The Goodall Family of Artists


The Tired Soldier by Frederick Goodall R.A., 1842

Held in the Tate Gallery collection, London.



Edward Goodall was born in Yorkshire England, Aug.21, 1794.   He was the first in a line of artists who would achieve great success for nearly two hundred years. This site is dedicated to their history and where possible, short biographies and examples of their work displayed.  There is also an extensive family tree and other pages of interest.

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Edward Goodall (1794-1870) Howard Goodall (1850-1874)
Edward A. Goodall (1819-1908) John Edward Goodall (1853-1920)
Edward A. Goodall (1819-1908) Crimea War drawings Fritz (Frederick William) Goodall (1881-1953)
Edward Goodall (1909-1982) Walter Goodall (1830-1889)
Frederick Goodall (1822-1904) Mary E. Goodall
F. Trevelyan Goodall (1848-1871) Stewart S. Goodall (1919-1968)
Herbert Goodall (1852-1907) Eliza Goodall (1827-1916)
Alice Tarry Goodall (1850-1913) Amy Gertrude Chamberlin (1857-C1925)


Goodall Family Tree


Other pages of interest.
Edward A. Goodall 91819-1908) Travels in British Guiana and the Crimea (British Library) William Goodall (1757-1844)  Not related to the family but an artist of interest.
The Goodalls of Jamaica Goodall Family In Pictures
Thomas Robert Barnard, family member who died during a battle with pirates.  Richard Goodall's Workshop


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