residence was 669 Military Road, Mosman.


472.  NSW BDM & Google.  Adrien's name came from the BDM records of NSW.  A google search found an interview in which he, his occupation and some family information was given. The interviewee John Schenker stated Adrien was Danish.  Adrien was a piano tuner as was his son in law and they had a piano retail & tuning business on the corner of Military Road and The Lane, Mosman, NSW.  The interviewee indicated Adrien & Eveline had a son and a daughter but NSW BDM records shows marriages for 2 daughters but not for a son.  I later found the WW2 death record for the son who died in 1945.


473.  Migration records show Adrien Felumb came to Australia from Copenhagen via Melbourne to Sydney aboard the "Tongking" arriving on 12th July 1915.   Australian census and Sands Directory records show his home and business addresses for the 1920's through 1930's at Ben Boyd Road, Neutral Bay and  Military Road, Mosman.


474.  BDM Register NSW.  Death record for Adrien Felumb in 1956, registration number 19506


475.  National Archives of Australia.  The source for the date of birth for Jack Felumb who served in the Australian Corps of Signals (NX34517) and died in service.


476.  National Archives of Australia. Jack is on the Honour Roll for WW2 and is buried at Ambon Memorial Cemetery. Various records give detail on the Island of Ambon where AIF troops were sent to help garrison the island  as it was apparently an important air and sea link between Australia, New Guinea and the northern Netherlands East Indies.


477.  UK Census  In 1911 Thomas Allan Trevelyan Savory's occupation is recorded as "Clerk to Cotton Merchants" and he is living at home with his mother and sister


478.  Birth record for Thomas Allan T Savory for the March quarter 1888, Hampstead District (volume 1a page 631)


479.  Marriage record for Thomas A T Savory for the December quarter 1914, Paddington District (volume 1a page 123)


480.  Baptism record for Lilian Eliza Moore on 8 June 1884 at St Andrew, St Marylebone, the source of her parents names and her date and place of birth.  Her father's occupation is given as engineer


481.  Birth record for Joyce L Savory with mother's maiden name Moore for the March quarter 1916,  Willesden (volume 3a page 469)


482.  Findmypast BMD Records.  Marriage record for Joyce L Savory in the December quarter 1940 (volume 3a page 1326)


483.  London Times.  Birth announcement for a daughter to the wife of H Edgar Wild in the 15 September 1884 edition.. On ancestry the baptism record for 5 November 1884


484.  1911 Census.  I found a possible marriage for Edith Hilda Wild in 1910 on with the record showing only one man's name for the three women. A cross check with the census confirmed the marriage record.  The census record is the source of Francis O'Brien's date and place of birth.  In 1911 Edith and Frank, less than one year married, are living at 35 Wellington Road, Bush Hill Park, Enfield in Edmonton. Frank's occupation is recorded as Company Director.  No birth or other records on ancestry


485.   Marriage record for Edith H Wild for the December quarter 1910, Edmonton District (volume 3a page 1083)   A search for births to O'Brien and Wild found four births for the couple in Edmonton.


490.  Baptism record for 23 January 1893 in the Parish of St Michael and All Angels, Stonebridge, Brent, Middlesex.  Date of birth not recorded


491. Marriage record for Stella B Wild for the September quarter of 1918, Hampstead District (volume 1a page 1666)


492.  Birth record for Geoffrey Brockman Neale September quarter 1893, West Ham which spans the boundaries of Essex and Greater London (volume 4a page 294)


494. Birth record for Eric James Harrison in the December quarter 1897 (volume 4a page 725)


495. Marriage record for Eric Harrison and Beatrice Elizabeth Herring, registered in the September quarter 1922 (volume 3a page 63


496. Likely birth record for Beatrice Elizabeth J Herring for March quarter 1906, Aston District (volume 6d page 409)


497.  Findmypast BMD Records.  Marriage record for Eric J Harrison and Gladys M Brown for the March quarter 1932, Bromley District (volume 2a page 1091)


498.  Findmypast BMD Records. Only one Gladys M(uriel) Harrison (nee Brown) death registration in September 1994. Date of birth from this record. The birth records show a Gladys Muriel  born in West Ham District (volume 4a page 405)


503. Birth record for Lionel Harrison in the September quarter 1899 (volume 4a page 760)


504.  Findmypast BMD Records.  Death registration for Lionel Harrison October 1995, Isle of Wight Registration District, Hampshire County


505.  Findmypast BMD Records. Marriage registration  for Harrison and Gepp in the June quarter 1929, Braintree District, Essex (volume 4a page 1817)


506.  Birth record for Miriam Gepp for the March quarter 1906, Braintree District in Essex (volume 4a page 893).  FMP death registration gives the actual date of birth


507.  Findmypast BMD Records   Death registration for Miriam Helen Harrison in November 1996


508. Birth record for Reginald Harrison in the September quarter 1902 (volume 4a page 672)


509.  Birth record for Sybil Mary Harrison for the September quarter 1906, Billericay District (volume 4a page 674)


510.  Family Historian Mike Coles. Herbert Gordon Decimus Coles was known as Gordon.  Decimus is Latin for 10, Gordon being the 10th of 13 children.  His mother died in the birth or as a consequence of the 13th child Margery Nina in 1904.  His father died in 1910 of TB so Gordon was raised mostly by his older sisters.  On the record of his service in France in WW1 and the medal awarded


511.  England & Wale Marriage Index record for Herbert G D Coles (volume 5a page 584)


512.  Date of birth also recorded on the death registration for Herbert Gordon D Coles in 1973 (volume 6b page 1159)


513.  Birth record for Brenda Chamberlin, the only one for that name, for the September quarter 1885, Altrincham district, Cheshire (volume 8a page 164).


514.  Ancestry Family Tree "Harry Furniss Artist".  The date of birth, his parents names, that he was the eldest of  five children, that he was in the London Scottish Regiment in World War 1 and that his father was an artist is courtesy of this tree, the tree owner "johnfurniss99".  Note re Harry Furniss taken from this tree  "1912 new York. Harry wrote and produced a dozen silent movies for Edison.  In one called Master and Pupil he drew while the camera rolled pre dating Disney by many years."


515.  Marriage record for Brenda Chamberlin for the June quarter 1914, Hampstead District (volume 1a page 1503).  Marriage Banns on show marriage on 20 June 1914 at All Souls, Hampstead. Father in law's name given as Harry Furniss and his occupation as artist.  The witnesses were Dudley Campbell - Bogard and Walter George Rowney


516. Birth record for Mollie Furniss for the September quarter 1915, Barnet District (volume 3a page 816).  On findmypast the mother's maiden name is transcribed as Chamberlain


517.  Marriage registration for Mollie Furniss in the September quarter 1939, Barnet District (volume 3a page 3157)


518.  Birth registration for Walter S L Smallman, mother's maiden name Abernethy, in the June quarter 1914 (volume 8e page  1109)


519.  1901 Census.  Montague Rowney age 17, occupation 'Assisting his Father'   On 1881 census is recorded as Noel Montague but on 1891 as Montague N and surname is recorded as Rooney for all the family.


520.  Noel Montague Rowney was a Captain in the Royal Warwickshire Regiment in World War 1 and first served in France 21 January 1917


521. Birth record for Noel Montague Rowney for the June quarter 1884, Pancras district (volume 1b page 11)   On ancestry the record of baptism on  23 November 1884 at Christ church, Albany Street, St. Pancras.  His father Arthur's occupation is recorded as Fine Art Publisher


522.   Death record for Noel M Rowney age 79 in 1963 Cambridge (volume 4a page 227)


523.  London Times Archives.  Marriage announcement for "Noel Montague Rowney, only son of Mr & Mrs Arthur Rowney and Veronica Adela McCoy, third daughter of the Late Mr M P McCoy and Mrs McCoy of 11 Woronzow Road, St John's Wood"


524. Only one birth record for Veronica McCoy for the March quarter 1888, Edmonton district (volume 3a page 256) - to be verified


525.  UK Incoming Passenger Lists.  Possible record for Sheila C Rowney from New York to Liverpool, England, on the Arrawa on 19 August 1944, formerly resident in Bermuda


526.  Birth record for Sheila C M Rowney for September quarter 1910, Hampstead (volume 1a page 563)  The actual date of birth is from the death index


527.  England & Wales Death Index.  Death registration for Sheila Constance M Rowney in September 2000


528.  Barbara J Rowney, mother's maiden name McCoy for the December quarter 1911, Hampstead District (volume 1a page 993)


529.  Findmypast BMD & Census Records.  Death registration for Barbara Joan Hansell in August 1990 (Reg. No. 890)


530.  Noel A Rowney is living at 7 Park Lane Woodstock, on page 128 of the 1953 British phone book.  Same address recorded for 1954


531. Birth record for Noel A Rowney, mother's maiden name McCoy, for the March quarter 1913 Barnet District (volume 3a page 827)


532.  Marriage record for Noel A Rowney to Jennings December quarter 1940 (volume 5a page  292)


533.  Birth registration for Jacqueline B C Jennings, mother's maiden name Charteris, in the September quarter 1922 in Sunderland District (spans Durham and Tyne & Wear) (volume 10a page 1207)


534. Birth record for Nancy P Rowney, mother's maiden name McCoy, for the June quarter 1917 Barnet District (volume 3a page 646)


535. Death record for Nancy P Rowney for the June quarter 1924 (volume 2a page 67)


536.  Birth record for George R Rowney, mother's maiden name McCoy, for the September quarter 1919, Chertsey District (volume 2a page 88)


537.  Marriage registration for George R Rowney in 1941, Watford District (volume 3a page 3215) 


538.  1901 Census.  Irene Rowney, age 14, is on the census.  Also on the census of 1881 and 1891 where the surname is recorded as Rooney.  On freebmd a birth record for her for March quarter 1887 (volume 1b page 23)


539.  UK Incoming Passenger Lists.  On ancestry a record for Irene, Thelma and Doreen Gordon arriving from at Southampton from Durban, South Africa, on the Stirling Castle on 12th March 1948. Irene is recorded as a widow, Thelma as a cake cook and Doreen as a childrens nurse. Their proposed residence in the UK is 46 Beach Avenue, Leigh on Sea.  Their former place of residence was South Rhodesia.  Another voyage has them returning from Durban to Southampton on the 31st May 1957 on the Pretoria Castle.  Irene is recorded as a housewife, Thelma as a cakemaker and Doreen as a dressmaker.  Their usual residence is given as 3 Richmond Gardens, Harrow Weald.


540.  Baptismal record for Irene Maud Rowney on 29 April 1887 at Christ Church, Albany Street, St Pancras. The family were living at 22 Regents Park Terrace


541.  Marriage record for Irene M Rowney for the March quarter 1912 in Hampstead District (volume 1a page 1027). The marriage is also recorded in the London Times in the 5 February 1912 edition.  Adrian was the son of Charles W Gordon of Russell Square


542.  London Times Archives. "Gordon - Rowney.  On the 3rd February at St. Saviour's Church, South Hampstead, by the Rev. S J Bestic, assisted by Rev. G A Herklots ...... Adrian Charles, son of Charles W Gordon of 45 Russell Square W.C. to Irene Maud, only daughter of Arthur Rowney of 47 King Henry's Road, South Hampstead. ".  On ancestry the marriage Banns show the witnesses were B(renda) Chamberlin and Arthur Rowney.  Adrian's father is Charles Wood Gordon, a ship broker, living 45 Russell Square W C.  The Rowneys were living at 86 Haverstock Hill, south Hampstead and Arthur was an Artists Colourman


543.  Birth record for Adrian Charles Gordon for the September quarter 1889, Edmonton District (spans Essex, Hertfordshire and Middlesex) (volume 3a page 409)


544.  London Times Archives.  Birth  notice for twin daughters to Adrian Chas and Irene Maud Gordon "born prematurely"


545.  Findmypast BMD Records.  Death registration for Thelma Constance Gordon (born on 8 September 1912) in Watford District in April 1998


546.  Birth record for Gwendolen Mary Rowney for the March quarter 1907, Hampstead district (volume 1a page 619)


547.  Findmypast migration records.  Two journeys from Southampton to South Africa for Robert and Gwendolen Wallace who were permanent residents of Nyasa.  First journey departing Southampton on 23 January 1958, the second on 28 January 1960. The source also of the dates of birth from both records


549.  London Times Archives. In the edition of Wednesday 7 August 1929  "An engagement is announced between Rowland G W Palairet of Indore, India, and Gwendolen Mary, elder daughter of Mr and Mrs. Walter G Rowney of Hampstead"  No marriage announcement was found.


550.  National Portrait Gallery Information on Artists' Suppliers.  The information notes that several members of the Rowney Family were artists including Margaret Rowney, daughter of Walter George Rowney.  It gives Margaret's year of birth as 1908.  On Freebmd there is a 'female' Rowney birth,  Hampstead District (volume  1a page 596a).


551.  Death record registration for Margaret Edith Hauxwell in October 1998


552.  UK Incoming Passengers 1878 - 1960  Basil Hauxwell age 24, accountant, travelled first class on the Aquitania from New York to Southampton Eengland arriving 24 April 1929.


553.  London Times Archives on 18 May 1937   The announcement of the engagement of Basil Henry Hauxwell, son of Mr and Mrs Henry S Hauxwell of Woodside Park, to Margaret Edith, daughter of Mr and Mrs Walter G Rowney of 2 Oak Hill Road, Hampstead.  The marriage announcement was in the paper on Tuesday 12 October 1937 and states they were married by Rev. H T Carnegie. (Reg. Hampstead district, volume 1a page 1505) 


554.  England & Wales Death Index.  Registration for Basil Henry Hauxwell in 1973 (no month given)  Also the source of his date of birth


556.  National Portrait Gallery Information on Artists' Suppliers.  Knowledge of Thomas Rowney is from this source as "he came into the business in 1932 and became a director in 1935 and managing director in 1946.'


557.  London Times Archives.  Engagement announcement in the 14 March 1933 edition for Thomas Rowney. "Mr. T H Rowney & Miss K E Wrenick.  The engagement is announced between Thomas Hugh, only son of Mr. & Mrs. Walter Rowney of 2 Oakhill Park Road, Hampstead, and Kathleen Esme, daughter of Mr. B C Wrenick (late Director Telegraphs, India) and Mrs. Wrenick"  The Rowney address is correct.


558.  London Times Archives.  Thomas Hugh Rowney was a Captain in the Queens Royal Regiment in 1943


559.  Incoming Passengers Lists includes a record of Thomas & Esme Rowney returning on the Samaria from Quebec, Canada, to Southampton, England on 14 November 1954. Their home address was 31 Escher Ave, Walton On Thames.  Thomas' occupation was 'Managing Director'


560.  London Times Archives. Birth notice for a son on 3 March 1910 to the "wife of Walter George Rowney "  No name given for the child.


561.  Findmypast BMD.  Death registration for Thomas Hugh Rowney in August 2003


562.  London Times Archives.  Marriage announcement for Thomas Rowney & Kathleen Esme Wrenick by Rev. Howard Harley.  Kathleen's mother's address given as Ashley Rise, Walton on Thames."  Reg. September quarter 1935 Surrey North Western district (volume 2a page 1081)


563.  Birth record for Norman Francis Harley, June quarter, Hampstead District (volume 1a page 657)


564.  London Deaths & Burials has the record for Norman Francis Harley age 69, his address was 2 Northwick Circle, Harrow. The church was St John the Baptist and the cemetery "Pinner" New. The next of kin was his "wife" no other details recorded


565. Marriage record for Norman Francis Harley for September quarter 1921, Uxbridge District (volume 3a page 80)   Marriage records on ancestry give the actual date and other details


566.  Freebmd birth record for Gladys L Cheese for the September quarter 1899 (volume 1a page 580)


567.   England & Wales Birth Index. Registration for Sheila M Harley, mother's maiden name Cheese, in September quarter 1922, Uxbridge District (spans Hertfordshire, Oxfordshire, Buckinghamshire & Middlesex) (volume 3a page 80)


568. Birth record for Eric Lockwood Donaldson for the December quarter 1891 Newton Abbot District (volume 5b page 113)


569.  Ancestry,   Probate record for Eric Lockwood Donaldson in March 1928 gives the date of death, his wife's full name and value of the estate

570.  Marriage for Eric L Donaldson and Beatrice M S Mitchell for the June quarter 1923 (volume 5b page 329). 


571. Birth record for Beatrice Mary S Mitchell for the March quarter 1891, Kingsbridge District (volume 5b page 200)


572. website.  All information on Arthur Leslie Donaldson's wife and family is from this website.


573.  Birth record for Arthur Leslie Donaldson for the June quarter 1893, Newton Abbot District (volume 5b page 135)


574.  Only one marriage record for Donaldson & Turner for the December quarter  1926 (volume 3b page 658)


575.  Birth record for Rosalind J Donaldson, mother's maiden name Turner, for June quarter 1917 (volume 10b page 319)


576. Death record for Rosalind J Donaldson, age 3 years, March quarter 1921 (volume 10b page 270)


577.  Birth record for Marjorie Donaldson for June quarter 1899, Newton Abbot District (volume 5b page 113)  A likely findmypast death record for 1995 gives the birth date as 19 April 1899


578.  Findmypast BMD Records.  Likely death record for Marjorie Bowden (nee Donaldson) for 1995 in Surrey


579. website.  Information on Marjorie Donaldson's marriage to Robert Bowden from the Frewer records on this website -  to be verified


580.  On the 1891 census Robert Kendrick Bowden  On the BMD registration Robert Kenrick.  On the familytreemaker Frewer family tree he is recorded as Robert Kennick  On a One World tree on ancestry the details of Robert's parents and siblings, Robert apparently the youngest of 12 children.


581.  Marriage record for Marjorie Donaldson to Robert K Cornish - Bowden in the March quarter 1924 (volume 5b page 241).


582. Birth record for Robert Kenrick Bowden for the September quarter 1879 (volume 5b page 133)  On the 1891 census on ancestry the place of birth is given as Wolborough. The census is the source of his parents' names.  A One World tree on ancestry gives the several dates of births and marriages for the family - to be verified


585.  London Times Archives.  Birth notice for a daughter to Rev. L O Frewer's wife at the rectory.  A later engagement notice provided the Christian name. The engagement notice was " William Valentine Lyon Lee, 3rd son of Dr F W & Mrs Lee of Storrington, Sussex, and Audrey, elder daughter of the Rev. L O & Mrs Frewer of Sullington, Sussex."  Registration in the September quarter 1917 (volume 2b page 408)

586.  Findmypast BMD & Census Records.  Death registration in March 2001 with correct date of birth for Audrey Lee (nee Frewer) in Worthing District.  In her brother's obituary it indicates both sisters lived in Canada and Audrey predeceased him.


587.  England and Wales Marriage Index record for Audrey Frewer marriage to William V L Lee (volume 2b page 533)


593.  Findmypast BMD Records.  Birth record for Mary S Frewer, mother's maiden name Cunliffe, for the June quarter 1921, Thakeham District (volume 2b page 554)


594.  Ancestry Family Tree of Courtney Nicole Warrington.  The source for the full name of Raymond Windom Graham Warrington  for 'Graham Warrington' taken from the marriage registration and his birth and death details.  Courtney confirmed Graham married 4 times with 10 children to the 4 marriages.  Raymond is also in the Tomyn Family Tree of "anntomyn"  with his name recorded as Graham Wyndham Graham Warrington and his death  given as in December 1998


595.  In the Incoming Passenger Lists 1878 - 1960 a record of Raymond  Warrington arriving in London in July 1960 on the "Chusan"  with his residence in the England given as "c/o Wright, 23 Sion court, Twickenham, Middsx".  Raymond's occupation is recorded as 'photographer' and it was their intention to reside 6 months in England


596.  On the England & Wales Marriage Index the record for Mary S Frewer and Graham Warrington (volume 2b page 755)


604.  Google Search   A search for Martin Huxley Cooke found he had authored a book "The Evoluntion of Nettie Huxley 1825 - 1914" about his great grandmother Henrietta Anne Heathorn who married Thomas Henry Huxley.  Nettie had moved from England to Australia and met Thomas in Sydney, Australia, in 1848 when he was a scientist on the voyage of the HMS Rattlesnake. Thomas returned to England to establish his scientific career and it was eight years before he was able to send for Nettie.  Letters between the two during that time and poetry they wrote to each other over the years are amazing.


606.  NSW BDM Registry.  Marriage registration for Ronald Gordon Slarke and Elizabeth Mary Goodall for 1939, Newtown District (two alternative registration numbers are given - 25030 or 25036 in 1939)


607.  NSW BDM Registry.  Marriage registration for Ronald Alfred Goodall and Marjorie Olive Mooney, Canterbury District in 1946 (10647/1946)


610.  Tuckett genealogy pages on Rootsweb.  Information on Lydia Tuckett, daughter of Egbert Helton, granddaughter of Helen Louise Goodall & Elias Helton Tuckett, included birth marriage and death information, including the name of her mother and the dates of death for her father.


611.  The source of information on the family of Henry John Beirman and Lydia Emily Tuckett.


612.  Tuckett genealogy pages on Rootsweb.  Lydia Tuckett's marriage ended in divorce about 1970. Henry remarried in 1972 but there were no further children.  The Galveston County Marriage online records have Lydia Emily Tuckett's marriage in 1932


613.  National Archives of Australia. War service record for William Eley (NX34518) is the source of his date and place of birth.


614.  Death notice in the newspaper for Bernard Skilbeck, age 92,  at Sir william Hudson Memorial Centre, Cooma, formerly of Berridale.


615.  Manly Daily Newspaper.  The death notice for Margaret Milne Baker reads  "Passed away peacefully 21 may 2004. late of Collaroy, Dee Why & Warriewood. Dearly loved wife of Denis (deceased).  Loved mother of Pamela (deceased) . . . .  Aged 82 years.  ... Margaret's funeral service to be held in its entirety of Ann Wilson funerals .... Mona Vale ... 25th May 2004."


616.  Manly Daily Newspaper.  Death notice for John Denison Baker (known as Denis) gives the same family information as his wife's


623.  UK Incoming Passenger Lists.  On ancestry a record of Denis A Gordon, formerly resident of South Rhodesia, arriving in London from Cape Town on board the Bloemfontein Castle on 24 August 1954. Intended residence was given as 1 Dorset St, Sevenoaks, Kent.


624. Birth registration for Denis A Gordon, mother's maiden name Rowney,   1915 Barnet District (volume 3a page 735)


626.  Passenger records show the Lincoln family travelling from Southampton on 9 September 1948 to South Africa. Their last address in the UK was 14 Elgin Road, Wallington, and they were intending to be permanent residents of Nyasa.