Joseph Le Petit & Sarah Hearne
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Descendants of Joseph LE PETIT & Sarah HEARNE


Generation No. 1


1.  JOSEPH1 LE PETIT1 was born Abt. 1740 in France.  He married SARAH HEARNE, daughter of SAMUEL HEARNE and DIANA ROWAN.  She was born 1743.




2.                i.    SOPHIA HELLEN2 LE PETIT, b. Bef. 26 October 1764, St John, Hackney, London, England; d. Abt. June 1842, St George Hanover Square, Middlesex, England.


3.               ii.    JOSEPH LE PETIT, b. Abt. 1770, London, England; d. Abt. October 1858, Dublin, Ireland.


4.              iii.    JANE DIANA LE PETIT, b. Bef. 24 February 1771, St John, Hackney, London, England; d. Abt. June 1857, Hitchin, Bedfordshire & Hertfordshire, England.



Generation No. 2


2. SOPHIA HELLEN2 LE PETIT (JOSEPH1)2,3 was born Bef. 26 October 1764 and christened in St John, Hackney, London, England4 No other records found to date. May not have survived childhood.


3.  JOSEPH2 LE PETIT (JOSEPH1)7,8 was born Abt. 1770 in London, England9, and died Abt. October 1858 in Dublin, Ireland10.  He married (1) SARAH NEWSTEAD 21 May 1793 in St Marylebone, London, England11, daughter of FRANCIS NEWSTEAD and SARAH ALLEN.  She was born 03 November 1771 in London, England12, and died Bef. 1830 in likely England maybe Ireland. 


He married (2) MARY ANN CLAYTON Abt. 1843 in Dublin, Ireland. 





                   i.    ELIZA ANN3 LE PETIT13,14,15, b. 21 July 1794, Great Shire Lane, London, England16; d. 22 July 1849, Mount Vernon, Hampstead, London, England.17; m. EDWARD GOODALL18,19, 20 June 1818, Old St Pancras Church, London, Middlesex, England20; b. 17 September 1794, Leeds area, Yorkshire, England21; d. 11 April 1870, 148 Hampstead Road, London, England.22.


                  ii.    SARAH JANE LE PETIT, b. 02 November 1795, 9th Shire Lane, Bermondsey, London, England23; d. 08 June 1866, 41 Willes Road, Kentish Town, Middlesex, England24; m. EDWARD SMITH25,26, 09 October 1812, Old Church, Saint Pancras, London, England27; b. Abt. 1780, Edinburgh, Scotland28; d. Abt. 18 April 1849, Middlesex, England29.


                 iii.    JOSEPH WILLIAM LE PETIT30,31, b. 30 October 1797, St Marylebone, London, England32; d. Abt. 1827, Dublin, Ireland; m. MARIANNE FULLAM, Abt. 1824, Dublin, Ireland; b. Bef. 02 August 1803, Dublin, Ireland33; d. Abt. 1830, Dublin, Ireland.


                 iv.    SAMUEL HEARNE LE PETIT34, b. 17 April 1799, Soho, London, England35; d. Abt. 06 October 1854, Pancras, London, Middlesex, England36; m. (1) FRANCES ALDRIDGE, 12 February 1816, St Paul, Covent Garden, Westminster, Middlesex, England37; b. 26 December 1793, London, England38; d. Abt. 26 May 1838, St Pancras, Middlesex, England39; m. (2) SARAH GASSON, 13 February 1839, Old Church St Pancras, London, England; b. Abt. 1810, Sussex, England; d. Abt. 1880, Pancras, London, Middlesex, England40.


                  v.    MARIA LE PETIT41,42, b. Abt. 1801, London, Middlesex, England43; m. HENRY GARRARD, Abt. 1842, Dublin, Ireland.


                 vi.    WILLIAM ALEXANDER LE PETIT44, b. 1804, Tottenham Court Road, St Pancras, London, England; d. 23 February 1896, Edmonton, Middlesex, England45,46; m. CAROLINE GEORGIANA BALL, 21 June 1834, St James, Clerkenwell, London, England47; b. 28 December 1809, Clerkenwell, London, England; d. December 1891, Edmonton, Middlesex, England48.



4.  JANE DIANA2 LE PETIT (JOSEPH1) was born Bef. 24 February 1771 in St John, Hackney, London, England49, and died Abt. June 1857 in Hitchin, Bedfordshire & Hertfordshire, England50.  She married FRANCIS ENGLEHEART51 22 May 1799 in St Mary, St Marylebone Road, St Marylebone, London, England52, son of THOMAS ENGLEHEART and ANN WADE.  He was born 28 July 1775 in London, England, and died 15 February 1849 in Hitchin, Bedfordshire & Hertfordshire, England53,54.




                   i.    SARAH JANE3 ENGLEHEART, b. 12 August 1800, London, England55.


                  ii.    TIMOTHY STANSFIELD ENGLEHEART, b. Abt. 1803; d. 23 December 1879, 2 Healey Street, Kentish Town, London, England56,57; m. ANN UNKNOWN; d. Abt. March 1863.


                 iii.    JONATHON HENRY ENGLEHEART, b. Abt. 1808, London, England58; d. Aft. 1841.


                 iv.    EMMA ENGLEHEART, b. 17 February 1812, St Marylebone; m. JAMES IVORY, 17 December 1862, Pentonville.



Resources & Notes


1.  Research Online.  Information in the Le Petit family tree has been gathered from many sources with transcribed records varying substantially in relation to how the "Le" in Le Petit is recorded.  The variations include Le Petit, Lepetit, Petit, Lepettet, Le Pettit, Lepettit and Pettit.  Also a possible family member for Joseph Le Petit, maybe a sister, Julia Le Petit who married John Pharez.  It is possible there were more children to Joseph and Sarah or indeed maybe to Joseph and it is possible he was married more than once.


2.  Pallotts Marriage Index.  A potential marriage for Sophia Petit to Thomas Pettis in 1796  The original record does not show the "Le" in Le Petit but there are numerous records which show Petit when others for the same individual are Le Petit  That this is our Sophia is yet to be verified but on the basis of records for other of the Le Petit family which have been verifiable it is highly likely to be our Sophia. For further research


3.  Findmypast Census Records.  In 1841 Sophia Pettis, widow, age "70", is living at Clarges Street, St George Hanover Square, Westminster with her daughter Sophia and son in law Edward Jacobs, grocer, and 5 of his employees.


4.  IGI christening record for Sophia Hellen, daughter of Joseph Le Petit.  To be verified Sophia is the daughter of our Joseph and sister of Jane Diana


5.  Ancestry & Findmypast Records. General research.  Sophia Le Petit has been elusive. There is a possible record for a Sophia Petit to Thomas Pettis in 1896  and a likely marriage for their daughter Sophia to Edward Jacobs on 1 July 1819 at Westminster.  In 1841 Sophia Pettis is living at the same address as Sophia & Edward Jacobs. There are others at the address but no children of Sophia's &  Edward's.  There are 3 trees on ancestry all of which have Sophia Helen Wyndham as the spouse of Thomas Pettis and they have used the 1841 census as the indication of year of birth and used the June quarter 1842 death registration for Sophia Pettis even though there are other registration for S H W Pettis.  For further research, verification or elimination.  There are likely other children to Sophia & Thomas but until the connection is verified I have not searched for any others.


6.  Findmypast Census Records.  In 1851 Sophia (52) & Edward Jacobs (61), a Fundholder, are living at Grosvenor House, Lower Grosvenor Place, St John Baptist, Margate, Kent with one house servant Sarah Rowe


7.  Work in progress - various sources.  The Le Petit family information presented here is a combination of information from numerous family history resources, including several Le Petit family historians, and it is documented for discussion, research and verification.  The sources for individuals and records are noted.  Like a puzzle there were some people who appeared to belong to our Le Petit family but because there were some missing puzzle pieces exactly how and where they connect was undetermined. The Le Petit family is strongly associated with engravers, printers and print sellers and this is one of the threads that appears to form a link with some people and records.  I have had great success with google search and hope that the Le Petit history information presented here may be found by family historians and others who may be able to add to our knowledge and verify or disprove some of the possible connections recorded here.


8.  Marian Le Petit's Account of Her Family History.  Marian does not indicate where her grandfather was born but states his business, "Print Publishing and Artists' Repository", was for many years at 18 Henry Street, Dublin, also the place of his death. Marian's account is also the source of her grandfather's second marriage and that "there was no issue to the marriage"


9.  In the London, England, Baptisms, Marriages & Burials, 1538 - 1812, a baptismal record maybe for Joseph Le Petit.  The record does have him as the son of  John & Sarah Petit, born about 1773 and baptised 16 March 1773, St James Clerkenwell, Middlesex.  For follow up


10.  London Times Archives.  The time of death is taken from the Legal Notice to Marian Goodall regarding the Estate of her grandfather, Joseph Le Petit, the elder and the Goodall vs Le Petit case in 1883


11.  Pallot's Marriage Index.  A record for Joseph Le Petit and Sarah Newstead for 1793 at "Mary....."  On the Banns record of 19th May, the marriage on 21st May, the church as St Marylebone.


12.  Likely birth and christening records for Sarah Newstead for 3 November 1771 and 24 November 1771 respectively, the daughter of Francis & Sarah Newstead. The christening was at St Mary, St Marylebone Road, St Marylebone, London.


13.  Goodall Artists Website of Richard Goodall.  Eliza Ann Le Petit's grandfather brought the art of colour printing from France. He and his family were Huguenots who fled France as refugees at the time of the French Revolution.


14.  New York Times Archives.  There was an obituary in the 17th March 1907 edition as follows

"Mrs. Marian Le Petit Goodall. 

Mrs Marian Le Petit Goodall died yesterday at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Henry Clarke Townsend, 314 West 103d Street, at the age of 82.  Her father was Edward Joseph Le Petit, who married Miss  Fullam of Dublin, sister of the well known barrister Edward Fullam.   Mrs. Goodall was the last of her generation of artists.  She possessed great ability as a water colourist, and was closely related to Englehardt and Goodall families of London, her first cousin, the late Frederick Goodall, being celebrated as a great artist and Royal Academician.   She was the descendant of distinguished French ancestry, and was the great granddaughter of Joseph Le Petit of Paris, a noted linguist and educator.  She was the great-great-grandniece of Samuel Herne, the navigator, explorer, and discoverer of many noted geographical points.   She leaves three daughters.  The funeral will be private and the burial will be in Washington."    

I was able to find records to confirm Marian was the daughter of Josph William, Eliza Annís younger brother.  Marian married John kelly Goodall but his connection  if any to our Goodall family is not known. 


15.  Le Petit Family Historians.  I have now had contact with a few people with Le Petit ancestry whom have William Alexander Le Petit (born 1804), an engraver, in their direct line.  The name Le Petit and Petit has a strong connection with engraving and printing.


16.  Christening record for Eliza Ann Le Petit, the daughter of Joseph & Sarah Le Petit, for 13 August 1794 at St Dunstan-in-the-West, London, England.  On ancestry the Baptismal record which has the date of birth and the residence of Great shire Lane.   Joseph Le Petit was apparently a "noted linguist and educator" (New York Times 1907).  There is also a marriage to Edward Goodall on familysearch but the two records are not linked, being transcriptions of individual records.


17.  GRO Death Certificate.  Eliza Ann (nee Le Petit) died of "Abdominal Dropsy of 12 months" duration. (Sept qtr, Hampstead District, volume 3 page 229)   Edward was with her at the time of her death and the informant for the death certificate.  Their address was Grove Cottage, Albert Street, Camden Town.


18.  Family Historians Richard Goodall, Neil Slarke and the Journal of Evelyn Harrison (nee Wild).  Little is known of Edward Goodall's family other than his mother apparently died when he was young and he was reared by a Quaker uncle.  Changes in family relationships were apparently recorded in the minutes of the monthly district Quaker meetings so the death of his mother and Edward going to live with his uncle should be noted.  We know he was born "near Leeds" but unless the area can be narrowed down there will be a lot of district records to review.  


19.  UK Census. In 1841 Edward and Eliza are at home with 7 of their 10 children at Mornington Grove, St Pancras, with a servant Caroline Moore 21.  Missing are Alfred William and Henry.  In 1851 widower and Line Engraver  Edward Goodall is living in Grove Cottage, Albert Street, Regents Park with his children Edward Angelo 31,Eliza 23, Emily 22, Helen 16, Louisa 18, Walter 20 and a servant Caroline Riches 22.  Next door is Charles Lucy, an historical artist.  In 1861 Edward is living at Grove Cottage Pancras with his daughter 'Hellen' and one servant, Caroline Bulbrook 33. Edward's age is given as 55 (his true age should be 66) and he is recorded as an engraver.


20.  Pallot's marriage Index. The marriage record for Edward "Goodell" and Eliza "LePetit" shows the church or district as St Clement Danes. The scanned original


21.  Richard Goodall & Familysearch.  Edward was born 17 September 1794.  Familysearch records show a christening record for 21 September 1794. The record gives Edward's father as Samuel Goodall and the mother's name is not given. There are several marriage records for a Samuel Goodall at St Peter's, Leeds.   Separate records have 5 potential children to Samuel, all records transcribed from the christening records of St Peter's, Leeds.  For further research.


22.  Death record for Edward Goodall in the June Quarter 1870, Pancras District (volume 1b page 66).  On ancestry the burial record for 16 April 1870


23.  I.G.I. record of birth for Sarah Jane, daughter of Joseph & Sarah Le Petit, christened on 25 November 1795 in St Dunstan in the West


24.  England & Wales National Probate Calendar on ancestry.  The source of date and place of death for widow Sarah Jane Smith (Le Petit) with probate granted to her son Frederick Smith of 11 South Hill Park Gardens, Hampstead


25.  Findmypast Census Records. On 1841 census Edward Smith age 61, an engraver, is with his wife Sarah 45, Ellen 25, Charlotte 20, Caroline 18, Frederick 12, Charles 10, Edwin 9 and Louisa 7 in the Borough of Marylebone, parish of St Pancras.  In 1851 Sarah has 3 children still at home, Frederick, Edwin and Louisa.  In 1861 her 4 single daughters are at home with her.


26.  Research.  The six years gap between Ellen & Charlotte would suggest there may have been other children who may not have survived OR may have been living at other than the family home. There are no obvious baptismal or christening records at this time, the original christening records not being on ancestry so there is no occupation for the father which helps to confirm the child is the prodigy of Edward Smith, Engraver.  For follow up


27.  Record of marriage for Sarah Jane Le Petit & Edward Smith


28.  Oxford Dictionary of National Biography.  Biography for the Engraver, Edward Smith, records him as a native of Edinburgh, whose works were in the time frame 1823 - 1849.


29. A google search for Edward Smith engraver elicited this result "Edward Smith (fl. 1823 - 1849)The landscape, figure and portrait engraver Edward Smith may have been a native of Edinburgh but appears to have worked mostly in London. His earliest recorded plates are for Effiges Poeticae in 1823.  He went on to contribute to Hogarth Moralised (1831), Hogarth's Works (1833), Fisher's Drawing Room Scrapbook (1835), Allan Cunningham's  "The Cabinet Gallery of Pictures", Edward Baine's "History of the County Palatine & Duchy of Lancaster (both 1836), John Carne's "Syria" (1836 - 38), Finden's "Royal Gallery of British Art" (1838 - 49),  G. N. Wright's "Lancashire" (1842) and "Gallery of engravings (1844 - 46), and "Engravings after the Best Pictures" (1843). He engraved "The Jew's harp" by Sir David Wilkie for S. C. Hall's "Gems of European Art" (1846) which was reprinted along with Smith's engraving of "The Piper" in the "Wilkie Gallery" (1849). Further plates after Wilkie, including Village Festival, Rent Day and Guess My Name were independently issued by the print publishers between 1844 and 1846.   Bibliography  Engen, Rodney K "Dictionary of Victorian Engravers, Print Publishers and their Works (Cambridge : Chadwyck-Healey c.1979)Hunnisett, Basil.  "A Dictionary of British Steel Engravers"  (Leigh-on-Sea : F. Lewis 1980)


30.  Obituary of Marian Le Petit Goodall.  The obituary stated Marian was the daughter of Edward Joseph Le Petit but this was in error, her father being Joseph William. There is the birth and christening record for Joseph William and other records for Joseph but none for Edward Joseph.  Records are only as accurate as the knowledge and memory of the informant and many years down the track and in another country . ..   The legal notice addressed to Marian in the London Times stated she was the daughter of Joseph, granddaughter of Joseph the elder. In a brief account of her life written when Marian was 54 years she wrote her grandfather came to England from France with his brother Edward Le Petit


31.  USA Census on  On the 1880 census for widowed Marian Goodall, her father's place of birth is given as Ireland but this is not correct although he was living in Ireland and there are records of Joseph Le Petit, printseller, in Ireland over the years.


32.  Birth and christening record for Joseph William LEPETIT, the christening on 24 November 1797 at St Mary, St Marylebone Road, St Marylebone with parents Joseph & Sarah LEPETIT


33.  Irish Family History Foundation website.  Baptismal record for Marianne Fullam on 2 August !803 at St Paul's, Arran Quay, county Dublin. The record shows the father was James Fullam and the mother Eliza (surname not recorded).  The sponsors were Peter Kenny and Mary Cully.


34.  Marian Le Petit's Account of Her Family History.  The initial source of the children to Samuel Hearne Le Petit


35.   London England, Baptism, marriages & Burial. The baptismal record for Samuel Hearne 'Lepettit' on 15th May 1799 at Westminster, St Marylebone also the source of his date of birth


36.   Death registration for Samuel 'Hearn' Le Petit in the December quarter 1858, Pancras District, London (volume 1b page  ). Also on ancestry the burial record on 7 October in the Parish of St Pancras, Middlesex. His place of residence was recorded as York Place, Agar Town.


37.  Ancestry,  The marriage record for Samuel Hearne 'LePetit' on London, England, Marriages & Banns.  Another record shows Sam Le Petit to Fran Aldridge


38.  London, England Baptism, Marriage & Burial records show a birth for Frances Aldridge, the daughter of John & Naomi Aldridge, born 26 December 1793 and baptised 20 January 1794 at St George, Bloomsbury, Camden Borough, Middlesex.


39.  Burial record for Frances Le Petit on 27 May 1838  Also on ancestry


40.   Possible death registration for Sarah, second wife of Samuel Hearne Le Petit, in the December quarter 1880 (volume 1b page 70). Age given as 79. The only death registration for Sarah Le Petit from 1841 to 1900.  For verification


41.  Marian Le Petit's Account of Her Family History.  Marian's father died when she was 2 and her mother when she was between 4 and 5. "My aunt Maria had the care of me until she married Henry Garrard and left grandfather's house. I was then 15 years old."


42.  Dublin Almanac and  General Register for Ireland in the Year of Our Lord 1841    Maria Le Petit is registered as a Print Seller at 15 Henry Street, Dublin where her father had his Print Seller & Artists' Repository business.  Also registered at the same address is William Howis, Portrait Painter


43.  Pallot's Birth Index.  Records of Maria Le Petit's baptism in the Parish of St Paul, Hammersmith.  No other records have been found for Maria who prior to or about 1825 was living in Dublin, Ireland, with her father.


44.  Le Petit Family Historian Margaret Taylor. Thank you to Margaret for her report on the grandchildren of William Alexander Le Petit with census data up to 1901, the source of a lot of the detail for this generation.


45.    Death registration for Wm Alexander Le Petit, age 92  (volume 3a page 168)


46.  England & Wales National Probate Calendar on ancestry.  The source of William Alexander Le Petit's date of death, his usual residence of 46 Shakespeare Road, South Hornsey, Middlesex, his occupation Engraver and that probate was granted to Elise and Ellen Le Petit, spinsters.


47.  Marriage Banns for Wm Alexander Le Petit and Georgiana Ball


48.   Death registration for Caroline Georgianna Le Petit in the December quarter 1891 age 82 years (volume 31 page 171)


49.  I.G.I. Christening record for Jane Diana, daughter of Joseph Le Petit.    Also on the scan of the original baptismal record showing she was the daughter of Joseph & Sarah Le Petit


50.  Death registration for Jane Diana Engleheart in the June quarter 1857 (volume 3a page 139)


51.  Oxford Dictionary of National Biography.

" ENGLEHEART, FRANCIS (1775 - 1849), engraver, born in London in 1775; was nephew of George Engleheart and grandson of Francis Engleheart of Kew.  He served as an apprentice to Joseph Collyer the younger, and subsequently became assistant to James Heath.  His first published engravings were som plates after the designs of  Thomas Stothard, R. A.; and he also engraved a large portion of 'The Canterbury Pilgrims', which was completed and published by Heath.  He became better known to the public by his engravings from the pictures and drawings of Richard Cook, R. A., and some of these were considered among the finest specimens of book illustrations then produced in England.  He subsequently engraved the portraits in a collection of the works of the English poets, and was engaged by Messrs. Cadell & Davies to engrave the designs of of R. Smirke, R. A., for works published by them.  Engleheart engraved  nearly thirty of Smirke's designs for their edition of 'Don Quixote'.  His services were enlisted by Sir David Wilkie, R. A., to engrave his 'Duncan Gray' and 'The Only Daughter', which are the works by which engleheart is chiefly known.  His last important work was an engraving from the picture of W. Hilton, R.A., of 'Serena rescued' by Sir Calepine, the Red Cross Knight'.  Among other engravings by him were 'Cupid and the Nymphs', after Hilton, 'The Holy Family' after Fra Bartolommeo, some plates for 'The British Museum marbles', and numerous portraits and plates for the annuals then in vogue.  engleheart was a member of the Society of British Artists, and occasionally contributed to their exhibitions.  He died on 15 February 1849, in his 74th year.  


Another member of the same family, TIMOTHY STANSFELD ENGLEHEART (1803 - 1879), was also an engraver.  He engraved some of the plates in 'The British Museum marbles' but seems to have removed to Darmstadt, as there is fine engraving by him of 'Ecce Homo' after Guidi Reni, executed at Darmstadt in 1840"[Redgrave's Dict. of Artists; Grave's Dict. of Artists, 1760 - 1880; Ottley's Dict. of Recent and Living Painters; information from J Gardner Egleheart, C.B.]


52.  IGI marriage record for Jane Diana Le Petit to Francis Englehardt.  The Le Petit & Englehardt connection is consistent with the information in the obituary for Marian Le Petit Goodall.  On Pallots Marriage Index (on CD) the name has been transcribed as 'Engleheart'. Jane's surname is given  as Petit although the original record shows Le Petit.


53.  Death registration for Francis Engleheart in the March quarter 1849 (volume 6 page 429).


54.  Engleheart Family Historian Clive Richardson. The source of the date of death for Francis Engleheart.  Also in the Oxford Dictionary of National Biography


55.  Oxford Dictionary of National Biography. The source of information of Francis Engleheart's and Jane Diana Le Petit's children - 3 children named.   AND on the date of birth and baptism on 3 September 1800


56.  Death registration for Timothy Stansfield Engleheart, age 76, Pancras District (volume 1b page 152)


57.  National Probate record for Timothy Stansfield Engleheart, Historical Engraver, late of 39 Falkland Road, Kentish Town.  Probate was granted to the only surviving executor George Cook, Engraver, of 2 Healey Street where Timothy died.


58.  Oxford Dictionary of National Biography  The source of the baptismal date of 20 January 1808 at St Marylebone for Jonathon Henry Engleheart who was also an engraver.