Joseph William Le Petit
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Descendants of Joseph William LE PETIT


Generation No. 1


1.  JOSEPH WILLIAM3 LE PETIT  (JOSEPH2, JOSEPH1)1,2 was born 30 October 1797 in St Marylebone, London, England3, and died Abt. 1827 in Dublin, Ireland.  He married MARIANNE FULLAM Abt. 1824 in Dublin, Ireland, daughter of JAMES FULLAM and ELIZA UNKNOWN.  She was born Bef. 02 August 1803 in Dublin, Ireland4, and died Abt. 1830 in Dublin, Ireland.




2.                i.    MARIANNE4 LE PETIT, b. 01 August 1825, Drumcondra, near Dublin, Ireland; d. 16 March 1907, 814 West 103rd Street, New York, USA.



Generation No. 2


2.  MARIANNE4 LE PETIT (JOSEPH WILLIAM3, JOSEPH2, JOSEPH1)5 was born 01 August 1825 in Drumcondra, near Dublin, Ireland6,7,8, and died 16 March 1907 in 814 West 103rd Street, New York, USA9.  She married JOHN KELLY GOODALL10,11 03 March 1851 in Church of Ireland, Kildare, Ireland12,13,14, son of WILLIAM GOODALL and UNKNOWN MAYBE.  He was born Abt. 1815 in Shrewsbury, Shropshire, England, and died 09 December 1867 in Asylum for the Insane, Washington, USA.




3.                i.    KATHERINE HAYES5 GOODALL, b. 24 December 1851, Detroit, Michigan, USA; d. 18 September 1930, 130 Clarewill Avenue, Montclair, N.J., USA.


4.               ii.    MARIAN GOODALL, b. Abt. 1856, Michigan,; d. 29 November 1949, Bloomfield, Hartford, Connecticut, USA.


5.              iii.    DOLORES "LOLA" GOODALL, b. Abt. 1864, Virginia, USA; d. 03 July 1933, Walter Reed Hospital. Buried Arlington National Cemetery with her husband.


                         And four who apparently died in very early infancy.          



Generation No. 3


3.  KATHERINE HAYES5 GOODALL (MARIANNE4 LE PETIT, JOSEPH WILLIAM3, JOSEPH2, JOSEPH1) was born 24 December 1851 in Detroit, Michigan, USA, and died 18 September 1930 in 130 Clarewill Avenue, Montclair, N.J., USA15.  She married HENRY CLARK TOWNSEND16,17 23 April 1878 in Washington D.C., USA, son of HENRY TOWNSEND and MARY BACON.  He was born 26 September 1850 in Cambridge, Massachusets, USA, and died 25 July 1936 in 130 Clarewill Avenue, Montclair, N.J., USA.




6.                i.    MARIAN GOODALL6 TOWNSEND, b. 25 March 1880, Washington D.C., USA; d. 17 October 1912, at home 901 Lexington Avenue, New York City, USA,.


                  ii.    HENRY CLARK TOWNSEND, b. 01 July 1880, 445 E. 123rd Street, New York City, N Y, USA,; d. Bef. 1962.


7.              iii.    KATHARINE TOWNSEND, b. 16 January 1883, New York City, N Y, USA.


                 iv.    FREDERICK BARRETT TOWNSEND, b. 12 March 1886, New York City, N Y, USA,; d. Bef. 1962.



4.  MARIAN5 GOODALL (MARIANNE4 LE PETIT, JOSEPH WILLIAM3, JOSEPH2, JOSEPH1)18 was born Abt. 1856 in Michigan,, and died 29 November 1949 in Bloomfield, Hartford, Connecticut, USA.  She married JOSEPH ROMANZO EDSON19,20,21 10 January 1876, son of STERNE UNDERHILL and SARAH EDSON.  He was born 17 August 1847 in Jefferson, Ashtabula, Ohio, USA, and died 09 March 1925 in at home 1705 Q Street northwest, Washington, USA.




8.                i.    LORRAINE6 EDSON, b. 04 November 1877, Washington, D.C., USA; d. 10 December 1959.


9.               ii.    FLORELLE LE PETIT EDSON, b. 13 September 1883, Washington, D.C., USA; d. 17 July 1960, Monterey.


                 iii.    MARJORIE KENDALL EDSON22, b. Abt. September 1892, Washington, D.C., USA; m. RAY ARMSTRONG.


10.            iv.    ALICE LOUISE EDSON, b. 22 May 1904, Washington, D.C., USA.



5.  DOLORES "LOLA"5 GOODALL (MARIANNE4 LE PETIT, JOSEPH WILLIAM3, JOSEPH2, JOSEPH1) was born Abt. 1864 in Virginia, USA, and died 03 July 1933 in Walter Reed Hospital. Buried Arlington National Cemetery with her husband23.  She married MEDOREM CRAWFORD24,25 1885 in Washington, D.C., USA26, son of MEDOREM CRAWFORD and ADALINE BROWN.  He was born 27 November 1844 in Oregon, USA, and died 11 August 1921 in Orange City, Oregon, USA. Buried Arlington National Cemetery  (Section 3 - W Site Lot 1903).




11.              i.    MEDOREM6 CRAWFORD, b. Abt. 1889, Virginia, USA; d. Abt. 19 November 1961, Polk, Florida.


                  ii.    DOLORES CRAWFORD27, b. Abt. 1896, New York, USA; d. 12 August 1987, The Army Distaff Hall, Washington. Buried Arlington National Cemetery28.



Generation No. 4


6.  MARIAN GOODALL6 TOWNSEND (KATHERINE HAYES5 GOODALL, MARIANNE4 LE PETIT, JOSEPH WILLIAM3, JOSEPH2, JOSEPH1) was born 25 March 1880 in Washington D.C., USA, and died 17 October 1912 in at home 901 Lexington Avenue, New York City, USA,29.  She married CRAIG COLGATE30 23 April 1910 in St Bartholomew's Church, Madison Avenue & Forty-fourth Street, New York City, USA31, son of ROBERT COLGATE and HENRIETTA CRAIG.  He was born 06 November 1875 in New York City, New York, USA32.




                   i.    BETTY7 COLGATE, b. 01 February 1911; d. 01 February 1911.


12.             ii.    CRAIG COLGATE, b. 09 October 1912, New York, USA; d. 02 June 1989, at home, Bethesda, Maryland, Washington DC, USA.



7.  KATHARINE6 TOWNSEND (KATHERINE HAYES5 GOODALL, MARIANNE4 LE PETIT, JOSEPH WILLIAM3, JOSEPH2, JOSEPH1) was born 16 January 1883 in New York City, N Y, USA.  She married WILLIAM TRAVIS MILLER33 06 February 1909 in New York City, USA. 




13.              i.    TRAVIS TOWNSEND7 MILLER, b. 25 February 1911, New York City, USA,.


14.             ii.    WILLIAM PRESCOTT MILLER.


8.  LORRAINE6 EDSON (MARIAN5 GOODALL, MARIANNE4 LE PETIT, JOSEPH WILLIAM3, JOSEPH2, JOSEPH1)34 was born 04 November 1877 in Washington, D.C., USA, and died 10 December 1959.  She married HERMAN WALTER SCHULL 26 January 1901 in St Thomas' Episcopal Church, Washington, USA35.  He was born 30 May 1875 in England, and died 08 February 196836.




                   i.    EDSON7 SCHULL.


15.             ii.    HERMAN WALTER SCHULL, b. 12 May 1905; d. 30 May 1979.



9.  FLORELLE LE PETIT6 EDSON (MARIAN5 GOODALL, MARIANNE4 LE PETIT, JOSEPH WILLIAM3, JOSEPH2, JOSEPH1) was born 13 September 1883 in Washington, D.C., USA37, and died 17 July 1960 in Monterey.  She married (1) JOHN WILLIAM MCKIE Abt. 03 June 1910 in St Thomas' church,38.  He was born 05 June 1882 in Canada, and died Abt. 16 December 1917 in 103 West Seventy-eigth Street, New York, USA39.  She married (2) HARRY BALDWIN GANTT40 Abt. 1915, son of HARRY GANTT and SUE ADREON.  He was born 19 November 1886 in Millersville, Maryland.




16.              i.    MARJORIE7 MCKIE, b. Abt. 1914.





                  ii.    WALTER7 GANTT41, b. Abt. 1921.


                 iii.    HARRY GANTT.



10.  ALICE LOUISE6 EDSON (MARIAN5 GOODALL, MARIANNE4 LE PETIT, JOSEPH WILLIAM3, JOSEPH2, JOSEPH1)42 was born 22 May 1904 in Washington, D.C., USA.  She married DICKINSON CURTIS DUFFIELD43.  He was born 05 October 1903 in New Jersey, USA, and died September 1978 in W Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut, USA.


Three children to ALICE EDSON and DICKINSON DUFFIELD including


                 iii.    ALICE DICKENSON DUFFIELD, b. Abt. February 1941, Hartford, Connecticut, USA; d. Abt. 22 October 1942, Hartford Hospital, Hartford, Connecticut, USA44.



11.  MEDOREM6 CRAWFORD (DOLORES "LOLA"5 GOODALL, MARIANNE4 LE PETIT, JOSEPH WILLIAM3, JOSEPH2, JOSEPH1)45 was born Abt. 1889 in Virginia, USA, and died Abt. 19 November 1961 in Polk, Florida46.  He married PERSIS M JACKSON Abt. 1915.  She was born Abt. 27 June 1888 in Orlando, USA47, and died 23 January 1955 in USA. Buried 27 January, Arlington National Cemetery.




                   i.    BARBARA P7 CRAWFORD48, b. Abt. 1916, Panama.



Generation No. 5


12.  CRAIG7 COLGATE (MARIAN GOODALL6 TOWNSEND, KATHERINE HAYES5 GOODALL, MARIANNE4 LE PETIT, JOSEPH WILLIAM3, JOSEPH2, JOSEPH1)49,50 was born 09 October 1912 in New York, USA51, and died 02 June 1989 in at home, Bethesda, Maryland, Washington DC, USA52.  He married BARBARA HOBART53 27 June 1942 in Winnetka, Cook County, Illinois, USA, daughter of RALPH HOBART and HELEN HINSDALE.  She was born 14 June 1914 in Evanston, Illinois, USA, and died 29 August 2004 in Manor Care, Potomac, Maryland, USA54.







Two children to TRAVIS MILLER and DOROTHY








15.  HERMAN WALTER7 SCHULL (LORRAINE6 EDSON, MARIAN5 GOODALL, MARIANNE4 LE PETIT, JOSEPH WILLIAM3, JOSEPH2, JOSEPH1) was born 12 May 1905, and died 30 May 1979.  He married HELEN GUNNER.  She was born 09 October 1909, and died 17 November 1997.


Two children to HERMAN SCHULL and HELEN GUNNER including


                   i.    HERMAN WALTER8 SCHULL56, b. 1934; d. 05 November 2004, .










1.  Obituary of Marian Le Petit Goodall. The obituary stated Marian was the daughter of Edward Joseph Le Petit although other records have Joseph. There is the birth and christening record for Joseph William and other records for Joseph but none for Edward Joseph. Records are only as accurate as the knowledge and memory of the informant and the years influences this.  The legal notice addressed to Marian in the London Times stated she was the daughter of Joseph, granddaughter of Joseph the elder. In a brief account of her life written when Marian was 54 years she wrote her grandfather came to England from France with his brother Edward Le Petit


2.  USA Census on  On the 1880 census for widowed Marian Goodall, her father's place of birth is given as Ireland but this is not correct although he was living in Ireland and there are records of Joseph Le Petit, printseller, in Ireland over the years.


3.  Birth and christening record for Joseph William LEPETIT, the christening on 24 November 1797 at St Mary, St Marylebone Road, St Marylebone with parents Joseph & Sarah LEPETIT


4.  Irish Family History Foundation website.  Baptismal record for Marianne Fullam on 2 August 1803 at St Paul's, Arran Quay, County Dublin.  The record shows the father was James Fullam and the mother Eliza (surname not recorded).  The sponsors were Peter Kenny and Mary Cully.


5.  Names on Various Records.  Marianne Le Petit was obviously named after her mother but over the years and on a variety of records her name is shown as Marianna, Marian, Marion and Mary Ann.  The latter is from her 1880 account of her family, the only time her name has been recorded as Mary Ann.  Although it says she was asked to write the account by her daughter Katherine, I think it likely someone else actually wrote down what she said. This based on the postscript saying that the family probably did not known that she was named Mary Ann. The actual christening record has Marianne.  Marianne and Mary Ann sound very similar and the Mary Ann was a very popular name at that time.


6.  Irish Family History Foundation website.   Baptism record for Marianna Lepetit, daughter of Joseph Lepetit and 'Maria Fullum', in the Parish of St. Paul's Arran Quay on 7 August 1825.  The sponsors were James Gartrand and Maria Kearns


7.  USA Census on  On the 1900 census the record shows Marion Goodall's date of birth as August 1824 and her year of arrival in the USA as 1835. By 1835 both her parents were deceased.  The record is not likely correct and such errors were not uncommon.


8.  Family History Account of Mary Ann (Le Petit) Goodall. Her date of birth was 1 August 1825. Her father Joseph William died when Mary Ann (christened Marianne) was 2 and her mother Maria (nee Fullam) when she was "between 5 and 6 years old"


9.  Obituary of Marian Le Petit Goodall.  This and death notices appeared in the New York Times. 16 March 1907 was a Saturday


10.  Dolores Crawford Family History Account.  Dolores was Craig Colgate Junior’s first cousin once removed.  Although Dolores was 16 years older than Craig they enjoyed a very close relationship and Dolores shared her memories with Craig, particularly of his mother who died when he was days old.


There are some discrepancies in Dolores' account of "The Lepetit, Goodall, Townsend, Edson, Crawford Descent" compiled by her on June 15, 1975 "from various sources, especially data given her by the late Katharine Townsend Miller (a sister of Craig's mother)".  Dolores was almost 80 at the time and some of the recollections appear to have interwoven and not in agreement with earlier recollections.  Dolores wrote that her aunt Katherine Hayes Goodall was named after her father John Goodall's sister Katherine.  Katherine Hayes Goodall in her account, however, says that she was named after Catherine Hayes, a noted singer, who travelled on the same ship to America as her parents.  Catherine became a very good friend and was  Katherine's godmother. In view of the Hayes being given as a Christian name Katherine's account seemed more likely accurate.  A google search for Catherine Hayes found detailed information on her in wikipedia.  Dolores says John Goodall's sister was Katherine Goodall Roberts and that she " was very good to her brother and his wife and often helped them financially.  When Katherine, her niece, was sixteen she was invited to come over to Ryde and spend the summers at Osborne on the Isle of Wight, very near Ryde.  The Queen would often drive over and have tea with Katherine's (Katie's) aunt.  It was all thrilling" [Is this likely to have occurred ?]  The aunt died not long after Katherine returned to Washington and her husband remarried a year later.


11.  Memoirs of Craig Colgate Jr.  John K Goodall joined the Union Army, age 45, on 20 September 1861 at Detroit, Michigan, with the rank Principal Musician 1 Reg's Mich. Cav.  He was discharged on 31 October 1861


12.  Irish Family History Foundation website.  Marriage record for John Goodall and Marianne Le Petit.  John Goodall, a commercial traveller and resident of Kildare, was the son of William Goodall, a merchant.  Marianne is the daughter of Joseph William Le Petit and was a resident of Limerick.   The witnesses were Edward and Elizabeth Sarah Canavan


13.  Memoirs of Craig Colgate Jr.  In Marian's pensioner application papers to the US Army she stated that soon after she and John were married in 1851 he told her he was already married with three children but had not lived with his wife for a long time as she had been unfaithful.  Marian told him he would have to get a divorce which he did and they were  remarried on January 11, 1866 in Georgetown, D.C.


14.  Memoirs of Craig Colgate Jr.  In her deposition to the US Army "Marian said that she'd born 7 children and that of these only three had lived."  [I have not found records for the four who must have died in early infancy. How does a mother, a family live with the deaths of four children, unfortunately not an uncommon occurrence in those years.]

15.  New York Times Archives.  26 July 1936 edition.  The obituary for Henry Clark Townsend gives the date of death for his wife Katherine and that she was a medical practitioner in New York and prominent socially in Washington.  With knowledge of the date and within the search of her husband's name there was also an obituary for Katherine


16.  12th Census of The United States.  In this record Henry C Townsend, occupation attorney, has his birth as June 1850 and his wife "Catherine" as August 1851.  The month of birth does not agree with the published "Families of Southern New York" which has detailed Townsend family information including the children and their marriages, and work history for Henry and his son Frederick Barrett in the area of law.  At the time of the census, on 7 June 1900, they were living in the Borough of Manhattan


17.  Families of Southern New York.  A google search for Marian Le Petit Goodall found her name in the family details for Henry Clark Townsend who married Marian's daughter.  The information is quite detailed in relation to his family history, his marriage & family and his education & career.  The information in this family tree is from this source.


18.  United States Federal Census Records on   Earlier census and family records have Marian Goodall (same spelling as her mother) but on 1900 & 1920 census it is recorded as Marion


19.  In the shipping records, Joseph R Edson, Attorney at law, returned to New York on the 3rd April 1894 on board the Saale from Southampton, England.   Also a record of Joseph Romanzo Edson, Patent Lawyer, in the American Genealogical - Biographical Index (AGBI) (Volume 49 page 53)


20.  USA Census on   In 1900 Joseph R Edson (51) and Marian (42) are living with their daughters, Loraine (22), Florelle L (16), Marjorie K(7) and Marian's mother Marion Goodall (75), born Ireland     In 1910 Joseph (62) and Marion (52), married for 33 years, are living in Washington City, Precinct 8. with their three daughters, Florelle L (26), Marjorie (17) and Alice L (5).  In 1920 only alice L (15) is still living at home with them


21.  International Genealogical Index on  "Joseph Romanzo Underhill or Edson" is recorded as the son of John Wheaton Underhill and Sarah Philena Edson  (Film No. 451177  Ref. No. 8211)   It also has his place of birth and his marriage date to Marion Goodall


22.  Dolores Crawford Communication to Craig Colgate 25/12/1962.  The source of information on Florelle's husband,  Vice President of The Travellers, their residence being at 25 Woodside Circle, Hartford, Connecticut.  There were no children to the marriage


23.  Burial record for Arlington National Cemetery for Lola Goodall Crawford who was interred with her husband on 6 July 1933, her daughter having made the arrangements with the Army Services.  Also the obituary in the newspaper of 4 July 1933 for Dolores "Lola" Medorem, widow of Brigadier General Medorem Crawford, the mother of Dolores Crawford and Major Medorem Crawford of Fort Bradley, Michigan


24.  USA Census on In 1880 ‘Medoren’ Crawford, 36, a 1st Lieutenant in the Army, was living with his wife Rebecca age 26, their daughter Elizabeth age 2, his sister Henrietta age 21 and his mother in law Elizabeth Carter age 67.  In 1910, Medoren age 66 and Lola age 45, had been married for 25 years. They were living in Precinct 3, Washington D.C. with their son Medoren, 21 a surveyor and daughter Dolores 14.  In 1920 "Medovan" was 70, Lola 50 and Dolores 23.  On this record Lola has recorded her parents as both being of English origin.


25.  Newspaper Obituary for Lawrence C Crawford in 1949, son to Medorem's marriage to Rebecca Carter.  The obituary records his siblings as "brother to Colonel Medoren Crawford of Roseburg, Oregon, Mrs Elizabeth Bronson of Hartford, Conn., and Dolores Crawford of Washington"


26.  Washington Post Archives.  In the 14 January 1885 edition the notice of a marriage license for "Medovern" Crawford, of the U.S. Army, and Lola Goodall. Medorem had been previously married to Rebecca Carter according to the 1880 census.


27.  New York Times Archives. November 1916.   "General and Mrs Medorem Crawford, who have returned to their home, 1,312 Nineteenth Street, after a residence abroad, will entertain at a large afternoon reception on December 9 to present their daughter, Miss Dolores Crawford, to society"


28.  Death notice in the Washington Post for Dolores F Crawford "on Wednesday 12 August . . .beloved daughter of the late General Crawford and the late Dolores Goodall Crawford; sister of the late Colonel Lawrence C and Colonel Medorem Crawford Jr.   Graveside services and interment will be held Friday August 14 at 1pm, Arlington National Cemetery.  Contributions may be made to the charity of your choice."


29.  The death notice for Mrs. Marian Colgate in the New York Times reads " Mrs Marian Colgate, wife of Craig colgate, died suddenly at her home 301 Lexington Avenue. Mrs. Colgate was Miss Marian G Townsend, daughter of Henry C Townsend.  She was married to Mr Colgate on April 23, 1910.  Mr Colgate is the son of Mr Robert Colgate and a graduate of Yale, class of '97.  The funeral services will be held in St. Bartholomew's Church, Fourtyfourth Street and Madison Avenue, the Church in which Mrs. Colgate was married, on Sunday afternoon at 2.30pm.".  She had given birth to her son Craig only five days before her death.


30.  In the death notice for his wife, Craig Colgate is recorded as the son of Robert Colgate (no mother's name given) and as a graduate of the Yale Class of '97 (1897).


31.  Craig Colgate Jr's Memoirs.  When Craig senior "met, Marian, a graduate of Barnard College, was teaching Latin and Greek at the Horace Mann School in New York.  Craig (Sr) was a Yale graduate and a successful financier on Wall Street.  Neither were youngsters when they met.  Marian was thirty and Craig thirty-five.  Nevertheless, they were both good looking and made a handsome couple. Marian was tall, blond, and blue eyed, and had a friendly countenance.  Craig had dark hair, and strong, almost perfect features.  His bachelor days had made him suave and sophisticated.  . . . The marriage of Craig Colgate (Sr) and Marian Goodall Townsend joined together the descendants of several distinguished and talented families. Many of the characteristics, interests and talents of these family members were reflected in Craig Colgate Jr.


32.  US Passport Applications on Ancestry.  The source of Craig Colgate's date of birth, also on ancestry the 1920 and 1930 census


33.  Various records.  Both William 'Travers' Miller and William 'Travis' Miller are recorded on various records and newspaper items


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38.  Library of Congress.  A google search found the chronicling America newspaper item on the marriage of Florelle Edson, the daughter of Mr & Mrs. Joseph Romanzo Edson, to First Lieutenant John William McKie, Coast Artillery Corps, USA


39.  US Veterans Gravesites on  The burial record for John W McKie in Arlington Cemetery (Section S Div. Site Lot 3941).  Also on ancestry the death notice in the New York Times on 21 December which gives the date of death as 17 December and confirms he was a member of the Coast Artillery Corps, survived by his wife and 3 year old daughter.  Also an obituary in the New York Times on 18 December 1917 which gives his date of birth in Canada, his service career and states he died of pneumonia


40.  The search for Florelle Gantt found her in 1930 in Scholfield Barracks, Honolulu, Hawaii with her husband Harry B Gantt, Officer in the US Army and her daughter Marjorie McKie.  Army records show he was a doctor as indeed was his father, Harry Baldwin Gantt senior according to the Taylor Webb Family Tree of taylor0987 on ancestry.  His mother Sue Kirkland Adreon.  Harry Baldwin Gantt Senior's parents were Benjamin Edward Gantt (1805 - 1871) and Maria Eleanor Baldwin (1819 - 1879). Harry Junior was the second of five children.


41.  Findmypast Passenger Lists.  Walter Gantt, teacher, 30 years of age, stayed at Nutford House, London, departed from Southampton on 3 August 1951 for New York on the "Georgic"  There were a significant number of teachers from the USA on this return voyage.  If Walter was married he was not accompanied by his wife


42.  Dolores Crawford Communication to Craig Colgate 25/12/1962.  The source of information on Alice's husband, their children and that he was "in Travellers".


43.  U. S. Federal Census 1910 has Dickinson C Duffield with his parents, Edward D Duffield age 39, lawyer, and Josephine R C age 35, and sister Elizabeth M recorded as age 12.  The number of years married is given as 5 with 2 children born to the marriage and alive


44.  In the Hartford Courant newspaper on 23 October 1942 the notice of the death of the infant daughter of Dickinson Curtis and Alice L Edson Duffield of 43 Montclair Drive, West Hartford, survived by her parents, sister Joan E, brother Edward D and her grandmother Mrs Joseph Edson


45.  On the 1930 U S Federal Census Medorem Crawford (junior), a major in the U S Army, age 41 is with his wife Persis, age 35, and daughter Barbara, age 14, are living in Memphis City, Shelby county, Tennessee.  The record shows they were 26 and 20 years when they married making the marriage about 1915.


46.  Florida Death index 1877 - 1998   Death record for "Medorem Crawford Jr"


47.  1930 U S Federal Census has Persis Jackson's year of birth as about 1895  but on the U S Veterans Gravesites her date of birth is given as 1888. (? Persis or Persia)


48.  Two potential death records for Barbara M Crawford. (1) Barbara Millaway Crawford, a Sgt USAF, born on 29 January 1915, died 22 December 1987, buried 5 January 1988 at Andersonville National Historical Site (Section P Site 176). (2) Barbara M Crawford, born 27 September 1915, died 26 January 2000 in Pennsylvania.  Last resident 17702  Williamsport, Lycoming, Pa.  To follow up if one or neither apply


49.  A general search for Craig Colgate found his marriage, travel to West Germany, his death and the Obituaries for his wife in the Washington Post which are quite detailed.


50.  Craig Colgate Jr's Memoirs.  "Craig's gift for languages (German, French, Spanish and Italian) and a love for music and literature may have come from his mother's side of the family.  his interest in business, his entreprenurial spirit, incredible energy and strong work ethics may have had their roots in the Colgate branch of the family"


51.  Two birth dates for Craig Colgate for 12th & 9th October 1912, the latter on his death record for June 1989, Maryland, Washington DC and the family record


52.  New York Times.  In the 7 June edition the obituary for


"Craig Colgate Jr., 76, Retired Book Publisher

. . . the retired founder and publisher of Columbia Books Inc., died Friday at his home in Bethesda, Md., after a long illness.  He was 76 years old. Mr. Colgate received a bachelor's degree from Yale University in 1935 and, after Army service in World War 2, a master's degree from Harvard University in 1946. Before the war he taught at Deerfield Academy.  He joined the Central Intelligence  Agency in 1947, working in Chicago, Washington and Berlin. He founded Columbia Books, publisher of directories, in 1966 and headed the concern until he retired in 1983. He is survived by his wife, Barbara, a daughter . . .and two sons . . . ; two sisters, . . . . , and six grandchildren.”


53.  "An Introduction to the Craig Colgate Jr Memoirs" by Barbara Colgate.

The Craig Colgate Jr Memoirs are an amazing collection of family recollections, letters, reports, photos etc that every family historian dreams of.   As the Goodall & Le Petit family historian I was thrilled with the wealth of family story it contains and the generosity of Craig's daughter in sharing it with me.  Barbara's introduction reads


"Craig has brought me such an interesting and wonderful life that I thought it would be fun to get down on paper some of his experiences and accomplishments.  . . . . grateful thanks to all of you who helped with reminiscences and to Jeannie Cole who has been splendid in organising the varied collection. Perhaps in the 21st century our grandchildren will be curious about what these old foggies did (I wish I knew more about my parents and grandparents). And you dear friends and relations, I hope you will get some pleasure out of dipping into this.  Skip all you like but I think you'll find a few interesting nuggets.  It just seemed better to put everything connected with Craig in the same place.

So here's loads of love to you Craig whose wife I am fortunate to be.  May 23, 1989"


54.  Washington Post Obituary for Barbara Hobart Colgate. Monday August 30, 2004; Page B05.  The obituary gives considerable detail on Barbara's life, a very full life with many achievements.   Excerpts from her obituary :


Barbara "volunteered as a reading tutor for students at Martin Luther King Elementary High School in Southeast as part of a tutoring program sponsored by Smith College alumni. Her last visit to the school was in June.  She was also active until her death on the board of the International Student House, a residence for students, scholars, interns and researchers from about 30 countries.  She was head of the hospitality committee and would often hold welcoming parties and holiday events for the students.  She would make sure that each received a gift on holidays and often invited them to her home.


Mrs Colgate was born in Chicago and grew up in Winnetka, Ill.  She studied for a year at a finishing school in Lausanne, Switzerland, before going to college.  In 1937, she graduated from Smith College in Massachusetts.  During the early days of World War 2, she drove an ambulance for the Red Cross in Chicago.  She married in 1942, and after the war, she moved with her husband to Cambridge, Mass., while he spent a year at Harvard University.  . . .. Mrs. Colgate moved to the District in 1992 . . . . For many years, she was a volunteer docent at the National Gallery of Art, leading tours for children. Mrs. Colgate was a patron of the arts, and she was fluent in French and German.  For many decades she was a member of a French club called Les Grenouilles, which met once a week for French conversation and to discuss French literature.  She also was a member of a play-reading group. She was a longtime leader of the local chapter of the World Federalist Association. . . . ”   


55.  Staunton Military Academy  From a google search Travis Townsend Miller recorded in the Senior Class of 1932